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Broncolor Siros L Hands-On Preview

We have a look at the new Broncolor Siros L lighting, the battery powered update to the Siros range.

|  Broncolor Siros L in Studio Lighting and Flash
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Broncolor Siros L (5)

The new Broncolor Siros L lights are a battery powered update to the Broncolor Siros range, which we reviewed last year.

Broncolor was founded in 1958 (Bron & Co setup in 1948), is the oldest flash manufacturer in the world. They introduced the World's first monoblock, plus a number of other World firsts, that have since becoming mainstream in the industry. Broncolor are a family business, based in Switzerland on the German border.

The founder's motto was: "He can't afford to buy cheap" - Which is along the lines of, if you buy cheap, then you have to spend more to replace it when it breaks. broncolor products are hand-made in Switzerland, and broncolor products often work for 30-40 years, without any problems. Since 1953 everything fits everything, with the lighting attachments using the same mount.


broncolor Siros

Broncolor Siros

Broncolor Siros - mounted in a parabolic umbrella (Para 55).

Two years ago the new Siros range of mains power monoblocks was announced, at a more affordable price point compared to previous broncolor products.

The Siros is one of fastest monoblocks on the markets and has stable colour - colour that is totally consistent right from the lowest output to the highest. The flash can shoot at speeds up to 1/19000s - speeds that can freeze motion.

They are designed to be easy to operate, and we certainly found them easy to setup and use in our review. The flash tube is exposed for light that can be correctly used with light modifiers for the best effect. Others often don't do this, with the flash tube often hidden behind a cover. 

Read our broncolor Siros review.


broncolor Siros L

Broncolor Siros L (10)

The Siros L is the same as the Siros series, but is now battery powered, with the L standing for Lithium. The Siros L is compatible with all other Siros and broncolor accessories, and colour output matches other Bron products. The Siros L build quality and stylish design matches the original Siros range. 

The Siros L is the most powerful battery powered monoblock on the market. Available in 800j and 400j, with the 800 unit being physically larger (longer) than the 400. Other specifications:

  • Flash colour temperature 5500K
  • 25w led modelling lamp, tungsten balanced at 3000K


The lithium battery gives 440 flashes at full power (220 shots on Siros L 800). The number of flashes doubles every time you turn the light power down 1 stop. The battery can be fully charged in 75 minutes. The battery has 3 status lights on top, so you can see the battery life left. A replacement or spare rechargeable lithium battery for Siros L is available for £215 ex VAT, and charging is performed outside the Siros L with a dedicated charger. Eco shooting mode slows the flash recharge time, and gives 30% more flashes.

Broncolor Siros L (9)


The flash will shoot at speeds up to 1/19000s (t0.5), with a recycling time of 0.03s to 1.2s (depending on power). Sequences up to 50 flashes is another option that can be easily setup from the controls on the back of the monoblock. The Siros L does have a HSS (High Speed Sync Flash) mode, when used with a 3rd party trigger (by Yongnuo) but broncolor are developing a new trigger that will also support this, which is coming at the end of June / beginning of July. HSS works up to 1/8000s. 

Lower cost accessories are available to go with the Siros range, and the Siros features a USB socket for future firmware updates. There are 5 colour options on top LEDs, so that you can quickly identify each light. 

The Siros L comes with a new clamping handle that is easier to lock, compared to the original Siros, and there is a new umbrella holder. The Siros L monoblocks do not come with stands, and broncolor sell stands from £40.

Broncolor Siros L (6)

None of the lights come with trigger, as a new trigger is on the way, and you need to make sure you get the right trigger for your camera. The Siros L is compatible with the old trigger (RFS2.1) and a new one is on its way. The monoblocks comes with a sync lead. The lights are Manual and not TTL, and this is intentional so that you are in control of the light output. The Siros L is shipping from the end of June, and all come with Wi-Fi and radio built in.


  • Siros L 400 Wi-Fi / RFS 2.1 £1515 ex VAT
  • Siros L 800 Wi-Fi / RFS 2.1 £1755 ex VAT
  • Siros L 400 Outdoor Kit 2 £2995 ex VAT
  • Siros L 800 Outdoor Kit 2 £3495 ex VAT

Broncolor Siros L (2)

Bron control Wi-Fi app:

The Siros has its own Wi-Fi network, and a future update will make it possible for the Siros units to to join an existing Wi-Fi network. The app has a standby button to switch all lights to standby, so that you don't have to go to each flash and switch them to standby. The app will also be updated with new features, and the app is free. You can control up to 5 lights per studio.


Siros L is suitable for: 

  • Fashion, beauty - particularly with the use of a softbox or parabolic umbrellas.
  • Sports and action - high speed flash and quick rapid fire modes suit high speed sports and action.
  • Commercial - product shots - with consistent colour output, companies can save hours by not having to colour correct ever single image. Simply set the correct colour for the first shot and apply that to all of the other shots.
  • Wedding - battery power means you can take them and shoot on location.


When used with a parabolic umbrella you can mount the light in the middle of the umbrella or behind it. The benefit of mounting it in the middle of the umbrella is that you can alter the position of the light, to create different lighting effects. 


Broncolor Siros Studio Setup (1)

Shooting results - we shot these images with the Hasselblad H6D 50c, using Siros lights, a broncolor softbox 120x180 and a broncolor para 88. Over a number of shots, the lighting remained consistent making any adjustments in post processing very easy to apply to all images. From the parabolic umbrella you get a round catch-light:

Broncolor Catch Light
Broncolor Catch Light

Broncolor Siros L Sample Photos


Find out more on the broncolor Siros L here.

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