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Latest comments, thoughts and reaction to our recently reviewed Camera Equipment, including the Pentax KP Review.

Well said l have a K70 great camera been through all sorts of weather as well, l am also now looking for a decent KP now to add to my Pentax family...👍

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Quote:Video recording can continue for as long as the battery holds out

Unlike earlier models, the OM-1 can be powered via the USB-C port, while the internal battery is charging. So with a big external battery, it should be possible to do video indefinitely. The external power source can run it while charging the internal battery, which can run it while the external power source itself is recharging from the mains or a vehicle.

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A Leica is more than the sum of its parts which as it happens are of the finest quality money can buy. Its a way of taking a step back from modern mirrorless/DSLR cameras, back to an age where total control rested with the photographer and doesn't rely on automation bar Aperture priority mode and auto iso, both are not something I personally use.
All the bells and whistles are stripped away leaving the bulk of the camera's resources concentrated on the basics, an exceptional sensor coupled with an excellent processor, simple menu, ergonomic direct controls needing no menu diving, its simply what its designed to be a digital version of a Leica rangefinder and in that its succeeded.
Video or lack of it has been listed as a negative yet it was reaction from Leica users that led to Leica dropping it. We just want to take photographs, not shoot video so to us its actually a pro!

Its difficult to judge a rangefinder coming from an DSLR background and if your looking for DSLR type performance, well you won't find it here! Yes it can focus faster than any DSLR, its called zone focusing, very easy to us once you get the hang of it.
But .... if you want to slow down, strip away the gadgetry of modern M/DSLR camera's and get back to manually controlling all aspects of your shooting then you might enjoy it.

ps I'm not rich mine was gifted to me by my brother and I had an older M mount Voigtlander 75mm which I used for ages but there are plenty of good quality M mount lenses out there both Leica and other brands that are within the reach of most. (Zeiss & Voigtlander are a good starting point)

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Quote:I'd be more impressed if your Amazon UK price plug was anywhere near reality. Ģ299! is actually Ģ369 and out of stock ...

The price tag is correct and shows Ģ369. The price of Ģ299 you refer to is the lowest price it has been, and is preceded by the highest ever price of Ģ449


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I'd be more impressed if your Amazon UK price plug was anywhere near reality. Ģ299! is actually Ģ369 and out of stock ...

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Quote:Thanks for the excuse for the high price of the Leica Qs and for all Leicas for that matter. To take your analogy with cars. They may all get you from place to place but you are missing my point. The main reason we have magazines for Cameras and cars is to test and tell their audience what is good or bad about them. I have a choice of going to a fast-food restaurant or not, right? but there are many people who donīt know the difference and suffer from the difference. Try to consider me as someone who, instead of saying, "Itīs Ok, fast food is OK." I am with the people who say, "Learn how to eat healthily and donīt support a company that is doing harm to your body. That is closer to my analogy. That is why it is my opinion and my comment. Why donīt you write your own comment about them? You are like many people on YT who write comments against a person who has a different opinion than they have and try to state what YOU think about a subject, instead of lecturing me. Do you know that the reason the Qs are marked with the words, Leica Wetzlar Germany., is because they canīt write Made in Germany, because they are not made in Germany. That is what I wanted the people on this site to be aware of. Is that OK?

Leica Q2 is made in Germany. That is manufactured in Germany. That is not made anywhere else in the world other than Germany. The Leica SL2 was rebranded and made in China as the Panasonic LX100ii

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Did I say who which what award ? I don't think I did. For me everyone's opinion is interesting; yours included. However I don't have to agree. I sense a huge amount of anger in the way you respond to opinions that differ from your own. It's an opinion. Respect that for what it is. But there again you are from NYC. All said.
Have a nice day.

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TonyZen: I donīt know why I have to repeat myself, so please read my last comment to you over. I think your Zern attitude and your passive ways do not fit very well in a situation where you think one person`s opinion means so much. Many photographers in UK/EUR buy Leicas to get close to the Leica company for support and to be shown in Leicaīs galleries and a sense of pride. As you said a Q is ONE of the best. To me, one of the finest is the one that gets the best shot. Also, I donīt use the word finest. I would use the same word EPZ uses, "Best". Also, I would say, "Everything is subjective" There are thousands of award-winning photographers in the world. I would say a photographer that wins a prize at World Press Photo or one of the USA/UK/EUR photo events counts more than in most other countries, just as a Football/Basketball/Golf/Tennis player(s) winning an MVP/championship in those places To end I would rather hear from a person who uses a Q, not from a very nice, (Passive sounding) person from, I assume, Asia. I am from NYC. I won an award there many, many years ago and people still ask me about my award, which means very little to me. A money or equipment award means a lot more to most photographers. As far as fame is concerned I am more on the ZEN side. I am much more about my family, Friends, and Cameras, in that order.

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I donīt know if/why there arenīt any "Con" comments when one or a few have smaller sensors than 1".
I have to say, if a 400mm or as high as over 1,000mm can produce a 3"x3" or larger print, especially for the internet It would be
a great camera for law enforcement or pro as a notebook for small prints on/off the job as a third camera. A5 or A6 would be more than good enough. over lenses that cost thousands and are less used. And the amateur look can make a street photographer/phothjournalist appear like a tourist.

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Did I miss it or did the reviewer leave out the fact that most cameras have the "Deep Pass Filter" removed, for better detail,
many/most Canons Don`t.

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