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A pity they have nobbled the menus on this middle range item. The old * menu with plenty of tabs each with a description of the items bundled in the tab was one of the strong points of these cameras. Baffling to reviewers in their week with the cameras away from their beloved Nikons and Canons but once mastered easy for users.
So glad I bought the EM10 II as the new A,B,C... menus in the E-PL9 are even in their restricted scope still not as easy to use as the Mk II.
Despite this new EM5 still seems a great camera and I myself am loving the IBIS which is an exclusive luxury item in aps-c mirrorless.

Made by Greynerd on 18 Oct 2019 11:31AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Mmmmmm...don't see who this camera is aimed at ?? EVF, fixed rear screen, no
handgrip (add-on extra) 2000 it's damned expensive for the average amateur, &
poorly equipped for the pro-brigade ??

Disappointing test shots !....I want to see detail to examine, such as brickwork in buildings
for this price point I would expect faultless image quality, & shots of open-air
stuff with empty skies doesn't illustrate the capability of this camera or it's lenses.......

Doesn't tick any of my boxes !!!.....sorry Sigma not for me !!.SadSad

Made by Niknut on 16 Oct 2019 5:41PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply


Quote:This has NO flash..

Thomas, I think it does have a built-in flash; it pop out of the space where pentaprism isn't.
But I have just discovered there is no means of attaching a remote release; something almost as important as a tripod fitting on the base. Apparently I can use a smartphone instead but that's not a practical alternative for anything serious.
It is a strange camera???

Made by mike0101 on 16 Oct 2019 3:27PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

What's the point? Dx7500 has built in flash, 2 setting buttons, This has NO flash.. but it's smaller.. so what.. when I stick a flash on to it becomes quite awkward. How grateful we were when built in flash came along.. now they want us to stick a box on top of a slightly smaller camera. Any takers??

Made by ThomasT on 16 Oct 2019 12:11PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Why nearly always sample photos have to be taken around ISO 100? And worst... many of them are about the same. Pretty useless, if you ask me. Every goddamn camera is good on ISO 100 as much as every lens is sharp on f/5.6.

Made by perro1 on 16 Oct 2019 11:14AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Looks great, but why have Nikon opted for a bottom hinge on the screen? They did this with the D5000 and were criticised for the impracticality of this choice when the camera is mounted on a tripod. They quickly changed to a side hinge for the D5100 onwards and never looked back. I would have thought they would have done the same. Strange..

Maybe I'm a DSLR Luddite but if I had that amount of money to spend I would still go for D7500.

Made by stevepwest on 10 Oct 2019 8:10AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

As soon as I have sold my A9, I will order the MK II

Made by AlanWillis on 9 Oct 2019 10:32AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

No Viewfinder or LCD screen improvements unfortunately.

Made by PentaxBro on 8 Oct 2019 12:49AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

90D is not a proper substitute/successor for the 7DMkII. Especially not for a viewfinder photography.
Just my 2c. Wink

Made by Natureale on 7 Oct 2019 2:23PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Same here Phil

Made by Mike_Smith on 2 Oct 2019 2:24PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply