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Latest comments, thoughts and reaction to our recently reviewed Camera Equipment, including the Panasonic Lumix GX9 Review .

100 quid off from Wex this makes body only 400 so for that reason I'm in

Made by RoyChilds on 23 Apr 2019 3:57PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Fantastic camera. Have teamed it up with the sigma MC-2 Canon lens converter I have been using the EF100-400 mm f.4 without loss of features from the camera.



Made by johnsphotos on 18 Apr 2019 7:51PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Continuous AF, Eye-AF on half press of shutter...not worth mentioning?

Made by Luddha on 17 Apr 2019 3:00AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Thank you very much for a review I have been wanting to read since the news broke. I am with Panasonic on matching the ergonomics of a DSLR with this flagship camera. The size of DSLR's and SLR's has been honed to perfection for decades so I can see the logic in keeping the size and form of DSLR sizing to match high performing, wide aperture lenses.
I am a big fan of FF mirrorless although I still take my Micro Four Thirds gear on a long day out.
Good Luck Panasonic - looks like a winner in the making.

Made by rhody on 5 Apr 2019 7:07PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

4k is also as much a negative as a positive. You're getting a [Canon] APSc crop which means the quality will be no better than the smaller format and will be [very] difficult to shoot even moderately wide. This is however a problem that seems common with Canon 35mm format cameras. It's a shame because by all accounts the dual pixel AF is among the best for video AF.

So I don't think the crop is a deliberate hobbling of the camera. You do expect them to cut corners at the price point, but their habit of deliberately restricting some shooting parameters is frustrating.

This should have been a camera I might consider as I'd be able to get some extra use out of my L lenses. But personally I think at the Sony A7RII, which you can now pick up for around this price point, is vastly superior in almost every way.

Made by ChrisV on 29 Mar 2019 5:05PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Hi Steve, good point, added as a negative.

Made by joshwa on 28 Mar 2019 8:17AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

You don't consider silent shooting mode being a dedicated shooting mode with no manual controls a negative ? Tell that to the birds. Obviously you don't want to be seen doing a dis-favour.

Made by steveb127 on 27 Mar 2019 1:00PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

HI Josh,

Thank you for your feedback.

However, I'm just wondering why Hillary Grigonis of Sigital Trends wrote about different sensor in MkII.

Either Grigonis got and published untrue spec or Panasonic is hiding something. Blush Wink

Made by Natureale on 26 Mar 2019 8:59PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

OMG !!!....this is it !!!.....been salivating over waiting for this review, & I'm not
disappointed !!!!

Love the ergonomics, size & carrying one around all day will be
comfortable.....& the image quality is impressive, with great definition & dynamic
range; with lovely smooth quality in the ISO tests up to at least 1600 or more ?

My existing EF-FF lenses will be ideal using the EF adapter, so the whole set-up
would cover 99% of my photographic inclinations..........

Desperately trying to justify the expense....with my wife groaning about " not another
bloody camera ???? "......

If one camera ever fired my enthusiasm above all others, it's this wonderful piece of kit !!BlushBlush

Made by Niknut on 26 Mar 2019 5:02PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Hi Natureale,

Panasonic has confirmed that it is the same sensor in the FZ1000 II, as used in the FZ1000.


Made by joshwa on 26 Mar 2019 8:59AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply