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Latest Camera Comments

Latest comments, thoughts and reaction to our recently reviewed Camera Equipment, including the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Review.

I cannot believe they only gave this camera a 4,5 but then they failed to list the joystick, 400k shutter, my menu as pro’s while starry sky AF and Handheld high res became features and they got the IBIS wrong as the iii offers 1.5 stops over the ii not 1 with 7 stops on any mz lens whereas the ii offered only 5.5 and no mention of usb C, an industry standard. Ah well everyone had their own agenda.

Made by MydarlingRed on 4 Feb 2021 9:42PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

or buy a Leica MP and use black and white film solely?

Made by pablophotographer on 4 Feb 2021 5:41PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

"We would most likely customise this to give us quicker access to white balance, as we found that we ended up having to go into the menus to adjust this (alternatively we could customise the Q Menu to give us quicker access)."
The unmarked function button near the evf (viewmode on other Fuji models) is White balance as default setting.

David 16/01/21.

Made by DABarwick on 16 Jan 2021 3:02PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Not a very balanced review, especially the comment in your list of 'cons' "Not convinced by the 28-60mm lens" is not a review of this camera, which can be bought as a body only, like any other ILC.

The whole point of this camera is that is offers the smallest full frame ILC body (with an EVF) available. I'm considering it as second body to my A7iii because it has supreme image quality, especially in low light, and about the best AF system available.

Made by Foveafoto on 13 Jan 2021 9:53AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

What would be a good step up to the next best camera/s?

Made by ErrolC on 12 Jan 2021 12:51PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

How does the AF system compare to the original Z7 in practice?
Is eye AF more effective than before and do the additional eye AF modes of wide small and wide large offer better performance than the full area available on the Z7?
Is the viewfinder blackout in continuous mode substantially reduced and if so at what drive speed is the minimal blackout available?

Made by stevedigip on 6 Jan 2021 1:05PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I am using this product since 2012 and it is the best camera i ever had. Most incredible thing is the size:optical zoom ration, which is 30x. This looks like inexpensive, handy point and shoot camera, but the picture quality and zooming is the best in this range

Made by roughall on 7 Dec 2020 5:01PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Sony seem to have got it wrong with this one. Cameras need to be nice to handle especially if you are going to make use of the better full frame lenses. Price point is far too high.

Made by altitude50 on 5 Dec 2020 10:32AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I covered a siege in a street at night this week.

25,600 ASA was perfect on a 5D3 for news use. That's a professional use. Would I shoot portraits for wall hanging at that, well no.

Made by philtaylorphoto on 28 Nov 2020 8:16PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I wish reviewers would stop seeing the lack of forward swivelling screens as a "con". Yes, some people may wish the Z6II had one, but others (me included) are glad that it doesn't. I'm not a vlogger, nor do I take photos of myself. A tilting screen is ideal for my use case, though I would prefer something on the lines of the Fuji, which also tilts when the camera is in portrait orientation. It sounds like the reviewer was scraping the barrel to look for negative points. The battery life can be addressed by getting the grip, and 4K is coming.

Made by Cynog on 18 Nov 2020 12:09PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply