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Latest comments, thoughts and reaction to our recently reviewed Camera Equipment, including the Olympus E-410 DSLR Review.

Thanks for that, I missed the OK button doubling as a secondary menu button. When something is labelled as MENU you tend to think that that is the menu, not the OK button, that is there is a confirmation. I'll amend the review accordingly.

As far as the focal length multiplier goes, I didn't say it was difficult from a maths point of view, so your ranting is pointless. It referred to focal length multiplication at wide angles, which is problematic at 1.5x or 1.6x on most DSLRs, so here, with it being 2x, it's slightly more problematic.

Made by Duncan_E on 16 Jul 2007 9:43AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Yes the camera is light compared to others but that suits me, I also see nothing wrong with the compact flash door the Dynamic Range Optimiser worked for me when I tested it. I have had the camera for about 8 months now and pleased with most of the results from it, on an odd occaision it has under exposed but not so bad that it could not be easily recovered, this could be my fault and not the camera's as sometimes I just bang away without looking at the settings. The only other issue is the problem of noise at higher ISO settings which is pronounced but it can be got rid of using free software from the web.

Made by bikerbob on 16 Jul 2007 9:26AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply


Quote:As about the pictures, I guess we'll see...

The piccy's will be fine. Smile

Made by User_Removed on 16 Jul 2007 8:55AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Hello to you too, glad to be here...
Well, the post may have sounded bit more harshly than I intended and I wasn't foaming at the mouth while writing it or anything, but when there's factual errors (like having to delve through menus for ISO) or hypocracy (atleast for me, whining about 2x EFL multiplier would seem to imply that dealing with APS-c sensors of it's direct competitors has no similar math involved, none of the other dSLR reviews here even mention crop factor, let alone single it out as a negative attribute, it just felt funny to me, that multiplying something by 2 is trickier than multiplying by 1,6)...I felt it needed some correction, I have nothing against legitemate complaints, but especially the last one felt like the author was thinking "well, there has to be atleast 5 negative points, i have 4 so far, what the hell will be the final one?" and after many sleepless nights he finally gave up, sighed and added the bit about the multiplying... Smile

The live-view is one thing where i can agree that it's very personal if someone uses that or sticks with optical viewfinder, though a bit more openmindedness, where that feature is useful and where it's not, wouldn't have hurt....and i agree, it's useless for any kind of action photography...
Though saying that it's a mixed blessing seems to suggest there's somesort of a drawback to the technology (like a bit smaller and dimmer VF on the E330), which is not the if it's a free bonus (though with some quirks), why is it a negative point in the review?

But again no, I don't feel bad about the review, it's not like someone reviewed me Smile ...but i'm just one of those guys who likes a level playingfield and all the facts to be streigth... Wink

As about the pictures, I guess we'll see... Wink

Made by Eix on 16 Jul 2007 12:17AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Welcome Eiko! Bit wound up are we..?? Wink

Ne'er mind eh! Post a piccy or two - you'll feel better then Smile

Made by User_Removed on 15 Jul 2007 7:29PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply


Quote:This is the stuffing of the ISO range down into the menu, on the second list and then on the second screen. Considering that the ability to change digital ISO where and when you like is one of the key advantages of shooting digitally, it's a real pain to find it buried so far into a menu system.

When you press OK button, the first thing that lights up in the control panel on the LCD, is the ISO setting, which you can change by turning the dial to do it quicly (one buttonpress+turn dial to change ISO is real pain to use?), or press OK again to view all the options...if you went looking for it in menus you have sadly not gotten the whole idea of Olympus' control panel...

Quote:Focal length extension is a tricky 2x

if multiplying by 2 is hard, i bet you HATE cameras with 1,6x effective focal lenght, now there's a mindbender, having to take the calculator to photoshoots and all, oh the humanity, if only they had tought math in school....oh wait, right, they did...

And about the liveview, i guess Oly has marketed it a bit badly, i don't really think it's meant for P&S style shooting, rather it's most useful for macro-work, product-photography and also when shooting from a's also sometimes useful for funny angles (low/high)....and it can zoom in 7x/10x anywhere in the frame, so you CAN confirm the focus with precision not possible in optical viewfinder, manual-focus (or even AF with very shallow depth of field) heaven...

Made by Eix on 15 Jul 2007 2:59PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply


Quote:cameras that are Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony enthusiast market beaters

Hardly... These from Duncan's Review above -

Autofocus isn't fast or tenacious
Lack of handgrip makes handling trickier
Some useful items buried in menu
Focal length extension is a tricky 2x.


Made by User_Removed on 15 Jul 2007 9:39AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Sit up & take notice of this the E410 (& more especially the E510).

I was lucky enough to have a chance in the past few weeks to spend some time using both cameras - they are FAR better than the E500/E400 that they replace.

Remember that ALL Olympus E-System lens are designed for digital use from conception to operation. The tele-converters (for instance) work with ALL the lens. Their 36GN (FL36) flashgun, is sold for 150 with full pan & tilt.... Lots of system goodies & more lenses on the way later this year from Oly & Sigma....

For this moment Olympus have (with Panasonics help producing some of the electronics - including the sensor) two cameras that are Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony enthusiast market's time to start saving for the replacement for the E1..the E3 will be a cracker!

Made by PeterOutdoors on 13 Jul 2007 9:15PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Hi Dragoon, the Movie recording is pretty standard at 640 x 480 pixels, but does run at 30 frames/sec. which is a little faster than normal tv running speed. or you can choose 320 x 240 pixels at 30 frames/sec.
With monaural sound, AVI format (Motion JPEG). This info is from the Fuji website as the camera has been returned now. Remember it's not a camcorder, so don't expect those results. Best thing to do is try before you buy!
Good luck.

Made by MattGrayson on 13 Jul 2007 3:34PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Hows Movie mode with the F20.. clear? Its an important factor for me ? (Zooming in and out), (cause with my nikon 3x zoom wasnt as)


Made by dragoon1 on 10 Jul 2007 8:12PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply