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Latest comments, thoughts and reaction to our recently reviewed Camera Equipment, including the Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro Review.

ive used sony f828 for last two years and am looking at an slr now, this does appeal to me as I have to photograph my sons wedding inrhodes this august but can make up my mind between the S5 pro or the cannon EOS 5 I know its anoth grand or so but is it any better??


Made by shoestring on 26 Apr 2007 4:10PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

My reasoning is that I've used both cameras and that if the landscape has challenging conditions it's normally coming from the sky, in which case you use ND grads to control it. That leaves the better resolution and fine detail of the D200 as the camera to pick.

Made by Duncan_E on 26 Apr 2007 3:52PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

suprised at the preference for the D200 for landscapes, (especially as many landscapes are shot in challenging lighting conditions) otherwise I think this is spot on

Made by riprap007 on 26 Apr 2007 1:29PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply