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Thanks for this excellent review. Very helpful.

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Been using mine for infrared. Noticeably better for detail & contrast than my old Lumix 14mm as might be expected and no problems with flare or centre hotspot detected even when the sun is nearly in frame (sensibly used.) Very impressed.

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Just bought a new one of these for my GX7 converted to infrared. Hope it is as good as the reports state!

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Quote:mirrorless cameras were/are suggested as being more compact than DSLRs

Hi John Smile. Thanks for the review and sample images.
I think that's just a false/deceiving marketing slogan really. Camera companies do advertise it that way and they lie about many things to maintain the illusion. But, no matter what camera it is, the lenses are not going to be any smaller if they have to provide a certain light intensity and optical qualities. I think Tamron produced a beautiful lens. But it's not without compromises. I mean, it is a 1.65x zoom, not even 2x, which makes it more compact. And I would rather prefer an even smaller and uncompromised 20mm prime instead. I see that most of the samples were shot at either 28mm or 17mm, so we might have different opinions about it. Which is fine.

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Hi Chris

It depends entirely on the availability of suitable camera bodies. In the days of film all lenses could be tested using the same film/developer combination and a direct comparison would therefore be valid. With digital, every marque has different sensor/software combinations and a variety of possible pixel counts. As a consequence, the best that can be done is to relate performance as a percentage of the maximum theoretical performance for any combination on test. It's a much more complex issue.

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Hi John, thanks for the review...

Can I ask why the lens was tested on the a7iii and not the a7Riii? Since it's a lens more for landscape etc. I think it's now at the point where testing such a lens cannot be done on only 24mp, for sharpness at least because we need to know if it will perform well on the higher res bodies

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I have no argument with the quality of Sony's lenses, and our reviews of them show this very clearly. The point I was making was that mirrorless cameras were/are suggested as being more compact than DSLRs, and this is fine, but when coupled with large, high quality lenses that advantage can be somewhat whittled away. We still have a similar overall bulk to carry and we still need a similar bag to carry it in. Of course this doesn't apply equally to all combinations of body/lens and it's just an observation, not a criticism of one type of camera or another.

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Quote:One fair criticism of Sony's A7 series might be that, despite a small camera body, some of the lenses are every bit as large and heavy as those intended for full-frame DSLRs.

I don't get how this is fair. A7(9) series matches or exceeds every capability of any full frame DSLRs, so why is it not being a lot more lightweight a complaint? It might be a selling point at the beginning when there are few lenses, but that's no longer the case. Many FE lenses are now pushing the boundaries.

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Couldn't agree more, the lens is superb, I have had mine for about 3 months now and allied to the also superb 17-35 makes for a terrific pairing for Landscape. It is so sharp throughout the full zoom range, I sold my Nikon 16-35 shortly after getting it and even sold my Tamron 24-70 G2 it is just so much sharper than they were. Tamron says in the blurb it is like a little bunch of primes, that is not as far fetched as it sounds, they have produced a cracker!.

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