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Latest comments, thoughts and reaction to our recently reviewed Photographic Equipment, including the Sigma 10-18mm F/2.8 DC DN Contemporary Lens Review.

Good review! A comparison to the Sony E 10-18mm f4 OSS (SEL-1018) would be nice... Cheers!

Made by karlablo on 27 Oct 2023 8:46PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

In alternatives for Pentax cameras missing : Samyang 35 / F 1.4

Made by Oxygenum on 26 Oct 2023 8:15AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I'd love to see some reviews of competitors to WACOM. E.g. I have in recent years been tempted by XP-PEN's graphical tablets - I'd love to see a review. They are certainly competitive in terms of price. Eg. see here.

Made by sherlob on 18 Oct 2023 7:19PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Hello, where did you buy these lenses? I really wanna get my hands on them and I've been looking all over the internet to find some on sale but they're nowhere to be found...

Made by Borfeto on 18 Oct 2023 12:34AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I bought 2, small and medium, 6 years ago. They've been brilliant on planes, trains and boats around Amalfi. The larger one's strap adjustment clip cracked on our recent trip to Canada (2023), Gorilla tape fixed it for now and as I can't find a new replacement (no longer made?) I'll machine up a clamp to hold it together. There are prettier bags, but none as practical or wipe cleanable for such a reasonable price. Perhaps if they are no longer made someone else with ultrasonic tarp welding gear might start making something similar?

Made by Neiljohn on 8 Oct 2023 10:39PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Just Jas

Quote:Relatively high price
Relatively large lenses
RAW not available in some modes
4-way controller could be better implemented
Shorter battery life (due to reduced size battery)
Lacks panoramic mode
Wi-Fi would have been nice

1) Not a problem - just bought second hand.
2) Not a problem - using existing lenses.
3) Not wanted.
4) Not wanted - the less buttons on the back the better.
5) Not a problem - for me.
6) not wanted.
7) Not wanted.

Made by Just Jas on 15 Sep 2023 11:34PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Just Jas
Nice set of pictures, but how about some taken with the kit less?

Made by Just Jas on 15 Sep 2023 11:15PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I own the 24-200mm f:4/6.3 and am perfectly happy with sharpness, lack of distortion, indeed I would not trade it for a lens weighing in at 750gm yet offering less focal length than mine weighing 570gm. Sorry, carrying kit around all day and feeling comfortable is so important yet never receives credit.

Made by Silverimages on 11 Sep 2023 8:04AM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

Those are quite exceptional MTF numbers at all focal lengths, right from wide open. I would really like it to have VR (and not just relying on IBIS), but for the price/size/weight, I just might consider selling off some rarely used gear and get this fella.

EDIT: although, on the "Bella" cat photo the AF missed the eyes entirely - it went for the nose/whiskers. Could that front focusing have been a settings error? I would not expect such a mistake on a flagship body widely praised for its AF capabilities.

Made by sjjs on 8 Sep 2023 4:36PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply

I disagree this can be called a true macro lens with its native 1:2 magnification. Even in the past it was incorrect to claim lenses that only did 1:2 that were true macro lenses so the assertion in the review that it can be called a macro lens because older lenses that only did 1:2 were also, is incorrect. You need the not inexpensive 2x teleconverter to get 1:1 on full frame.

There are also some other "cons" for a lens that costs 1750. It does not internally zoom (like the 200-600G) and it doesn't have an aperture ring as many modern G lenses do.

I also think the tripod foot is not arca-swiss compatible and can't be changed for one that is (unlike that on the 209-600G which can be changed).

Minor issues maybe but it does cost 1750 so I think valid.

Made by DaveO59 on 23 Aug 2023 12:22PM, join in and reply to this comment!  Reply