Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review

We put the Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme stick to the test to see if it can really improve selfies.

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Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review:


As camera technology in Smartphones has become increasingly better, more people are leaving their cameras at home and instead are using their iPhones and Android devices to capture memories. One particular type of photography that's grown in popularity since Smartphones became king is self-portraits, or as they're more commonly known now, the selfie.

Girls with duck pouts and shots of people reflected in mirrors have become a regular occurrence on social networks but the selfie isn't always all that flattering as holding a phone at arm's length doesn't create the distance needed between a subject and the lens to produce a photogenic shot. However, manufacturers have stepped in to rectify this problem with the introduction of the selfie stick - a monopod that people can attach a Smartphone or even a camera to which can be used to capture selfies at a distance beyond the normal reach of a person's arm. 

Digipower have created their own range of selfie sticks known as Quikpods and on test here we have the Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme that has a longer reach than other models available in the range. 


Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Features

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review: Quikpod Selfie Extreme

The Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme is a selfie stick designed to be used by those who participate in adventure sports as well people who are more into serene days out with friends and family. The Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme extends from 18" to 53" and has a built in mirror to help with positioning. Mounts for digital compact cameras, DSLRs, camcorders, GoPro cameras and mobile phones are also included in the kit bag which is padded and comes with a handy carry handle. 

Key Features

  • Extends from 18" to 53"
  • Built-in mirror for overhead shots
  • Portable carrying case with handle supplied 
  • Mounts for various types of camera supplied 
  • Bumpers supplied to protect the device and Smartphones 
  • Wriststrap, tether and hiking clip supplied 
  • Constructed from aluminium 


Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Handling

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review:

The Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme is well constructed and designed. The rubberised grip prevents the selfie stick from slipping out of the hand, plus when wearing the supplied wrist strap, should you let the device go, it won't hit the floor. There's also a hiking clip supplied which can be used to attach the Digipower Quikpod to you or a rucksack when not in use.

A bumper is supplied to stop the bottom of the device from becoming scratched, plus fixing the bumper in place also means the device could be used as a monopod. There's also one that sits under the camera mount that could be used to rest the Quikpod against a wall or other surface if extra support is needed. 

The 3 lever locks which are released to extend the Digipower Quikpod are well constructed and easy to open / close. The various components are also well made and easy to fit / use. 

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review:

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Performance

The Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme does exactly what it's designed to do: improve self-portraits taken with a camera / mobile phone that are usually captured at arm's length. 


Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review: Self portrait outdoors

Digipower Quikpod in use outside with the iPhone 5s. 

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review: Self portraits

Left: Shot taken without the Digipower Quikpod with the phone at arm's length. Right: With the phone attached to the Digipower Quikpod. 


The various accessories supplied cater for a variety of cameras, plus they're easy to attach / remove when needed and the three sections don't move once locked in place, giving reassurance that your phone / camera will remain secure. Smartphones are further supported via padded pieces of foam you can attach to the Smartphone holder. Phones are secured in place via a simple locking mechanism that's tightened by hand and cameras clip into a quick release camera mount, like you use on tripods and other supports. 


Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review:

The device doesn't feel flimsy, even when it's fully extended so the smaller parts of the leg extension are in use, and when we attached an iPhone 5s to the Quikpod it didn't feel heavy or awkward to hold. Although, fitting a Panasonic Lumix GX7 to the device did add more weight which made it a little trickier to support but never-the-less, we were impressed the Quikpod could support this type of camera as some cheaper selfie sticks on the market won't support this kind of weight so well or even at all. You just need to take extra care when balancing / supporting the device if you do fit a camera to it. Smartphones, on the other hand, are supported very well via a Smartphone adapter and supplied cushions. Even when we pushed on the phone, it didn't budge giving reassurance that it wouldn't fall out when the Quikpod was extended.  

A tiny mirror is featured on top of the device which can be used to ensure you are in line with the device / camera before capturing your shot. Although, it is very small and you do look very tiny when the device is fully extended. 

A case is supplied should you want to carry the Quikpod or you could secure it to a belt / rucksack or even around your wrist with the supplied strap or hiking ring. The device is 18" long when compacted which some may find annoying when walking around with the device as it's certainly not discreet. Although, when fastened to a rucksack via elasticated holders you don't notice it and it will also easily fit inside a camera bag such as the Tamrac Anvil 23

One downside to the device is that it doesn't feature a built-in remote for triggering the shutter button which quite a few less expensive models do have. Instead, you have to use your camera's self-timer or an App which can mean you're rushing when arranging the shot's composition unless you use a particularly lengthy timer. 

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Review:


Value For Money

The Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme is available for £70 which does sound like a lot of money for a selfie stick, especially when there are models on the market for as little as a couple of pounds. However,  the Digipower Quikpod is very well constructed when compared with some of the other models available and it has a very long reach at 53", something other models can be lacking in. The Digipower Quikpod could easily be used as a monopod thanks to the height it can extend to. For £70, you'd expect the device to have a built-in remote for triggering the shutter button but sadly it doesn't which is a little bit annoying. DigiPower do sell a Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller, but this is more expensive on top of an already high-priced selfie stick. Other versions of the Quikpod are also available (XPERT, PRO and SELFIE) which are more on-par with the rest of the selfie stick market. 


Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Verdict 

The Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme is well constructed, easy to use and extends further than most other selfie sticks do, plus it does improve portraits which would usually be taken at arm's length. However, the cost and lack of a built-in remote may make you consider purchasing one of Quikpod's less-expensive models. £70 is expensive but if you capture a lot of selfies, particularly when taking part in adventure sports, you may find the Digipower Quikpod TP-QPXT Extreme is exactly what you need. 

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Pros

Well made
Easy to use 
Extends to 53"
GoPro adapter / mounts for various types of camera / device 
Carry case, wrist strap, tether and hiking clip supplied 

Digipower Quikpod Selfie Extreme Cons

Not the smallest of selfie sticks (18") when not in use 
No built-in remote 



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