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Do You Look At & Print Photos Anymore?

Smartphones have changed the way we view and take photographs but have they really turned us into photographers who never view or print our images anymore?

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Do You Look At & Print Photos Anymore? : Infographic


We Don't View Images Any More

A recent infographic created by Truth Facts suggests that Smart Phones have transformed us into people who take thousands of images but never develop any or really take the time to view them.

OK, it's slightly exaggerated and shouldn't be taken too seriously but from looking at the habits of my friends and myself, there are a few truths behind the sweeping statement it's making.

Take this weekend gone, for example, where I ventured to the coast with my sister and as with any day trip, several photos were taken. However, instead of capturing moments on a camera, a Smart Phone was used instead. Why? Well, it's convenient, they actually capture decent images now and to my sister's delight, images can be instantly shared with friends and family on social networks. As the infographic suggests, these images aren't really looked at by the photographer, instead they're just sent instantly to an online album for others to see. With some, it doesn't seem to matter if the photos are well exposed, aligned correctly or are in fact are of anything captivating either.

These photos will probably never be printed or looked at again by those they were shared with, but this won't stop the same process repeating itself time-and-time again.


Technology Has Changed Us

Personally, I think the main reason for this social network sharing boom and the attitude of 'I'm not really fussed what the images look like, I just want to show people I'm having an awesome time' is mainly down to technology. I mean, why should someone head out in search of a printer when you can click a button and instantly share your shots, chronicling your adventures with all those you'd be sitting down and sharing the prints with anyway? Also, this need to have everything instantly has made us impatient and, to some extent, a little bit lazy.

We can't be bothered to have something printed when tomorrow it's going to be yesterday's news and not of interest to anyone following your Facebook timeline anymore.


Do You Look At & Print Photos Anymore? : Samsung Galaxy


Wall Art Is Still Liked

Having said that, there are some embracing new technology who do take the time to look at, edit and turn Smart Phone images into pieces for hanging on the wall. Several sites offer methods for turning Instagram photos into wall art and you only have to spend a brief amount of time on the global photo sharing community site (and on ePHOTOzine) to see that there are those who do take really good photos with Smart Phones and take the time to appreciate others that do, too.


We Appreciate Photos A Different Way

Also, there's the argument that we don't have to print our photos to enjoy them anymore. When we were all using film, we had to print our photos to see the results but now, you can view images as soon as you've captured them as well as on computer screens which, in a way, removes the need for printing them all together. It's also easier to reach out and communicate with people now through email, social networks and sites like ePz where you can still create albums – in the sense of it is a collection of images presented together – it's just that instead of passing it around while drinking tea, the album's available for viewing online whenever someone may choose to look.


Do You Look At & Print Photos Anymore? : iPhone


We Do Own Cameras

The infographic doesn't take into account that people still use actual cameras for taking images either. I know in my home, and I'm sure there are many others like it out there too, we have framed photographs on the walls which are updated regularly with new memories all of which have been captured with cameras on various trips abroad. Plus, the infographic doesn't really apply to professional photographers or those with photographic hobbies either.

You only have to look in our forums to find regular posts about printing images for exhibitions and shows or people asking questions about DPI, printer choices and ink to realise viewing and displaying images is still important to many photographers.

I'm not saying that Smartphone cameras haven't made an impact on how we take photos and share them with others as clearly, they have. However, I don't believe they have, and I hope never will, stop us looking at and developing images we've captured as the infographic suggests they could have.


Tell Us What You Think

Anyway, enough on what we think, what do you think? Have we turned into technology junkies who are driven by the need to share everything instantly or do we still know how to sit back and appreciate a good photo be it on screen or in a print? You can share your comments below.  


Author, Nikita Morris

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