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Here is a round-up of our Beginner Guides To DSLR Photography so far.

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If you're new to photography or are just looking to brush-up on some of the basic, fundamental photography techniques, take a look at ePHOTOzine's list of top beginner articles we've featured on site. You need to click on each of the images or the linked text to read the full techniques which are crammed full of useful tips and advice.

Shutters And Apertures Anyone?

  Shutters And Apertures Anyone?
There are loads of controls on a DSLR and you’ll be relieved to know that you can leave most of them alone. However, shutter speed and aperture are two of the controls you should take the time to learn about and this article tells you all the basics you need to know about them.

Read more: Shutters And Apertures Anyone?

How To Make A Manual Exposure

  How To Make A Manual Exposure
In this tutorial you'll soon learn how creating a manual exposure isn't something you should shy away from.  When you reach the end of the article you'll realise that balancing shutter and aperture together is simpler to do then you may have first thought.

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Creative Aperture / Depth Of Field

  Creative Aperture / Depth Of Field
You now know how to use shutter speed and apertures to produce an exposure but how about expanding your knowledge further to take shots which are more creative? In this installment you'll learn how altering your camera's aperture will change the overall look of a photograph.

Read more: Creative Aperture / Depth Of Field

Capturing Motion

  Capturing Motion
We leave apertures behind to focus on shutter speeds in this piece. The article looks at using slower shutter speeds to capture motion as well as illustrating when quicker shutter speeds are needed too. By reading these tips, you'll be shooting the classic blurry waterfall in no-time.

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How To Use ISO

  How To Use ISO
ISO is the subject for this tutorial and you'll learn why low ISOs are important and how using higher ISOs instead of flash can work in some situations. There's also a few tips on using ISO creatively so you can produce the best shots possible.

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Lenses And Focal Lengths

  Lenses And Focal Lengths
If you're wondering what your next lens purchase should be and why, have a read of this article. Three main lens types are discussed and there's also a section on focal length. Learn how zoom lenses aren’t just for making far off things come closer – they affect how the image looks too.

Read more: Lenses And Focal Lengths

Assembling An Image

  Assembling an Image
When you've read all the articles listed above, take a look at this one which shows you how to put all that you've learnt from the previous articles together to create one perfect image. The example used is of a fast car but you can use the fundamentals of the tutorial to build any other image too.

Read more: Assembling An Image

Appropriate Lighting

  Appropriate Lighting
Lighting is a huge topic but this article starts at the beginning talking about available light from our lovely friend the sun. You'll learn how to recognise what light works with which subject and how to use shadows, shade and different angles to your advantage.

Read more: Appropriate Lighting

Recommended Equipment For Beginners

Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Hama Profil Duo III Tripod Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD 4-In-1 Wi-fi Printer Dorr Slim Pack Pure Backpack Olympus VG-170 Compact Digital Camera

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