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e2 logoBecome an e2 member today to gain access to exciting new features, such as larger photo uploads (including 2000pixel panoramics), email alert manager, a superb showcase, the superb versions gallery, visual picture critiques, personal mini calendar and bookmarks, your very own user awards and much more.

Take a look below at some of the superb new features that you'll be entitled to as an e2 member. These features are in addition, to and work along side all the standard sections of ePHOTOzine.

Panoramic gallery
See your photos in super-size. This option allows you to upload a photo with a maximum length/height of 2000 pixels. The other dimension should be no more than 650pixels. You can upload a landscape format photo at up to 2000x650pixels and a portrait format up to 450x2000pixels. The maximum file size is 800Kb. When uploading tick the panoramic option on the upload page.

Send Group Private Message
e2 Members can now search users you want to PM, then select several from your list and send a message to the group, saving you time and energy. Use this to keep in touch with your ePHOTOzine friends.

16 Photo Uploads
For up to one week after first joining e2, you will be able to upload as many photos as you want per day until you have sixteen in your portfolio. This is instead of the usual one upload per day limit and is to help you fill up your portfolio quickly. This does not apply to renewing e2 members who may have previously deleted their folio.

Enhanced Portfolio Viewing
When viewing your own, and other portfolios, you can now sort the photos by categories and other information as you can in the Gallery.

Larger Photo Uploads
Impress viewers of your photos with a larger version. As an e2 member you can upload pictures twice as big, with 1000 pixels width/height dimensions. Viewers will be able to click on a link from your photo to see a larger version, offering far more impact.

This photo has been modified and reuploaded by another ePHOTOzine member
Photo Modifications

Choosing this option allows visitors to download your photo, make changes and post up the improvements for you to gain invaluable, visual feedback and critique. This is an essential tool to help you learn more.

Favourite Photographers' List
Keep track of ePHOTOzine members whose work you like or are friends with by adding them to your Favourite Photographers list. In addition you can choose to allow everyone to view this list or keep it private. The list is sorted chronologically so you can quickly see which of your favourite photographers has updated recently.

Showcase - Unique Gallery Organiser
Innovative portfolio organiser so you can maximise the visual impact of your work by creating a "showcase" page of your favourite photos. Your portfolio can be arranged exactly how you want, with up to 16 photos arranged in a grid in any order. You can then choose whether to have this "showcase" as your opening portfolio page or as a separate page.

£10 in Classified Advert Credits
As part of the membership package you will be given 10 free classified credits, worth £10, to sell off any old kit you have to ePHOTOzine's thousands of daily visitors.

Your Portfolio on the Homepage
Get more exposure with a link to your portfolio on our homepage so everyone who comes to ePHOTOzine will see your portfolio first.

See who liked your photo
When viewing your own photos you will be able to see who has awarded your photo with a Reader's choice vote to say they liked it.

Portfolio Comments
You can choose to allow other members to comment on your portfolio as a whole, rather than just individual portfolios. Similarly you can also comment on other e2 member portfolios.

Photo Albums
Organise your photos into albums that allow members to view your photos in a slideshow.

Versions Gallery
Versions gallery features four types of extended uploading including: Before & After, Tutorials, Reportage/Documentary and Variants where you can upload up to 19 extra photos (depending on the category you select) to show variations of your original image.

As an e2 member you can upload photos into the forum
Quick Links

Create a personal menu system for our site, bookmarking specific pages/areas you visit regularly on the site, but also bookmarking other websites you visit. The links appear in your blue user bar on the right of the page.

User Awards
You can make an award using our award generator or upload your own design. When you have done this, shortlist you favourite photos and view them from your award manager. You can give one award every 7 days so choose wisely!. View your favourites in your award gallery or everybody else's in the users award gallery!

The ability to add personal events to your calendar and enable the 'Mini-Calendar' on your portfolio by going to My Settings > Website Options so you can view your calendar at a glance.

Critique Gallery
Ask for critique to appear on any of your seven weekly uploaded photos. Regular members can request critique on just one photo per week.

Show/hide critique awards/comments
You can hide the good critique awards or the good critique green box in your comments from your settings panel.

Portfolio Comments Notifications
Receive notifications by PM or email when a comment is posted on your portfolio.

Personal Blog
Write articles in their portfolio on topics they feel are important to share with others. All blogs have the ability to comment and RSS feeds.

Create an exhibition
Create a solo virtual photo exhibition or invite friends to make a joint one. Almost like a real exhibition, you carefully select 20 really impressive images, upload them to the Members' Exhibitions page. Shuffle them around to arrange an order and add captions. Set a date you want it to start and then invite all your friends to take a look.

Images in forums
Add images in forums posts to illustrate a point, show ideas or something that you don't want to waste your daily upload on.


e2 Membership Term Price Cost Per Year
1 Month £3.50 £42.00/year
3 Months £9.00 £36.00/year
6 Months £16.00 £32.00/year
1 Years £29.00 £29.00/year
2 Years £55.00 £27.50/year
5 Years £120.00 £24.00/year

Free e2 Membership! Did you know that if you signup for a 1 year foliopic Plus or Pro Account, you get a free year of e2 included in the price? Visit foliopic.com for more details.

Join today by visiting the e2 signup page.
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