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Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB SDHC Card Review

Add Wi-Fi to any camera with the Eyefi Mobi PRO, and then backup your images to the cloud.

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Handling and Features

Eyefi MoboPRO Wi Fi SD Card (2)

The Eyefi Mobi Pro is a Wi-Fi enabled SD memory card that includes 1 year of Eyefi cloud on-line photo storage, and is setup so you can automatically transfer photos from your camera to your smartphone, and then automatically have those photos backed up to the cloud (aka the Internet). The card is available as a 32GB card, with lower capacity Eyefi Mobi cards available in smaller sizes without cloud backup.

Eyefi Mobi Pro Handling and Features

Eyefi MoboPRO Wi Fi SD Card (1)

The Eyefi Mobi Pro is a standard sized SD card that fits in to a regular SD card slot, and comes with a membership card that gives you access to the Eyefi cloud, as well as an activation code so that you can link up the Eyefi card to your smartphone or tablet. The Eyefi Mobi app is available for iOS devices, Android devices and Kindle Fire. Eyefi cards are compatible with over 300 cameras, and you can check if your camera is compatible on the Eyefi website.

Once the app is installed and running, you can then sign up for the Eyefi cloud service in the app.

Eyefi Mobi Pro Features:

  • Raw transfers
  • Home network support
  • Selective image transfer (jpeg, raw and video)
  • Connects to iOS, Android, PC and Mac
  • Direct and infrastructure Wi-Fi 
  • View, and share photos instantly

Eyefi Cloud Features:

  • Sync images to cloud for access from any device
  • EXIF data, albums, tags in sync on all devices
  • Share privately and notify automatically

The Eyefi Mobi Pro comes bundled with a USB card reader.

To enable raw imports you have to select the "Receive RAW" option in the Device imports setting within Settings in the Eyefi Mobi app. 

When signing up for the Eyefi cloud, you have the option to "Allow upload via Cellular" (*Mobile phone network to people inside the UK). Once you're signed up to the Eyefi cloud it simply starts uploading / syncing all of your photos. 

You can access your photos on the Eyefi cloud website here:

Eyefi MoboPRO Wi Fi SD Card (5)

The Eyefi Mobi Pro SDHC is a class 10 card, and the USB card reader provided is a USB2 device. 

The Eyefi mobo app creates a "Mobi" folder on your device, and this is where it will store all of the images transferred over. If you don't have much space on your Android device or a MicroSD card in your Android device then you may need to keep an eye on how much space is being used by images, particularly if you've enabled raw transfers. 

Eyefi Mobopro App Android (2)
Connecting to Eyefi Cloud
Eyefi Mobopro App Android (7)
Eyefi Mobopro App Android (1)
Importing photos


Eyefi Mobopro App Android (8)
App Settings

Eyefi Mobopro App Android (9)


Eyefi Mobopro App Android (4)


The larger the image, the longer it will take to transfer to your smartphone or tablet, and the longer it will take to upload the file to the Eyefi cloud, although if you simply left the card to get on with it, transfer times didn't seem overly long. You'll also need to be aware of how much data you have on your phone contract, as you could quickly use up all of your data if you allow images (and raw files) to be sent on your mobile network rather than limiting it to Wi-Fi - and thankfully there is an option to do this. 

In addition, if you already have photos on the card from before setting up the Wi-Fi connection the card will transfer these as well. When your smartphone is connected to the Eyefi Mobi Pro Wi-Fi card, it can not be connected to another Wi-Fi network, and therefore you won't be able to access the internet (on Android devices), as by default the Android device tried to get internet through Wi-Fi whether it's working or not. This can make it quite frustrating not being able to use your smartphone's internet when waiting for images to be transferred from the card.

Once the images are transfered to the smartphone, the connection to the Eyefi card will be dropped, and the smartphone can then start the process of transfering the images to the cloud. The transfer speed of this will depend on your network connection whether it's over your mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Copying images from the card to a computer, using the provided (USB2) Eyefi USB adapter, the speed was around 20-21MB/second. The Eyefi card isn't particularly quick when compared to some of the fastest SD cards available

Eye-Fi MobiPro Performance

The performance section is where we look at the performance of the equipment. Additional sample photos and product shots are available in the Equipment Database, where you can add your own review, photos and product ratings.

The Eyefi Mobi app automatically syncs photos with the Eyefi cloud. This even automatically syncs all the photos you've taken with the smartphone, including images other people send you, and there doesn't seem to be an option to turn this off! JPEG images and raw files are all backed up to the Eyefi cloud, and when you access them on the Eyefi website, you can view photo information, which includes the EXIF data, shooting settings, etc

Eye Fi Web View
Eyefi Web View - Here you can rotate, crop, favourite, download, delete, and add the image to an album.

In terms of photo management and storage on the smartphone or device, more information on the amount of local (Phone), Eyefi Mobi SD and cloud storage used would be useful, particularly if you have limited storage on your smartphone.

The lack of options and control over the Eyefi Mobi app on your smartphone can become quite frustrating, as it would be useful to set it so it doesn't automatically sync smartphone photos to the cloud. In addition the app tries to sync photos that have been "moved to trash" (until you've emptied the bin), although some may appreciate the fact that the default is to backup everything to the cloud. 

Value For Money

The 32GB Eyefi Mobi Pro is available for £63 which includes unlimited Eyefi cloud storage for a year. You can also get a compact flash card adapter for the Eyefi card, if you camera does not take SD memory cards. An alternative is the Eyefi Mobi card, which will add Wi-Fi to your camera, but comes with 90 days of Eyefi cloud storage, priced at £58 for the 32GB card.

Alternatively, you could look at the Toshiba Flash AIR, 32GB available for £27, or the Transcend Wi-Fi card, with the 32GB version available for £37, although these do not include cloud storage. Have a look at more SD cards in our Top 10 Fastest SD cards.

Alternatively if you are looking for cloud storage for your photos, you could look at Dropbox (2GB free, or 1000GB for £7.99/month), Google Drive (15GB free, 199GB $1.99/month, 1000GB $9.99/month), and Flickr (1000GB free, raw files are converted to JPEG), although you would then need to configure these to backup the photos from your smartphone yourself. 

Eye-Fi MobiPro Verdict

For those that simply want a fully automated backup system, so that photos will automatically and quickly be backed up to the cloud, the Eyefi Mobi Pro does a very good job, with little configuration needed. The Eyefi Mobi Pro makes it easy to get photos backed up to the cloud, although more advanced options could be useful for those that want more control over the process, and you do need to keep an eye on the storage space on your smartphone, as it is easy to fill up your phone when shooting high resolution raw images. The price may put some people off, as there are cheaper options available, as well as most new cameras now featuring Wi-Fi, however setting up automatic cloud backup may be too complicated for some, and the Eyefi Mobi Pro solves this problem. 

Eye-Fi MobiPro Pros

Works with a wide variety of cameras
1 year unlimited cloud storage included
Good web access
Backs up raw files to the cloud
Easy to setup and use

Eye-Fi MobiPro Cons

Latest cameras have Wi-Fi built in - but don't auto backup to cloud
Fairly slow transfer speeds when using the card in a reader
Limited options
USB2.0 card reader


The Eyefi Mobi Pro makes it easy to get your photos automatically backed up to the cloud.


Eye-Fi MobiPRO SD Specifications


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Labrou 4
5 Mar 2017 4:12AM
Be aware that the eyefi mobi pro transfers raw files to the Keenai app (former eyefi app before purchase of eyefi company) but doesn't transfer them to camera roll of iPhone. So you won't be able to edit raw files on iPhone or iPad.
Keenai app uploads the raw file slowly to a free for one year cloud server which transform the raw file to a high quality jpeg. That jpeg can be transferred to camera roll. However you loose any raw file potential on iPhone.

In case you want to use the Eyefi mobi pro with a smartphone better buy the much cheaper orange Eyefi mobi card. It does the same job.

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