Fujifilm X-T2 Expert Review - Verdict

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Fujifilm X T2 (9)

Value For Money

The Fujifilm X-T2 is available for around £1399 body only which makes it £50 more than the Fujifilm X-Pro2 at £1349 body only. There are a number of alternatives available, and for those looking for a camera with strong 4K video recording abilities, you could look at the Sony Alpha A6300 and Panasonic Lumix GH4.

Have a look at more premium compact system cameras in our Top 13 Best Premium Mirrorless Cameras. You'll also need to buy a memory card and a case or bag to keep your camera safe and protected - have a look at our complete guide to camera bags.


Fujifilm X-T2 Verdict

The Fujifilm X-T2 is an excellent camera, with a high resolution 24 megapixel sensor, high speed shooting, which can be boosted by the optional battery grip, and more advanced features for those who want more from their camera, such as dual SD card slots, and 4K video recording. There are a wide range of Fujifilm lenses available for the X-T2, and Fujifilm continue to introduce new lenses. For alternative lenses, there are three lenses available from Zeiss, with a number of other lenses available from Samyang. 

The high quality weather-sealed body with metal construction and a vast number of external controls for aperture, shutter, ISO and exposure compensation make it easy to change settings, without having to resort to on-screen menu controls. The Fujifilm X-T2 is slightly larger than the X-T1, and with the optional battery grip could be considered quite large for a mirrorless camera. The benefits provided with the battery grip are definitely worthwhile though, particularly as you get significantly better battery life. 

Above all, the Fujifilm X-T2 delivers excellent image quality, with high speed focus, and excellent noise performance. Every new release from Fujifilm gets better, and the X-T2 certainly delivers great results. Fujifilm has also had an excellent track record of introducing new firmware to new and old camera models, and if this continues, then we can expect the X-T2 will also get better with time. 

Fujifilm X-T2 Pros

  • Excellent noise performance
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • 3inch tilting screen
  • Excellent electronic viewfinder
  • Faster performance with battery grip
  • Improved battery life with battery grip
  • Rapid focus

Fujifilm X-T2 Cons

  • Price increase
  • Larger than X-T1 (some may prefer this)
  • 340 shot battery life without battery grip

Overall Verdict

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Photographs taken using the Fujifilm X-T2

Goodbye 2021Venice - Ponte Dei SartoriPonte De Le BandeChurch San Giorgio - VeniceHolkhamThe LakeRed and GreenHarford Bridge Dartmoor DevonAutumn floatsJurrasic CliffRiver CrossingDennisRoom for a Few MoreMono FernNo-one!

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kaz1 11 328 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2016 8:01PM
I can't wait for the full review and testing.
7 Jul 2016 10:11PM

Quote:I can't wait for the full review and testing.

me too. it is gonna be my favorite camera!
8 Jul 2016 3:03PM
I wish I had this X-T2 AF system in my present Fuji HS50EXR.
Wink Grin Wink
Lenscapon 6 64
9 Jul 2016 4:50PM
Should be a great camera, but just a shame that Fuji still feel the need to give the XT a 'mock dslr' style body.

Handling for anyone with a nose is comprised by positioning the evf in the centre, and with no prism or mirror it's just not needed. It could have been better if designed as a more compact alternative to the X-Pro 2 and a water resistant update on the X-E2s, with a more logical body design. The evf could even be adjustable so it could be placed in the ideal position or even removed as a remote.

But mirrorless manufacturers seem to lack a bit of confidence and believe they need something that looks like a dslr to be taken seriously. Olympus and Sony have the same issue with their 'pro' models.
themak 8 1.0k Scotland
9 Jul 2016 11:45PM
Seriously? If they redesigned it to be like the X-Pro 2, it would be the X-Pro 2 - why should it be more compact? If you prefer the rangefinder style, buy that - it's not that big. If you want a remote viewfinder, use your phone.
AlexandraSD 10 773 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2016 3:20AM
I like the x-pro2, but i like the new x-t2 as well, but which is best?

Whichever floats your boat, but i do love both those camera's but im going to treat myself to an x-pro1 first, my budget cannot stretch to either xp2 or xt2!
themak 8 1.0k Scotland
12 Jul 2016 1:41PM
Ideally I'd like the X-Pro 2 with an articulated screen. Maybe a bit specific, but I'm sure the Fuji designers are scribbling notes and I'll get my wish next time round.
themak 8 1.0k Scotland
8 Sep 2016 4:36PM
'Dark shadows' a negative? I can see a dead horse getting another beating.
joshwa Plus
11 927 1 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2016 6:59PM
Hi themak,
It's just something to be aware of rather than a serious negative - and something that the DR options don't rectify. Thanks
themak 8 1.0k Scotland
8 Sep 2016 7:26PM
Not sure what you mean, but one of the benefits of this type of camera is that you see what you're getting in the EVF and can compensate using the dials so you don't underexpose.
themak 8 1.0k Scotland
8 Sep 2016 11:32PM
Having looked more closely at the DR images, it's clear it's gone for recovering the blown sky rather than lightening shadows - which I would prefer.
MartinWait 18 95 United Kingdom
9 Sep 2016 1:36AM
I've been using this today with the 18-55mm and the 100-400mm.
The camera and kit lens just blows me away, the 100-400m is a beast, straight out of shot jpegs are so sharp and represent what I see with my eyes.

Maybe after 12 years with shooting with Canon and owninging the 7D for the past 4 years (forever adjusting ISO performance in Lightroom) have pushed me to change and try something different.

The fact is, is that I relish the challenge of switching systems, I can't afford to buy the latest Canon and the L range lenses , so I spent my money on Fuji (yes I know it's a lot to spend in one go), what difference, although the 100-400mm is big the XT-2 is almost toy like in weight compared to my old 7D, but ISO performance on the XT-2 is rediculous, and also pics have been sharp, sharp, sharp! I guess tech has moved on in the past 4 years. Yes, I could have bought the latest Canon, but I could never have bought the glass to go with it.

You make your choices and make the best of it, the proof is in the images you present... at the end of the day... (I've been saying this for over a decade)... it's the final image that counts not how you got there Smile
MartinWait 18 95 United Kingdom
9 Sep 2016 2:01AM
...and just as as side note, you can't review this camera on the day of it's release... shoot in sunlight, low light, flash capabilities, night time, different lenses, all of it's available modes, put it through the mill as with any review, show what it CAN do as well as what it CAN'T. Give it to a pro and an enthusiast for a week... see what they do with it and post the samples... just an idea.
joshwa Plus
11 927 1 United Kingdom
9 Sep 2016 10:10AM
Hi Martin,
We've had it longer than a week and shot at Le Mans, etc, and will be adding more images when we take them. We'd be happy to share your images if you wanted to add any, please do send and add your views on the camera,
dannyr Plus
12 46 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2016 1:12PM
Wow have not been looked at this site for a little while. Too many Amazon adds for me.

Puts me off coming back.


Bantu 8 7 1 India
10 Sep 2016 6:20PM
But to shoot with them daylight is really a problem my personal experience.

Andy_Curtis 7 808 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2016 9:06PM

Quote:I like the x-pro2, but i like the new x-t2 as well, but which is best?

Whichever floats your boat, but i do love both those camera's but im going to treat myself to an x-pro1 first, my budget cannot stretch to either xp2 or xt2!

I purchased an X-Pro1 2 months ago for a great price. Awesome camera. And just purchased an XT-1. I would love the XP2 and XT2 but like you, I can't stretch the budget that far haha.
MartinWait 18 95 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2016 12:48AM

Everything is super quick... and iso performance blows my old Canon 7D out of the water (but, the 7D is a few years old now).
It's going to take me a while of getting out of editing habits having been with Canon for so long. All I can say is EVERYTHING is sharp... whatever I point this Fuji at Smile
14 Sep 2016 12:05PM
I have to totally disagree with lenscapon. It's nothing to do with making the camera look like a DSLR. I have an X-T1, X-T2, X-E2 and a nose! Firstly, positioning the viewfinder in the false pentaprism housing, raises and angles your nose away from the screen, whether you are left of right eyed. My nose is pretty average and never touches the screen on these cameras. The rangefinder viewfinders, as on the X-E's and X-Pro's are fine for right eyed people, if however you're left eyed like me, the positioning of the viewfinder, ensures your nose rubs all over the screen and is quite annoying. This is the one of the reasons I went for the X-T's rather than the X-Pro's.

Oh by the way, I love the X-T2 it's a wonderful machine!
14 Sep 2016 1:02PM
I am fully aware that what the camera looks like isn't, or shouldn't be, an issue when purchasing what is in reality, a tool to do a job, but this must be the ugliest piece of kit I have seen in eons.
themak 8 1.0k Scotland
14 Sep 2016 1:14PM
You must've missed the X-T1.Wink
ronecc 14 13 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2016 5:57PM
I am no expert, but the photos do not look that good, considering the price of the camera. The tree lined shot, for instance, washed out and not a sharp detail to be seen.

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