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How You Can Support ePHOTOzine During These Challenging Times

We are always grateful for the support you give ePHOTOzine but if you'd be generous enough to give a little more, here's how you can help.

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Thanks to your support ePHOTOzine is able to provide fun and informative content to keep you occupied during these unprecedented times and beyond. No matter how uncertain today and the future feels, you can rely on us. Community, fun and the ability to keep your mind busy for a little while has never been so important, and neither has your support for ePHOTOzine. 


How You Can Help 

No matter if it's a daily visit to our forums, writing a blog post, reading a top list, sharing an article on social media, or signing up for a subscription to our 'Plus' membership we 'thank you' for your continued dedication and support.

We know times are tough for everyone but if you are able to support the site by enhancing your experience at the cost of just £15 for a whole year or by donating as little as £5 below - we would be really grateful. 

On a final note, we just want to let all of our members know that we are thinking about you in these challenging times. Stay safe, keep busy and we hope you continue to enjoy visiting ePHOTOzine. 

The ePHOTOzine Team. 

Help support us by contributing to the upkeep of the site

Rest-assured that ePHOTOzine isn't going anywhere during the current pandemic but neither are the day-to-day costs of running a website and the general site upkeep must also continue. As a result, we'd really appreciate your support. We have thousands of features/techniques, news, reviews and images you can peruse free of charge, and have done so since ePHOTOzine emerged almost 20 years ago! But by supporting the site with as little as £5 you will help us bring even more content to the site and also assist us in making even more great improvements to ePHOTOzine going forward. We do make revenue from Google adverts but please don’t click on them if you have no genuine interest or intention, as this can have a detrimental effect on our earnings, due to invalid traffic. Thank you for your support - we really do appreciate it. 

Payments are processed by PayPal, however you can checkout as a guest so a PayPal account isn't required.

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Alternatively, please make cheques payable to: 

Magezine Publishing Ltd.
The Turbine
Coach Close
S81 8AP


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Support this site by making a Donation, purchasing Plus Membership, or shopping with one of our affiliates: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon CA, ebay UK, MPB.

It doesn't cost you anything extra when you use these links, but it does support the site, helping keep ePHOTOzine free to use, thank you.

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saltireblue Plus
12 12.9k 82 Norway
15 Apr 2020 7:55PM
ePz has given so much to so many over the past 20 years, and now they need a little back from us in the way of a 'thank you'.
However you can help (and I don't mean just economically), please do, to make sure the best all-round photo site will still be here when what is called 'normality' returns to this weird world of ours.
Alfie_P 14 927 2 United Kingdom
16 Apr 2020 5:13PM
I've just extended now till 2022 hope this helps, take care all of You.
Best wishes
16 Apr 2020 6:46PM
A timely reminder my membership had expired a couple of weeks back ..dammit... just signed up for another coupla add a contribution only works with a Paypal agreement/account..Iíve long since lost connection with this system..used to buy stuff on Fleabay with it...and donít really want to get involved there any way I can contribute using a debit card, like it exists with membership renewal/extension..?
16 Apr 2020 7:10PM

Quote:ePz has given so much to so many over the past 20 years,

Absolutely...still the best, most friendly (usually..Wink) easiest to navigate site..and for the folk at EPZ towers to keep things running is WELL appreciated....

So...if I can contribute to some new nail-varnish for TJ - and it keeps her happy and focussed - Iíd like to do so...Smile

16 Apr 2020 7:43PM
Donít tell her I said that.......bu99er...probably too late...Sad
17 Apr 2020 10:13AM
Just the push I needed to get my plus membership sorted out. I've been on the site long enough, and I owe it to you all at EPZ Towers!

PS - I agree with what Kevin said in his (first) post above!
21 Apr 2020 2:35PM
Thanks everyone for your support so far, very much appreciated!

For those who don't have PayPal and you're happy to make a BACS payment, please send me a Private Message and I'll pass the details to you.

Alternatively you could send us a cheque, you'll find our address in the article above.

All the best,

22 Apr 2020 11:58AM
Extended mine to 2022 hope this helps a little Smile
AlexandraSD 10 773 United Kingdom
10 Jul 2020 8:00AM
Got myself + membership, because this community is pretty awesome and i cant imagine not having ePz!
12 Dec 2021 10:22AM
I received a reminder this morning about not signing into my account. It is unfortunate that Iím having a lot of problems. I havenít been able to go out and about to take photos as Iím having problems with my balance and find I canít even go out alone. This is due to a brain tumour. It has now been removed but I still have some problems. Thankfully it wasnít cancer.
If you feel I should close my account so be it, but Iíd really like to keep it open for when I can go out alone and start taking photos again.
Kindest regards
16 Mar 2022 8:30AM
I really dislike you search function.

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