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I'm Back Digital Back Kickstarter For 35mm Film Cameras

A new Kickstarter campaign plans to release a digital back for 35mm film cameras.

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I'm Back Nikon F Digital Back

A new Kickstarter campaign, created by Samuel Mello Medeiros, is designed to make a digital camera back for any 35mm film camera, as long as there is a sync cable socket on the camera. The digital back currently uses an 8 megapixel camera, but production versions of the camera will use a 16 megapixel sensor. The digital back uses a Raspberry Pi, and features Wi-Fi so you can use a smartphone (or tablet) to remotely view through the camera, as well as record video. 

The digital back is designed to be adjusted to fit any 35mm film camera, and has been tested as working with the following cameras:

  • Minolta Maxxum 7000
  • Nikon F
  • Nikon F2
  • Nikon EM
  • Nikon S2
  • Olympus OM10
  • Paktica B200
  • Pentax K1000
  • Yashica JP
  • Seagul
  • Leica M2
  • Zenit E



I'm Back - Digital Back

In the back of the "I'm Back" digital back is a focusing screen, and there is a digital camera and lens unit that takes a photo of the focusing screen. The digital back is designed to be low-cost, with a price of €175 Euros for early backers. Via NR.

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Euan65 2 316 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2017 12:33PM
The yin to the silly Yashica yang, I suppose.

Given that one can buy, say, a Canon 650D on the bay for a hundred quid, I'm not exactly sure what the point of this thing is.

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13 Oct 2017 2:25PM
Thanks for commenting on my project. As I said in other blogs and channels, my desire was not to build an expensive and imperfect digital back (there are great digital cameras already on the market for this) but it was simply to create a low cost system that would keep the "grainy" of 200 or 400 ASA movies "and that could be adaptable to the largest possible number of cameras. This is Im Back. Nothing else. I love the old cameras and as many like to occasionally use them still. I hope you can try the I'm Back .

In the last 10 or 15 years, people have started a rush in search of pixels. To such a point that they were forgetting the photographic composition. I noticed a decay, a lack of creativity, and what began to be discussed is how many mega pixels my machine has more than yours.

What counts is the composition and the look of the photography. With the old cameras, people were more careful since they had little to none error margin while taking picture on a film.

I meet some resistance from extremist photographers. I do not believe in the extreme, but in the middle. My idea of a product honestly, was not made for conservative photographers (whether digital or analog), not to "replace" the film or even to match the quality of the latest generation digital, I'm just trying to push the use of analogic cameras by the general public. But there are people who talk only analog or digital. But what about the art of photography? My project recovers machines that people did not want to play for a variety of reasons, personal memories, or because it was their father's, so I thought I'd propose a solution for them to take those relics out of the drawer again. I compare I'm Back to a gadget and not to a high-tech product (although it has great technology, 16mpxl, micro sd, WIFI, HDMI). I'm Back is something to be used for fun. The quality should not be compared with a digital camera or an analogic camera.
I can compare it to those who like to take different pictures, like "Pinhole" or "Lomo".
For technical details you can visit my Kickstarter page where I illustrate how it works.

Support this idea!

Support this idea:
To see a high resolution photo click on the link:
Euan65 2 316 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2017 2:49PM
I hope I'm not an extremist, since I am happy to use digital, 35mm film and medium format film. I don't say one is "better" than the other, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Certainly the messing about with negatives and chemicals is a turn-off for some.

Whilst old film SLRs are often available cheaply these days, so too are DSLRs in the 16-18MP range. In fact, you can buy an 18MP Canon DSLR used for less money than a Canon AE-1 film SLR costs, and about a third the cost of a "good" EOS SLR like the 1 series or 3. The (film) camera is all about the lens, really, and you can buy digital and film SLRs that use the same lenses. Pentax DSLRs can use lenses going back to about 1975, the same kind of cheap PK lenses I use on my trusty Cosina. My main 35mm cameras are Canon EOS - a 6D for digital and a 1V for film - so I can use the same lenses for film and digital.

To an extent, the problem already has a solution - buy a cheap used film SLR and use the lenses you bought for your digital setup, or buy a cheap used DSLR that works with your old film lenses. These are in some senses better solutions, but I concede there's a lot to be said for re-using old stuff.

Kudos to you for trying, and I'd wish anyone well in a business venture - but I just don't see the market for this. I won't be upset if it succeeds and proves me wrong, though.

Then again, if you're working on an economical digital converter for the Bronica SQ-A, I could be interested...
Euan65 2 316 United Kingdom
13 Oct 2017 3:06PM
Perhaps the point more succinctly put is that whilst there are lots of perfectly good film SLRs lurking in cupboards, the high churn rate of rapidly-outdated DSLRs means there's a lot of perfectly good dirt-cheap digital cameras too. People will buy one of them rather than an add-on for an old film camera.
josa 7 25 Czech Republic
13 Oct 2017 8:23PM
Sillies of the world unite!!!
pablophotographer 8 1.5k 373
17 Oct 2017 3:07PM
Well done Samellos!
derekt 11 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2017 1:37PM
Samellos' reasoning in his post is illogical - it doesn't stand up. It'd be good to see the rear of one of these adaptations to see where this digiback sits/projects, i.e. can you still get your eye to the viewfinder without breaking your nose?

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