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ImagenAI Software Review

ImagenAI is a personalised photo editing assistant that its creators say will make applying edits to your entire Adobe Lightroom catalogs quick and easy so we're putting it to the test to find out how accurate this statement is.

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Quick Verdict

Every so often a product comes into your life that you didn't realise you needed and then when you find it, you wonder how you lived without it and that's exactly how we feel about ImagenAI. It's clever, it's quick and most of all, the results are excellent. For those with thousands of images, you can apply your own personal edits at speed while those with fewer photos can choose from the many styles/profiles the software has set up and quickly apply them to your photos. We really like ImagenAI and we think you will, too. 

+ Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Clever AI
  • Quick processing
  • Great results 

- Cons

  • Pay per use/subscription-based
  • You need Adobe Lightroom 
  • 'Talents' are very much wedding based


ImagenAI is, basically, your own personal photo editing assistant that learns your photo editing style and edits images, in batch, based on what it's learnt from you. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? We thought the same so we're putting ImagenAI through its paces to see if we can really put our feet up with a cuppa while the AI-based personal editing assistant does all of the work for us. 


ImagenAI Software Features

ImagenAI Software Review: ImagenAI


ImagenAI software integrates directly with Adobe Lightroom, using the previously edited images in your Lightroom Catalog to learn how you apply edits to your photos. Once it's acquired its knowledge, your profile will be available so that you can apply it to batches of photos, speeding your workflow up and cutting down the time you have to spend in front of your computer as a result. You can also fine-tune the AI-edited photos in Lightroom should you think you need to and re-train the AI so it knows how it can improve the profile for future edits. 

There is also the option to use Pre-defined AI TALENT profiles which can be easily applied to your photos and reviewed in Lightroom where the AI makes edits. This will be useful for the 'everyday' user as to create your own profile, you will need 5,000 edited photos in your Lightroom catalog which is more of an option for professional wedding and events photographers.

So far, it sounds all very futuristic and impressive but it'll be interesting to see how taking the human element out of the process changes the workflow and outcome. 

ImagenAI Software Key Features:

  • AI Tool that will automatically analyse your photos
  • The perfect AI photo editing assistant 
  • Pre-defined AI TALENT profiles are available 
  • Fine-tune images and re-train the AI for improved results
  • 1 second average edit time per image
  • Boosts productivity by 4X


ImagenAI Handling & Performance

Downloading ImagenAI couldn't be easier and it's a pretty quick process, too. Once you've downloaded the software and opened it up, you'll arrive at a welcome screen with various options. If you have more than 5000 previously edited images in your Lightroom Catalog you can unlock ImagenAI Creator where the AI learns your style by studying the photos you have in Lightroom. If you have less than 5000 images you can use the ImagenAI Talents option where you send photos for editing from your Lightroom Catalogs and apply one of the many Talents (styles) available. 

With ImagenAI Creator, the more images you have in your Lightroom Catalog, the more accurate the profile it creates will be. This process can take a while, the number of images depending, so you will need to be patient at this part of the journey. Once the AI has studied your images and worked out your style, the processing can begin. If you're not 100% happy with the results, you can adjust the image in Lightroom from which the AI can be re-trained to produce more accurate results. 


ImagenAI Software Review:


If you have a few different styles, such as shooting in black and white as well as colour, you'll need to create individual profiles for each style. To do this you need to only include images edited with a consistent editing style and if your style has changed recently, using your most recent photos which have been edited this way will improve results. You should also include a wide variety of scene scenarios (if possible) so night, day, indoors, outdoors etc. that have been edited the same way as, again, this will improve the AI's response. 

When processing, ImagenAI can control white balance, tone, presence (clarity, vibrance etc.), colours and there are options to straighten/crop. 

We can see how this type of technology will speed up a professional photographer's workflow as all of the small edits usually applied to individual images to create 'their look' can now be completed by the AI which means photographers have more time for fine-tuning or even getting out of the office, taking photos.

Setting up the separate profiles can take some time initially but once they're in place, your workflow will speed up in no time. If you do happen to send coloured images when you want to create a black & white profile, the non-relevant photos are filtered out. 


ImagenAI Software Review:


The process for uploading images and creating a profile is pretty self-explanatory with the software easy to understand and the method being rather chronological. It's worth mentioning, though, that you can't open up Lightroom when browsing catalogs in ImagenAI. You also can't see previews of your images, just a file name but you can choose which images your catalog you want to send for analysing by star rating, labels, flags and format (if you used these in Lightroom). 

Uploading projects for editing can take some time, which is understandable if you have hundreds of images, but there is a timer showing you how long is left and you receive an email from ImagenAI after your edit is ready for download. 

Once it is, you have to download the edits to your Lightroom Catalog which you do from the ImagenAI home screen. Once downloaded, your catalog will be automatically updated with the new edit.

It might sound like there's a lot of opening and closing of apps/software but when you're actually following the process, it is straightforward to do. 

On a side note, there are some great video tutorials over on YouTube that show you how the ImagenAI software works and you can even schedule a demo with the team should you need it. The emails you receive when your project are ready also feature instructions in them so you're never left wondering what you need to do next.

For those who don't have thousands of images, you can still take advantage of what ImagenAI has to offer as you can access styles created by other photographers and apply them to your photos. 


ImagenAI Software Review:


To access these, click on Edit (send photos for editing from your Lightroom catalogs) which brings you to the window where you can select a Lightroom Catalog to select images from. Under the 'Choosing an editing profile' you can select from the various 'Talents' which include 'Romantic Pastel Colours' and 'Warm Skin Tones' but you have to be working with RAW files, not JPEGS. You can see why this software is aimed at those who capture portraits or shoot weddings as the Pre-defined AI TALENT profiles are very much wedding inspired but there's no reason you can't use them for other subjects if you want to. 


ImagenAI Software Review:

Left: Original Image, Right: After Processing In ImagenAI


ImagenAI Software Review:

Left: Original Image, Right: After Processing In ImagenAI


So you can see what the Pre-defined AI TALENT profiles look like, you can learn more about them on the ImagenAI website (a link is provided in the window you choose the Pre-defined AI TALENT profiles from) but you won't 100% know what they'll look like on your own images until the software has processed them and you open up Lightroom again. You can, however, adjust the TALENT profiles to make them your own, using the tools available in Lightroom to do this. It does make the process a bit more time consuming as you might decide you don't like a particular look then need to go through the whole process again with a different option. This is why it makes more sense for the software to learn from your own images as the results will be more to your own tastes as, after all, the AI will be learning from edits you've made personally. However, the black and white Pre-defined AI TALENT profiles was particularly superb and we didn't have to make many adjustments to the images at all after they were reloaded in Lightroom. 

Here are some of the images edited with the help of ImagenAI. 


ImagenAI Software Review:


ImagenAI Software Review:


ImagenAI Software Review:


Value For Money

ImagenAI is available for both PC and Mac with a free trial available for your first 1000 images. After this, you can cancel your membership or sign-up for the monthly plan. The minimum monthly payment for maintaining and building on your personal profile is $7 but if you use the profile you have created on a set of images, the following prices will apply: 

  • 1-1000 images - 6 cents (per photo)
  • 1001-5000 images - 5 cents (per photo)
  • 5001 - 10,000 images - 4 cents (per photo)

The $7 fee is included in your final bill when using your unique profiles as this is just a minimum fee that has to be paid. 

For those wanting to use the 'Talents' option, the following 'pay per use' fees apply:

  • 1-1000 images - 5 cents (per photo)
  • 1001-5000 images - 4.5 cents (per photo)
  • 5001 - 10,000 images - 4 (per photo)

Some won't like this payment method but when you compare it to the cost of employing a photo editor, you do save a considerable amount of cash. You can't really put a price on time, either, and ImagenAI does save you quite a bit of this. For ImagenAI to work, you also need to be using Adobe Lightroom which is another cost to consider. 

There's not really another product out there like ImagenAI that doesn't involve some sort of discussion with another person on what your expectations are in terms of product results so it's rather unique. 

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ImagenAI Software Verdict

We've seen AI popping up in tools found in photo editing software for some time now (Adobe Sensei, Excire cataloguing AI etc.) so it's no surprise that it's now studying the images we create, learning the process and creating profiles we can apply to images in batch. AI is designed to make our lives easier and this is 100% true when it comes to the AI built into ImagenAI. The whole process couldn't be easier to complete and once you have, you'll have profiles that turn what could be hours or days of work into something much more manageable. Plus, the results are great. 

For those who batch process, it's ideal as the turnaround is quick and you don't have to discuss with another person what you're trying to achieve (if you usually use a photo editing assistant of the human form). It's also less expensive than outsourcing work like this. 

When it comes to the Talents, it would be great to see some that are for other genres of photography but this is always something ImagenAI could add further down the line. 

Overall, we really like ImagenAI and we think you will, too. 


ImagenAI Software Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Clever AI
  • Quick Processing
  • Great results 


ImagenAI Software Cons

  • Pay per use/subscription-based
  • You need Adobe Lightroom 
  • 'Talents' are very much wedding based

Overall Verdict

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