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Jessops Going Into Administration - Update

Jessops Going Into Administration - Update - Update 11/01/13: All shops set to close as administrators are unable to find a buyer for Jessops.

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Industry News

It has been reported that Jessops has filed an application for administration at the High Court.

Jessops has been hit badly recently by internet retailers and supermarket stores, and did not make the profits forecasted. The company has 192 stores nationwide, and employs over 2,000 staff.

It was reported that the market's decline was set to worsen in 2013, meaning the closure of some of the stores.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been appointed the administrator, and it stated that the company would not at present accept any returns, or honour customer vouchers.

Jessops was founded in 1935, and is the latest in a long line of high street names to crumble in the present economic climate.

Update 11/01/13: All shops set to close as administrators are unable to find a buyer for Jessops. 187 stores will be closed, and stock returned to suppliers where they are entitled to it. Nikon UK has commented on the Jessops administration in an effort to assist customers affected.
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Poloman 5 3 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2013 8:06PM
Really sorry to see Jessops go, always saw them as a friendly face on the high street Sad

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9 Jan 2013 11:34PM
I for one am sorry to see the demise of this company, this and for the staff who are going to be made redundant. Once again internet sales are making serious implications for high street stores.
We the buying public add to this downward spiral, we all seek out the best price not just for photographic equipment, but just about every purchase we make. It's historical and anecdotal-
from corner shops to supermarkets, from superstores to internet stores...the beat goes onSad
Regards Lawrence aka Justwilliam
10 Jan 2013 2:12AM
I'm not surprised to hear that Jessops has gone into administration. They changed from being a true photographers retailer into just a box shifter. I am a freelance photographer, A number of years ago I used to enjoy the chats with the staff as they were very knowledgeable about their Products and were enthusiastic photographers themselves. I periodically go into my local store and I am asked to give advice to staff, that's it in a nutshell. Poorly trained staff, Limited stock, a lot of Point & Shoot cameras. Nothing of real interest for myself in respect of professional equipment. You have to travel to the city branches to get your hands on the latest pro gear. I would rather pay a bit extra so I don't have the problem of doing postal returns and having to wait on a delivery of equipment. As to the demise being caused by the sale of smart phones, well those people who believe the 8MP Samsung Galaxy takes excellent pics are the very people who Jessops should be tackling to show what a real good quality compact camera is capable of. Then we would find them using their smart phones for all the other capabilities but not photography. Jessops has a comprehensive web based shop, instead of just box shifting they should have a section on how the digital camera works. Showing the various types of sensors and sizes explaining how one is more capable than another. The British Public are not stupid, but they do like to have things explained to them so that they can make an informed purchase. I must admit though I am a bit miffed at them as I have just bought a new lens paying over the odds so as to be able to return it to the shop if not satisfied with the performance. Now to be told that they will not be accepting returns. I could have bought it off the net at over a hundred pounds cheaper. There lies the reason for their Demise, PRICE.
I hope Jessops does live on in one shape or another. May be they should become web based and cut their prices. If they do go down I feel sorry for the staff. Here's hoping.
10 Jan 2013 2:29AM
Sadly, Jessops were probably doomed from 2010 as it was around this time when it became very clear that sales via the internet were going to rocket,
as other people have mentioned time marches on and it is highly likely that high street sales in many many retail trades will have all but collapsed in the next 2-3 years,
The only way any help for the high street will arrive can only be through economic recovery, this will never happen whilst the Conservative government strangle the economy, maybe when we have a government that loosens the strings and allows some room for economic recovery, some hope will be there for retail, at the moment no hope exists for many and this will probably continue for the next 2-3 years..........tragic
Nick_G 9 39 England
10 Jan 2013 3:00PM
As was mentioned earlier at the end of the day for most folk it's down to price, I've just bought a speedlite sb910, Jessops price 339, Amazon 295 ,its just no contest I'm afraid.
woodlark 14 542 1 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2013 9:36PM
I went in to Manchester Jessops before christmas to get a cheap pocket camera for my 80yr old mother in law. I chose a basic Nikon @49.99 simple and big screen. There was no SD card so I was offered one which I declined due to having a few at home.
J "They wont be fast enough"
J "you need one of jessops quick ones"
I still declined telling the guy that "it was for an 80yr old".
J "yes but it will take ages between shots and ours will be quicker".
Me "I will bear that in mind when she goes out taking wildlife shots with the nikon and if she finds it a little slow I may return for a faster one".
J "do you want to take one now"
Me "No thankyou".
J "What colour camera do you want red or black"
Me "not fussed".
J "do you want red"
Me "yes that will do"
10 minutes passed and J returned
J "we have not got any red ones",
Me "well have you got black".
J "I will go and Look"
another 5 mins went by and my wife was trying to drag me out of the shop. I stood my ground and J returned.
J "we havn't got any black ones there should be one somewhere but I cant find it, can I interest you in a different camera".
Me "errr NO!"
I had missed the schedueled train home by this time so Went to Curry's and bought it.
At least I didnt buy a voucher Wink
11 Jan 2013 1:03AM
As I said lack of training plus the staff were hit with near impossibly high sales targets. So they would sound desperate to sell you extras on your purchase. No way to run a business. Plus stock levels set ridiculously low cameras on display but not in stock. I was sick of hearing, We haven't got one here but we can get it from another branch. Shame I will have to travel a lot of miles to get my hands on new equipment, I would rather do that and pay a bit more than buy blind from the net with all the pa-lava that entails. plus there is a lot of miss selling on the net, you just don't know who you are buying from. Yes you can buy from Amazon but they also source from different sites. So you would end up sending your hard earned 2-3or 4000 to camerashifter.com. No thanks.
franken Plus
15 4.6k 4 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 7:12AM
I used Jessops on a regular basis in the 90,s and early 2000,s. they were pretty good up until then. I won't go into further details other than saying that the only time I'd ever go into another store after then was with someone insisting I should with a gun to my head!

I feel sorry for the staff but not the company.

I'm fortunate as I live in an area that has a local privately owned business that appear to do well and are also on-line.

They know what they are talking about and were always cheaper than Jessops.
11 Jan 2013 10:37AM
Sorry but no big loss as most photographers I know wouldn't touch the place with a barge pole. As expressed in other posts, it moved from being a place for photographers with expert staff, fully stocked with a wide range of equipment (including second hand gear and darkroom kit) to a clone of Currys/Dixons/Comet etc... it lost its unique selling point. If you are going to do that then you need to compete on price which it failed to do.
Glynn 12 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 12:28PM
Since 1935 when Frank Jessop opened the first store in Leicester, Jessop over the years have been one of the pioneers in bringing photography to the masses. I personally think it is a sad day when any business goes under, lets hope they can get a reprieve and save their employees jobs.
chefmarcus 5 18 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 4:30PM
Sorry, I asked for a voucher for my birthday they so far have refused to accept it.
chefmarcus 5 18 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 5:02PM
It now appears that all 187 stores close today with the loss of 1370 jobs. Really sorry for all those have lost their jobs.
Andy_Cundell 7 1.1k 5 England
11 Jan 2013 6:04PM

Quote:It now appears that all 187 stores close today with the loss of 1370 jobs. Really sorry for all those have lost their jobs.

Yes, the Plymouth store were always very helpful, cheerful and polite. I feel sorry for them.
edtaylor 7 104 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 6:26PM
I believe they have ceaced trading as of the end of the working day today. 12 January.
theorderingone 14 2.4k
11 Jan 2013 6:39PM
If my maths are correct, 5 stores remain?
11 Jan 2013 6:40PM
I used Jessops alot - I am really sorry for the normal staff but the fatcats at Jessops who have taken 100s of 1000s of pounds... or rather STOLEN.... from customers in vouchers... I have no sympathy at all. They must have known how bad things were before Christmas and yet they still sold them... DISGUSTING
chefmarcus 5 18 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 7:02PM

Quote:If my maths are correct, 5 stores remain?
5 closed before xmas
edtaylor 7 104 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2013 7:12PM
Yes I think there is going to be a lot of ill feeling the way this all has been handled so far.
I have to admit that I liked the guys at the Stirling store as they knew what they were talking about and were extremely helpful however when i went to the Buchanan Gallery's store in Glasgow for an IR trigger they not only couldn't find the product on there computer and i had to then use my own internet 3G to find the bookmarked page for the product code so they could find it to be then told there were none in Scotland and it would take a week to get it. I was then told that they were no longer doing discounts to Students at city of Glasgow college as they had for years due to the amount of sales to students and therefor I ended up paying more than i would from Neewer themselves online. As for there prints Glasgow is just a joke 24 printing takes exactly 24hours if you come in 23 hours after putting them in they say you cant get them yet and the quality is shocking even on 6x4 prints for workbooks Tesco do a better job and are cheaper.
I do admit that with Stirling store having a new printer last year their prints were better quality than a lot of places but were still overpriced it was cheaper and better quality to go to Loxely's in cumbernauld.
13 Jan 2013 12:00AM
It's a shame to see Jessops go.

My dad owns a small photographic company in Warrington called BPD Photech and they have been doing work for Jessops for well over a decade. They used to do film processing, photo printing and and scanning and printing from negatives and films (which I used to help him with!). But since Friday the work has obviously stopped.

If anyone who used Jessops for these services, please contact us directly if you would like to continue with the service. The companies website is www.photech.co.uk and the email address is info@photech.co.uk.

Other services Photech provide are a professional printing service and also do canvas prints, acrylic prints, and a framing service.

Jessops provided a large amount of work to photech and we are keen to keep the customers with us.

Thanks for reading!

FrogTastic 8 52 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2013 3:21PM
I hope with these larger chains failing, the privately owned stores will be given a chance.
14 Jan 2013 8:13PM
Sorry to see the demise of Jessops, however I think that Jessops' management had rather lost touch with reality. I am a semi-professional photographer, and wanted to add to my collection of memory cards. I went to local shop Bristol Cameras , and paid a shade under 40 for a Sandisk Extreme 8GB card. I could have paid less had I bought it via their website. So imagine my shock when I compared the price on Jessops' site, and saw that their price for the same card was just a few pence off 70.

This is not the first time I have found a large disparity with Jessops: In 1996, I needed a 1GB card, either Lexar or Sandisk, and found that whilst Speed Graphic were charging about 45, Jessops and Jacobs both wanted something in excess of 100 for the same product. This is actually rather ironic, since Jessops used to be the cheapest place on the High Street for film, and memory cards are sometimes referred to as err, digital film.

I do of course sympathise with the staff of Jessops, who now face having to find new employment in these tough times. I hope however that this will give the directors a huge reality check, so that any other retail businesses they have a hand in don't go the same way.

I have been a Jessops customer though for nearly 30 years, so my final purchase - a 6.99 diffuser - will remind me of this once-great camera chain.
polly1 8 3 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2013 2:07AM
I am truly sorry that this has happened. Ive just bought a new canon (NOT via the internet) and called into the leeds store which was "heaving" with customers and there were plenty of staff too. The sales person was very knowledgable and helpful. I also think the staff at the Harrogate store are fantastic, you can call in for a chat/advice anytime.
Good luck to all the staff

We will all miss not being able to fondle the goods before we buy!Sad
15 Jan 2013 8:48AM
I agree that Jessops have been more expensive for most of the basic equipment I have and I am annoyed that I did not spend my vouchers (100 worth) but the guys in the Huddersfield store were so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Viktor and Ian you will be sadly missed.

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