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Kuuvik Capture - A New Image Capturing Experience

Kuuvik Capture - A New Image Capturing Experience - Kuuvik Capture is an innovative and effective tethered shooting software for Mac. Find out more here.

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If you're a Mac user looking for a professional grade remote shooting software, then Kuuvik Capture could be the answer.

Whether you're out in the field or working in a studio, you need software that will allow you to optimize your workflow as much as possible. Kuuvik Capture has many unique features that help you to get the job done quickly, with fantastic results.

Kuuvik Capture is a tethered shooting software for Mac that provides you with unprecedented control over your camera in order to fully optimize your photos before they've even been taken. This fast and effective image capturing tool will enable you to achieve stunning results in the minimal amount of time.

The software supports Canon DSLR cameras, also offering wireless tethering with Canon’s WiFi-capable models and WFT units.

Kuuvik Capture has live view features that far surpass those that current DSLR cameras have to offer. The software includes parametric sharpening along with adjustable focus peaking overlay in three different modes. What makes Kuuvik Capture unique is that these all work in real time, and are applied directly to the camera's live view stream, allowing you to perfect the image before pressing the shutter.

Kuuvik Capture

Besides using the camera’s autofocus, the software supports precise focusing by manually driving lens focusing motors extremely precisely, so you can be sure that your images are sharp exactly where you want them to be. It's really easy to set up your composition with Kuuvik Capture too, as you're able to apply pre-set or precisely adjustable guidelines as well as rotate the live view image.

Kuuvik Capture 3

Kuuvik Capture makes it really easy to get an all over perfect image, with its world-first split view technology that allows you to select up to three critical areas of the image that can be viewed simultaneously in live view. Just place markers over the areas you want to work on, and you'll be able to zoom in to review the selected areas, all while still in live view. You can also check them one-by-one with a simple push of a button. If you shoot macro or use tilt-shift lenses, you will find this feature invaluable.

The software provides a set of tools for capture automation, including a highly customizable intervalometer and various exposure and focus bracketing modes.

Kuuvik Capture 2

Kuuvik Capture software also provides you with an array of tools for evaluating your photos right after you've taken them. White balance and contrast can obscure real information in an image's histogram. To overcome this, Kuuvik Capture offers a unique RAW-image-based histogram with under and over exposure warnings, allowing you to quickly gauge your exposure away from any JPEG processing settings that may skew the results.

Kuuvik Capture was created by photographers for photographers, and as such aims to provide the fastest and smoothest workflow solution for them. The software features keyboard shortcuts for each function, and this along with a simple user interface ensures that the software will feel easy and natural to use.

If you're looking for a software that's fast, powerful and easy to use, with lots of new and innovative features, and you're a Canon user, then Kuuvik Capture could be what you're after. Download a free 30 day trial of Kuuvik capture today to try it out for yourself.

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