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Minolta Dynax 4

The Dynax 4 was designed to be extremely portable. While retaining the classic appearance of a single-lens reflex camera (SLR), Minolta say the internal configuration and components have been redesigned to minimise the size of the body while maximizing the efficiency of the entire system. The result is an extremely compact and light camera that can go where ever you do.

Press release
The new Dynax 4 shares the same revolutionary body design as the Dynax 5, but is even lighter. This stylish
SLR is the perfect camera to carry and whether you are new to photography, or a seasoned amateur, the Dynax 4 has all the features to create beautiful images and a sophisticated ergonomic design to make photography intuitive and effortless.

The Dynax 4 was designed to be extremely portable. While retaining the classic appearance of an SLR, the
internal configuration and components have been redesigned to minimise the size of the body while maximising the efficiency of the entire system. The result is an extremely compact and light camera that can go wherever you do. The classic silver body is accented with a black textured grip. The grip is contoured on the front and the back of the camera for comfortable, secure handling. The highly acclaimed control layout of the Dynax 5 has been passed on to the Dynax 4 so adjusting camera settings is simple and quick.

Fast autofocus performance
Nothing was compromised to achieve this small design. In fact the Dynax 4 has one of the fastest autofocus systems in its class. The difference between an award winning image and a mediocre snapshot can be a fraction of a second. The ability for a camera to focus quickly is paramount and the Dynax 4s responsive autofocus is driven by a high power motor and controlled by a fast microprocessor. The cameras AF system is almost twice as fast as the Dynax 505si Super and the Dynax 505si and its predictive focus control continues to track an approaching subject from the moment the shutter release is half depressed to ensure optimum focus.

High Performance
The Dynax 4 was designed to be a versatile, high performance photographic instrument. Features found in expensive, professional models have been added to create a camera that will perform flawlessly in any situation. Professional photographers and discerning amateurs demand a bright, accurate viewfinder for critical work. The Dynax 4 is equipped with the same high quality spherical acute matte focusing screen found in the Dynax 9 and Dynax 7. This focusing screen provides a bright, clear image, which is very important when working in low-light conditions or with slow lenses. The 0.75x viewfinder magnification allows comfortable viewing.

Using the technology developed for Minoltas top of the range cameras, the Dynax 4s 14 segment Honeycomb Metering combines luminance information with distance information from the AF system to analyse subject and background brightness. This system produces accurate exposures even under difficult conditions such as spot and backlighting. For greater individual control over exposure, the Dynax 4 has a spot metering function.

Exposure can be further controlled with exposure compensation, automatic exposure bracketing and multiple exposures as well as four exposure modes: program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual. Exposure bracketing automatically takes a three-frame series of a scene with a slight variation in exposure for each frame which can be made in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, or 1.0 Ev increments. Multiple exposure can create unusual effects by being able to make more than one exposure on the same frame.

The Dynax 4 can control high energy flash illumination as accurately as it does ambient light. ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering is a sophisticated system for controlling flash exposures. With conventional flash metering, dark or highly reflective subjects can deceive the metering system and cause over or underexposure. To reduce influence from subject or background reflectance, ADI metering employs distance information from Minolta D series lenses with TTL metering to control the flash output.

ADI metering is employed with the cameras built-in flash and the powerful Minolta 5600HS(D) and 3600HS(D) flash units. The wireless/remote flash function gives even more control over flash photography by allowing multiple off-camera Minolta flash units to be fired simultaneously by the camera without the need of cables. Minolta 5600HS(D), 3600HS(D), 5400HS, 5400xi, and 3500xi flash units can be placed around the subject to create attractive side lighting. By using the built-in flash, the camera controls the output of the off-camera flash units for perfect exposures. However, unlike most slave flash systems, the built-in flash will fire the Minolta flash units without influencing the lighting of the final image.

Traditionally, camera operations were inflexible and photographers had to change their shooting habits to match the camera. Based on our experience with the award winning Dynax 9 and Dynax 7, twelve custom functions have been added so the camera works the way you do. Custom functions control if the film leader is rewound or not, the operation of button controls and many of the advanced features of the camera.

Intuitive, Effortless Operation The controls and dials are laid out for clear, intuitive operation. All shooting controls are placed around the grip area. The camera can be controlled with the thumb and index finger while allowing a firm grip on the body. Creative and high level functions are placed on a single dial on the other side of the camera. Setting single or multiple functions is quick and easy.

A large LCD data panel on the top of the body and an illuminated viewfinder data panel clearly display the camera status and exposure information. Audio signals confirm focus and the self timer countdown; the audio signals can be turned off. A unique back cover design makes film handling easier and safer. Unlike other SLR cameras, the back cover is hinged on the left side of the body to allow greater access to the film chamber when inserting the film cartridge as well as a sure hold on the body because the cover does not interfere with the camera grip. Once the film is loaded, an automatic film chamber lock prevents the camera from being opened until the film is rewound. Opening the camera is simple with a large button on the back.

Not only is the physical layout of the camera designed for ease of use, but the exposure and focus systems can be instantly set to capture fleeting moments effortlessly. Simply press the program reset button to set the camera to fully automatic operation. The subject program button can simply and quickly optimise the camera systems for specific situations. Five subject programs are available: Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports Action and Night Portrait modes.

The Dynax 4 has the power and performance to create the images you want without weighing you down.

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