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Nikon D750 Review - Updated - Performance

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Nikon D750 Performance

The performance section is where we look at the image quality performance of the camera. Additional sample photos and product shots are available in the Equipment Database, where you can add your own review, photos and product ratings.

Speed - We took a number of shots to test the camera's responsiveness, from switch on to first photo, shot to shot, focusing speed etc. We take a number of shots and then use the average to ensure accurate and consistent tests, making it easy to compare with other cameras.

Shutter Response (live view) <0.05secs (<0.15secs)
Wide - Focus / Shutter Response (live view) 0.15secs (1.1secs)
Full zoom - Focus / Shutter Response (live view) 0.2secs (1.0secs)
Switch on Time to Taking a Photo 0.25secs
Shot to Shot without Flash 0.25secs
Shot to Shot with Flash 0.6secs
Continuous Shooting - JPEG
(shots before slow down)
6fps (87 shots)
Continuous Shooting - Flash N/A
Continuous Shooting - RAW 6fps (13 shots)

The camera has a very quick shutter response, this is still quite quick in live view mode (this can be a problem with live view for some Digital SLRs). Focus is quick, but much slower in live view mode. Switch on time is excellent, as is shot to shot time, although slower with flash.

Continuous shooting is very good at 6fps shooting JPEG or raw, although not as quick as the 6.5fps suggested, and when shooting JPEGs it's possible to shoot a good number before it slows down. Tested with a high-speed Class 10 SDHC memory card. Nikon Nikkor 24-70mm VR lens used for focus and shutter response tests.


Nikon D750 Sample Photos

Sample Photos - The camera delivers clean images with low noise, good levels of detail, excellent colour, and dynamic range appears to be excellent. Portrait photos taken with the camera show good levels of detail, and images have a warm, slightly yellow tone which works well for portrait photos. When using the on-board flash, there is no red-eye visible. The camera is also capable of focusing successfully even in very low-light, and not just in the centre of the frame, with many of the AF points active. When shooting in low light there is good noise performance up to ISO6400 / ISO12800 - above this noise becomes quite noticeable, although results may still be usable on the web. 


Nikon D750 Lens test images

Lens Performance - The Nikon D750 delivers images with good levels of detail, along with good colour and dynamic range. For improved image quality you can alter settings in the camera, or alternatively convert the raw files yourself to give sharper results. Exposure is reliable and focusing is quick. Options for vignette correct and auto distortion control are available in camera, however we left auto distortion control off, and vignette control was set to normal. Dynamic range can be extended using the D-Lighting options (with D-lighting options including Off, Low, Normal, High, Extra High and Auto), or alternatively using the HDR shooting option. For better results, we would recommend the use of prime lenses, particularly if you want to shoot wide-open.


Nikon D750 ISO test images

ISO Noise Performance - For the lowest noise and best detail possible we would recommend using ISO50 to ISO3200, as images have low levels of noise and good levels of detail. Although using the lowest ISO setting of ISO50, does reduce dynamic range. For lower light situations ISO6400 to ISO12800 still provides good results, although noise increases and detail is reduced. There is a noticeable improvement in noise performance at these settings when compared to the Nikon D610. At ISO25600 noise levels become strong and we would recommend avoiding this setting if possible, although results may still be useful if resized and used on the web. ISO51200 is best avoided as noise is at the highest, and detail is low.


Nikon D750 White-balance test images

White Balance Performance - Auto White Balance (AWB) performs reasonably well under tungsten lighting, and there is an option to keep warm colour which gives a warmer result. The tungsten / incandescent preset gives a slightly green result under tungsten lighting. AWB performs well under fluorescent lights, with the fluorescent presets giving a slightly blue result or a magenta result depending on which preset you use. For the most accurate results, manual white balance will help.


Nikon D750 Digital filters

Digital Filters - The Nikon D750 has a number of options available for customising colour while taking a photo, with defaults including standard, neutral, vivid, monochrome, portrait, landscape, and flat, and these "Picture Controls" can be customised letting you set sharpness, clarity, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue. In playback mode there is a retouch menu as well as built-in RAW processor. Image effects include options for D-lighting, red-eye reduction, trim, monochrome, filter effects (warm, red, green, blue, cross-screen, soft), colour balance, image overlay, resize, quick retouch, straighten, distortion control, fisheye, colour outline, colour sketch, perspective control, miniature effect, selective colour, movie edit. RAW processing options let you alter image quality, size, white balance, exposure, picture control, high ISO NR, colour space, vignette control, and D-lighting.


Nikon D750 Other sample images


Video - The camera features built-in stereo microphones, for improved audio recording, and the camera records full HD video at 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24p.There are a number of options on the dedicated movie shooting menu screen, including options for microphone sensitivity, wind noise reduction, as well as high ISO options available. 


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Photographs taken using the Nikon D750

Door window - Window doorNYFDApproaching Geiranger FjordAnother Milkcap?Woodland SceneAutumn leavesSunset from Hook Nature reserveInukshuk - English Bay, Vancouver BCMycenaThe rockNo Day Shall Erase You From The Memory Of TimeAnemone and Bluebell GardenUntitledUntitled

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I usually refrain from criticizing a review, but this one was terrible. The foremost feature of the D750 is its advanced 51-point AF system, borrowing from the D810, and D4s, but improving on it. Nevertheless, there is no mention in the review (except in the copy-and-pasted feature list), and it is not even in the Pros and Cons summary. Did the reviewer spend even five minutes with the camera?
joshwa Plus
10 923 1 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2014 4:04PM

I'm guessing you missed the sections where AF performance is mentioned? Under sample photos, in the conclusion, and in the pros, where we mention how well the focus system performs in low light conditions. We've also tested the speed of focus under the "Speed" heading.

Hope this helps,

No, I saw it fine. The ability to focus in -3 EV has nothing to do with capturing fast moving action. The 6D can focus in -3 EV low light but is abysmal for fast action photography. In fact, the main criticism leveraged against both the D600/610 and 6D was precisely the AF, whether it be the very poor frame coverage of the Nikon, or the non-existent coverage of the 6D other than the super center point.
2 Oct 2014 11:42PM
If they had given it a pro body similar to the d800/810 I reckon Nikon couldn't keep up with the demand,it would then have been a true modern D700 update.
jayatu 9 India
3 Oct 2014 6:44AM
Anybody please help me to know if it is better than d700 for action and wildlife photography .
1 Nov 2014 7:30AM
User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
25 Mar 2015 7:31AM
I bought one, I got fed up waiting for a replacement for the D300s.
I currently use a D7100 and my main subjects are garden birds (bos) and Landscapes.
I owned the camera for one month and have now sold it.
It has a number a drawbacks, especially for the wildlife photography.
The focus points are all right in the middle of a small part of the viewfinder, even when you select the smaller crop size.
On the D7100 in the 1.2x crop the focus points almost fill the screen.
Using the smallest size of crop on the D750 gives you an image that is smaller in MP than you get using the smaller size crop on the D7100.
I'd bought the D750 hoping the QS (Quiet shutter) mode would be good for wildlife and it's certainly quieter than the normal shutter and it's a faster version than on the D7100 but it's not particularly quiet.
The landscape shots were okay but to be honest I've never understood this thing about FX being so much better, I frame the shot to include what I want in the picture and zoom in with the lens if I need to leave something out.
The articulated screen is good for macro.
I have now sold the camera, taking a loss of £500, so it was an expensive mistake.
Having looked on Ebay I see others are also selling almost new D750's so I guess I'm not alone in finding drawbacks to this camera and hopefully my comment here might save someone else from making this wrong turn.
Nikon obviously have no intention of bringing out a D400 despite people wanting to stick with crop sensors. A msitake which will drive people like me away from Nokon.
26 Feb 2020 11:48AM
Iíve only had this camera for a little over a month, but so far I love it. Iím still learning about all of the functions and capabilities, so I may update once Iíve had and used it a bit longer. Itís my first full frame camera and boy what a difference from a cropped sensor. I would definitely recommend this camera as an entry into full frame. The body of the camera is super lightweight, which I love.
ardo 12 Canada
26 Feb 2020 2:52PM
HI Johnesits
I own mine for over 6 years, and had a free shutter replacement, not because the shutter created me any problems, but because my serial number was included in a nikon list. They cleaned it and replaced the shutter, the camera looked brand new after receiving it from nikon service depot. I always loved its pic quality (low-noise; high dynamic range; colors), compared to my DX D90-D7000-D7100. Beause it has a very small buffer I decided 3 years ago to get a Nikin D500 (DX) for BIF pics. A year ago I bought a second hand D800, whow.... more noise than the D750, but 36K pixels makes a big difference, my lenses looked better. Its my first used camera and it won't be my last. The D800 I bought had 35K pics, and I paid $650 us (900$cdn) with 3 months warranty from the camera store.

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