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Nikon UK Say The Megapixel Race Ended Years Ago

We talk to Nikon about megapixels, markets, the Nikon 1 series, and future growth, as well as answer your questions.

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Shanghai At Night - Nikon J1 - Click to enlarge
Shanghai Skyline - Taken with a Nikon J1 - Click to Enlarge.

We spoke to Jeremy Gilbert, Group Marketing Manager at Nikon UK, asking your questions about the new Nikon 1 series, Nikon cameras, software and products in general. The questions are in bold with the answers below.

Is the race for megapixels ending with Nikon setting the 1 Series resolution at 10 megapixels? Will an increase in image quality for more advanced photographers require more megapixels?

Consumers / retailers still like numbers as it's easy to compare between one camera and another. However, Nikon believe that the megapixel race ended years ago with the Nikon D3s. Its not a megapixel race anymore but instead a development of quality and the 10mp sensor in the Nikon 1 series has been specially selected to enable high speed. The Nikon D3s is the prime example of what you can do with a sensor and the 12mp Nikon D3s is still the market leader.

Currently the new Nik Filters do not work with NX2 - Do Nikon intend to release either a version of NX2 which will be compatible with the new Nik Filters or better still NX3?

Nikon work closely with NIK software and listening to customers is important. We have not heard of this problem before.

Are there plans to add an eye-level / tilting viewfinder or tilting screen to the new 1 Series system?

There were prototype optional screens at the launch of the Nikon 1 series and Nikon are monitoring feeback.

Does Nikon see a difference between the various markets it works in (for example Japan, North America, Europe), and how do they intend to address the different needs (if there are any)?

The Compact System Camera (CSC) market in the UK is the biggest in Europe. Nikon see trends happening and monitor what customers want and often it's the same across the different markets. People want fast response from a camera, for example, regardless of location.

Plugging memory cards in and out of cameras to computers is a nuisance and can cause problems, do Nikon intend to offer wireless features in their cameras so the photo's can be auto uploaded if within a home wireless network?

Nikon were one of the first with a wireless camera (Nikon Coolpix P2, Nikon Coolpix S7c, Nikon Coolpix S610c) however consumer response was not especially positive, wireless wasn't everywhere like it is now. With the WT4 wireless transmitter for the D300 and D3 Digital SLRs it is extremely important that professionals can get the images uploaded ASAP (and was used at the Royal Wedding / Wimbledon etc). As the market for wireless continues Nikon may re-enter the compact wireless market.

Smart phones are gaining common use, will Nikon develop smart applications that would allow cameras to be remotely controlled by such devices?

Nikon is interested in growth and consider all markets to see where future growth is possible.

We increasingly see devices integrating functions together. For example mobile phones have cameras and navigation and web access, where does Nikon see this trend developing to?

The new AW100 features GPS that's always ready with maps built in. The S1200pj projector camera is a good example as it is now third generation and the camera has enhanced features with every new camera.

Does that mean the AW100 as first generation could be developed further for example with built in Satnav, as the technology is already there?

We look at the market and core successes with popular cameras mean we are able to develop into more niche areas, with the AW100 being the first example.

Have they changed their priorities over the last several years regarding repairs? I loved my Nikon kit, but I absolutely refuse to do without a camera for another 2 months while it's being repaired.

Service and customer satisfaction is key to Nikon and 2 months is not normal, we would have to see how this has been escalated.

Nikon 1 J1

Will Nikon be providing guidance for buyers of the J1 camera on how to remove dust from the front infra-red filter?

There are instructions in the manual and we may provide additional advice should it be required.

The factory tour mentioned testing of every lens, is the lens tested on the V1/J1 body or separately, and if separately, is the V1/J1 tested for IQ at the factory?

They are hand built cameras and they are tested all the way through the process, with the quality signed off at every stage. The lenses are tested individually and then on a camera body.

The vision for the future for the Nikon 1 series was mentioned as: 1: Image Quality, 2: High Speed, and 3: Compactness, as well as further digital processing (such as focus stacking), will this include adding features such as HDR in camera, and Panoramic stitching?

We are always interested in customer feedback, however as the Nikon 1 series has just launched it is early days and we need to wait for market feedback, about what the customer who has bought the Nikon 1 wants from it. We are a camera company with a big R+D department so always looking at new technology and areas to advance and grow into.

Thank you for your time.
If you have any more questions, then please post in the forum and we'll ask next time we meet with Nikon.

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Nothing about new camera releases, Seems Nikon are going to miss out on the 2012 Olympics by no getting another pro body out.

Canon's just announced the EOS 1D X hope Nikon are going to do same soon.
Any news of a D700 replacement?
Didn't say vey much at all did they? Could have been a politician trying to ward off some kind of scandal instead of a company trying to promote their products!
edsephiroth 16 169 9 United Kingdom
As Terrysankey says above - more than half the questions sound purely defensive. I think magazines should stop bothering to ask them questions and provide free publicity if they can't be bothered to employ people with any more personality, flair or charm to field such question.

I mean the answer to the mobile phone question: "Nikon is interested in growth and consider all markets to see where future growth is possible". I'd have struggled not to tell them to F-off and stop wasting my time at that point.
This guy should consider a job in politics, says a lot without saying anything.
Julian 18 76 3 United Kingdom
Sounds like a politician speaking...weird. Tongue
Jesus....I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from a guy that defensive!
Politicians aren't even that vague.
No Nikons will be sold on what That guy"didn't say.
Think I'll order that 1DX today!

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