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OnOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 Review

OnOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 Review - Gary Wolstenholme looks at onOne Software's premium photo editing suite.

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OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 in Other Software

Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 bring together onOne Software's most popular products and can be used as a stand alone photo editing suite, or as a compliment to Photoshop and currently costs around £169.

Tools for layering, masking, improving portraits, applying creative effects, creating depth of field effects, adding frames and resizing are all included in the package, drawing from onOne Software's entire range of software products.

If using this package as a stand alone editing suite, the layers module form the central hub, where effects can be layered in a similar way as can be performed in Photoshop. A layers palette resides on the right hand side of the screen and the same kinds of blending options found in Photoshop are also present.

Applying alterations within the software takes a couple of clicks, but some effects can take a while to load and apply, so this software may be a little frustrating to use on older, slower computers.

Layers & Perfect Mask

Within the layers module, Perfect Photo Suite incorporates the perfect mask tool, which provides tools for easy separation of objects from their backgrounds. Automatic subject detection does a reasonably good job in most cases of isolating your subject and the mask can be refined quite easily using the add and subtract tools provided.

Layers 001   Layers 003
Using Perfect Mask from the layers module provides a simple way of separating objects from their background.   The layers module can then be used to combine images, or the layered images can be output in .psd format for editing in Photoshop.

If using this package as a compliment for Photoshop, then you have two options... either run each individual module directly from Photoshop, or export layered images in Photoshop .psd format for further editing.

Perfect Portrait

The Perfect Portrait module uses face detection technology to automatically find faces in the frame and apply skin softening effects that should result in more flattering portrait images. Effects can be applied in a completely automated fashion, or can be adjusted to taste. Multiple faces can be detected also, so it can be used quite effectively on group images too.

In use, the face detection works well with faces looking back towards the viewer, but less so with faces in profile, so some manual adjustment may be necessary in these cases. A check box allows you to toggle between applying the effect to just the face, or the entire image in one click, which is very handy.

Effects 005
Effects 005
Face detection can sometime struggle with faces in profile, but it is easy enough to manually override.

A good range of effects to cater for male and female subjects, as well as babies and children are provided, allowing you to tailor the amount of retouching applied easily. A tool for isolating the eyes is also provided, so clarity can be retained where it is needed most in a couple of clicks. The strength of the effect can easily be tailored to your needs by adjusting the sliders before applying the final effect.

Examples of retouching on an individual

Original PerfectPortrait Indiv Contast Reducer PerfectPortrait Indiv Defaultskintune PerfectPortrait Indiv Frecklesaver PerfectPortrait Indiv Heaveyretouch
Original Image Contrast Reducer Default Skin Tune Freckle Saver Heavy Retouch
PerfectPortrait Indiv ShineReducer PerfectPortrait Indiv Skinonly PerfectPortrait Indiv Subtle PerfectPortrait Indiv Warm  
Shine Reducer Skin Only Subtle Warm  

Examples of retouching on a couple

PerfectPortrait GroupOriginal PerfectPortrait GroupContrastreducer PerfectPortrait GroupDefault PerfectPortrait GroupDefault Noskintune PerfectPortrait GroupHeavyRetouch
Original Image Contrast Reducer Default No Skin Tune Default Skin Tune Heavy Retouch
PerfectPortrait GroupShinereducer PerfectPortrait GroupSkinonly PerfectPortrait GroupSubtle PerfectPortrait GroupWarm  
Shine Reducer Skin Only Subtle Warm  


The effects module provides a huge range of preset creative effects. The strength of each effect can be tailored to your tastes using the slider provided. There are so many different ones to choose from, that it may take a while to find what you're looking for. Fourteen categories including Black & White, Borders, Colour & Tone, Darkroom, Detail, Film, Glow, Landscape, Movie Looks, Photo Filters, Portrait, Textures, Vignettes and Vintage effects are available to wade through, providing plenty of choice. Each effect is easy to apply and to undo, as these effects are applied as an adjustment layer, which can then also be exported to edited in Photoshop later. This approach also makes it possible to stack effects, to create your own look.

As there are so many effects available to choose from, simply browsing them can take up quite a bit of time. It may have been useful to give many of the effects more descriptive names, as names like 'Brandon' and 'Katy' don't give much of a clue of the final result.

Here are some examples of each, applied with default settings.

Black & White

The black and white effects supplied certainly give more pleasing results than discarding colour information alone will, and may save time faffing in channel mixer for many.

Effects BW OringalBW Effects BW Adele 1 Effects BW Adelewithframe Effects BW Blue Filter Effects BW Casablanca
Original Image Adele Adele With Frame Blue Filter Casablanca
Effects BW Chrome Effects BW DawnTreader Effects BW DeepBlacks Effects BW FadetoBW Effects BW GrainyFilm
Chrome Dawn Treader Deep Blacks Fade To B&W Grainy Film
Effects BW Greenfilter Effects BW HighKey Effects BW Infrared Effects BW PortraitDark Effects BW PortraitLight
Green Filter High Key Infrared Portrait Dark Portrait Light
Effects BW RedFilter Effects BW Roadie Effects BW SecretFormula Effects BW SnappyWarm Effects BW TastyGlow
Red Filter Roadie Secret Formula Snappy Warm Tasty Glow
Effects BW WarmGrey Effects BW Warmgreyviolet Effects BW YellowFilter    
Warm Grey Warm Grey Violet Yellow Filter    


Many of these borders will be of great use to those who like these kinds of effects. The functionality is somewhat duplicated by the frame module, which we'll look into later in the review.

Effects Borders 645Thick Effects Borders 645Thin Effects Borders Ansel Effects Borders AntiqueDeckled Effects Borders Black
645 Thick 645 Thin Ansel Antique Deckled Black
Effects Borders Blackkey Effects Borders Blackround Effects Borders BlackroundKey Effects Borders Courtney Effects Borders Dano
Black Key Black Round Black Round Key Courtney Dano
Effects Borders HassyThick Effects Borders HassyThin Effects Borders MArtha Effects Borders MovieCamera Effects Borders PLatinumBrush
Hassy Thick Hassy Thin Martha Movie Camera Platinum Brush
Effects Borders Russell Effects Borders SloppyAnne Effects Borders SloppyBob Effects Borders SloppyJoe Effects Borders Tab
Russell Sloppy Anne Sloppy Bob Sloppy Joe Tab
Effects Borders ThinMint Effects Borders Vincent Effects Borders White Effects Borders WhiteKey Effects Borders WhiteRound
Thin Mint Vincent White White Key White Round
Effects Borders WhiteRoundKey Effects Borders WhitneyHorizontal Effects Borders WhitneyVertical    
White Round Key Whitney Horizontal Whitney Vertical    

Colour & Tone

These one click adjustments should be appreciated, especially by novices looking for a quick fix. As the effects are applied as an adjustment layer throughout, editing this way is non-destructive too.

Original Effects ColourandTone AutoColour Effects ColourandTone AutoFix Effects ColourandTone Clarity Effects ColourandTone ContrastOnly
Original Image Auto Colour Auto Fix Clarity Contrast Only
Effects ColourandTone DailyVitamin Effects ColourandTone DarkContrast Effects ColourandTone DarkDarkener Effects ColourandTone DarkenHighlights Effects ColourandTone Darker
Daily Vitamin Dark Contrast Dark Darkener Darken Highlights Darker
Effects ColourandTone DecreaseContrast Effects ColourandTone IncreaseSaturation Effects ColourandTone LightenShadows Effects ColourandTone Lighter Effects ColourandTone LocalContrastBoost
Decrease Contrast Increase Saturation Lighten Shadows Lighter Local Contrast Boost
Effects ColourandTone MidtoneDarkener Effects ColourandTone MidtonePop Effects ColourandTone PurifyHighlights Effects ColourandTone TonalContrast Effects ColourandTone TurboBoost
Midtone Darkener Midtone Pop Purify Highlights Tonal Contrast Turbo Boost


If you've ever tried recreating a cross-processed effect, or a decent sepia look, then these effects can be applied on one click.

Original Effects Darkroom AddGrainLarge Effects Darkroom AddGrainSmall Effects Darkroom BleachBypass Effects Darkroom Coffee
Original Image Add Grain Large Add Grain Small Bleach Bypass Coffee
Effects Darkroom ContrastMask Effects Darkroom CrossProcessBlue Effects Darkroom CrossProcessGreen Effects Darkroom CrossProcessYellow Effects Darkroom Cyanotype
Contrast Mask Cross Process Blue Cross Process Green Cross Process Yellow Cyanotype
Effects Darkroom HighKeyCool Effects Darkroom HighKeyWarm Effects Darkroom OrtonClean Effects Darkroom OrtonHearsAWho Effects Darkroom Sabatier
High Key Cool High Key Warm Orton Clean Orton Hears A Who Sabatier
Effects Darkroom SabatierBW Effects Darkroom SepiaToner Effects Darkroom SplitBlueOrange Effects Darkroom SplitBlueYellow Effects Darkroom SplitGreenYellow
Sabatier B&W Sepia Toner Split Blue Orange Split Blue Yellow Split Green Yellow
Effects Darkroom SubtleSelenium SplitRedCyan      
Selenium Split Red Cyan      


Effects to enhance detail and provide sharpening in one click. Again these should be especially useful for novices unsure how to get the best from their images.

Original   Effects Detail AmazingDetail   Effects Detail MidtoneSharpen
Original Image   Amazing Detail   Midtone Sharpen
Effects Detail PortraitSharpen   Effects Detail SimplfyMan   Effects Detail TextureBooster
Portrait Sharpen   Simplify Man   Texture Booster


One click film simulation effects for recreating the look of your favourite film stock. There is a fair amount of duplication between this and the Black and White and Darkroom effects, even if there are subtly different.

Original Effects Film BWNeg Effects Film ColourChrome Effects Film ColourNeg Effects Film FujiNeopan100
Original Image B&W Film Negative Colour Chrome Colour Film Negative Fuji Neopan 100
Effects Film FujiNeopan400 Effects Film GreenVelvet Effects Film IlfordDelta100 Effects Film IlfordDelta400 Effects Film IlfordDelta3200
Fuji Neopan 400 Green Velvet (Velvia) Ilford Delta 100 Ilford Delta 400 Ilford Delta 3200
Effects Film IlfordFP4125 Effects Film IlfordHP5400 Effects Film IlfordPanF50 Effects Film KodakPlusX125 Effects Film KodakTmax100
Ilford FP4 125 Ilford HP5 400 Ilford PanF 50 Kodak Plus X 125 Kodak Tmax 100
Effects Film KodakTmax400 Effects Film KodakTmax3200 Effects Film KodakTriX400 Effects Film Polachrome  
Kodak Tmax 400 Kodak Tmax 3200 Kodak Tri X 400 Polachrome  


For quickly adding a glow effect to portraits.

Effects Glow Original Effects Glow AngelGlow Effects Glow DarkGlow Effects Glow DeepForest Effects Glow Dreamland
Original Image Angel Dark Deep Forest Dreamland
Effects Glow GlowBaby Effects Glow GrungeGlow Effects Glow HollywoodGlow Effects Glow RichGlow Effects Glow VibrantGlow
Glow Baby Grunge Hollywood Rich Glow Vibrant
Effects Glow WarmHighlights Effects Glow WhiteSoft Effects Glow WhiteSoftNoDarks    
Warm Highlights White Soft White Soft No Darks    


One click effects for improving the colour or contrast in landscape pictures. Special effects for simulating certain weather conditions are also included.

Effects Landscape Original Effects Landscape Autumn Effects Landscape Blizzard Effects Landscape Drizzleleft Effects Landscape Drizzleright
Original Image Autumn Blizzard Drizzle Left Drizzle Right
Effects Landscape Drizzlestraight Effects Landscape Fog Effects Landscape GoldenHour Effects Landscape Krytonite Effects Landscape MagicCity
Drizzle Straight Fog Golden Hour Krytonite Magic City
Effects Landscape MagicDesert Effects Landscape MagicForest Effects Landscape MagicOcean Effects Landscape MagicSunset Effects Landscape Malibu
Magic Desert Magic Forest Magic Ocean Magic Sunset Malibu
Effects Landscape Radiance Effects Landscape RadianceGlow Effects Landscape RainLeft Effects Landscape RainRight Effects Landscape RainStraight
Radiance Radiance Glow Rain Left Rain Right Rain Straight
Effects Landscape Snow Effects Landscape Spring Effects Landscape Summer Effects Landscape Sunglow Effects Landscape Vechio
Snow Spring Summer Sunglow Vechio

Movie Looks

Whether it be a Batman style film poster, or a straightforward grunge look, this selection of effects provide the look in one click.

Effects MovieLooks Original Effects MovieLooks Arkham Effects MovieLooks BlueDawn Effects MovieLooks Cyberpunk Effects MovieLooks DayForNight
Original Image Arkham Blue Dawn Cyberpunk Day For Night
Effects MovieLooks DirtyMoney Effects MovieLooks EnterTheDragon Effects MovieLooks FashionPassion Effects MovieLooks FauxHDR Effects MovieLooks Firenza
Dirty Money Enter The Dragon Fashion Passion Faux HDR Firenza
Effects MovieLooks Frumpy Effects MovieLooks Grunge Effects MovieLooks GrungeGoddess Effects MovieLooks Havana Effects MovieLooks Hollywoodintensity
Frumpy Grunge Grunge Goddess Havana Hollywood Intensity
Effects MovieLooks IGotTheBlues Effects MovieLooks JustEnoughDarkness Effects MovieLooks LordOfTheRings Effects MovieLooks MoilinRouge Effects MovieLooks MondayCool
I Got The Blues Just Enough Darkness Lord Of The Rings Moulin Rouge Monday Cool
Effects MovieLooks MondayNeutral Effects MovieLooks MondayWarm Effects MovieLooks OmahaBeach Effects MovieLooks PastelColours Effects MovieLooks PunchDrunk
Monday Neutral Monday Warm Omaha Beach Pastel Colours Punch Drunk
Effects MovieLooks ReturnOfTheKing Effects MovieLooks Thermopylae Effects MovieLooks Tijuana Effects MovieLooks UrbanSickness Effects MovieLooks Velvetteen
Return Of The King Thermopylae Tijuana Urban Sickness Velvet Teen
Effects MovieLooks WarmFuzzy        
Warm Fuzzy        

Photo Filters

You'd be forgiven for thinking that is enough filter effects for one piece of software, but there are still many more. These aim to reproduce the look of traditional photo filters. The graduated filters may be amongst the most useful here.

Effects Photofilters Original Effects Photofilters 80AColloing Effects Photofilters 81Warming Effects Photofilters 85Warming Effects Photofilters Blue
Original Image 80A Cooling 81 Warming 85 Warming Blue
Effects Photofilters Cyan Effects Photofilters DeepRed Effects Photofilters FallEnhancer Effects Photofilters GraduatedBlue Effects Photofilters GraduatedLavendar
Cyan Deep Red Fall Enhancer Graduated Blue Graduated Lavendar
Effects Photofilters GraduatedND Effects Photofilters GraduatedRed Effects Photofilters GraduatedTobacco Effects Photofilters GraduatedWarm Effects Photofilters GraduatedWarmCool
Graduated ND Graduated Red Graduated Tobacco Graduated Warm Graduated Warm Cool
Effects Photofilters Green Effects Photofilters GreenEnhancer Effects Photofilters Magenta Effects Photofilters Orange Effects Photofilters POlariser
Green Green Enhancer Magenta Orange Polariser
Effects Photofilters Red Effects Photofilters RedEnhancer Effects Photofilters Skylight Effects Photofilters Tobacco Effects Photofilters WarmPolariser
Red Red Enhancer Skylight Tobacco Warm Polariser
Effects Photofilters Yellow        


A range of effects for improving your portraits, which should compliment the Perfect portrait module.

Effects Portrait Original Effects Portrait Anime Effects Portrait AnimeBold Effects Portrait PortraitColourBoost Effects Portrait PortraitPopper
Original Image Anime Anime Bold Colour Boost Portrait Popper
Effects Portrait RadientPeople Effects Portrait SoftWash Effects Portrait TootsieGlow Effects Portrait TootsiePop  
Radient People Soft Wash Tootsie Glow Tootsie Pop  


You'll never be short of textures again, as Perfect Photo suite includes over 60 of them.

Effects Textures Original Effects Textures BlackLeather Effects Textures BrocadeBlack Effects Textures BrocadeCool Effects Textures BrocadeCorners
Original Image Black Leather Brocade Black Brocade Cool Brocade Corners
Effects Textures BrocadeWarm Effects Textures Brownie Effects Textures CleanPaper Effects Textures CoolConcrete Effects Textures CrackedEarth
Brocade Warm Brownie Clean Paper Cool Concrete Cracked Earth
Effects Textures CrackedPaint Effects Textures Croc Effects Textures CrumpledPaper Effects Textures DarkClouds Effects Textures DarkConcrete
Cracked Paint Croc Crumpled Paper Dark Clouds Dark Concrete
Effects Textures DarkText Effects Textures DarkText2 Effects Textures DarkText3 Effects Textures Earth Effects Textures FoldedPaper
Dark Text 1 Dark Text 2 Dark Text 3 Earth Folded Paper
Effects Textures FoldedPaper8 Effects Textures FousingScreen Effects Textures GroundGlass Effects Textures Itchy Effects Textures LightBrick
Folded Paper 8 Focusing Screen Ground Glass Itchy Light Brick
Effects Textures LightLeak Effects Textures LightLeak2 Effects Textures LightLeak23 Effects Textures LightLeak4 Effects Textures LightLeak5
Light Leak 1 Light Leak 2 Light Leak 3 Light Leak 4 Light Leak 5
Effects Textures LightLeak6 Effects Textures LightLeak7 Effects Textures LightText Effects Textures LightText2 Effects Textures LightText3
Light Leak 6 Light Leak 7 Light Text 1 Light Text 2 Light Text 3
Effects Textures Paisley Effects Textures PowerfulClouds Effects Textures Rawhide Effects Textures Recycled Effects Textures RedDoor
Paisley Powerful Clouds Rawhide Recycled Red Door
Effects Textures RedFloral Effects Textures RicePaperLight Effects Textures RicePaperVignette Effects Textures Rust Effects Textures ScratchedFilmDark
Red Floral Rice Paper Light Rice Paper Vignette Rust Scratched Film Dark
Effects Textures ScratchedFilmLight Effects Textures ScratchedMetal Effects Textures Scratchy Effects Textures ScreenDoor Effects Textures SubtleBlack
Scratched Film Light Scratched Metal Scratchy Screen Door Subtle Black
Effects Textures TatteredPaperblue Effects Textures TatteredPaperGrey Effects Textures TatteredPaperRed Effects Textures WarmBrick Effects Textures WarmConcreteDark
Tattered Paper Blue Tattered Paper Grey Tattered Paper Red Warm Brick Warm Concrete Dark
Effects Textures WarmConcreteSubtle Effects Textures WarmSubtle Effects Textures WarmSwirl Effects Textures WornBrick Effects Textures YellowedPaperDark
Warm Concrete Subtle Warm Subtle Warm Swirl Warm Brick Yellow Paper Dark
Effects Textures YellowedPaperSubtle        
Yellow Paper Subtle        


Darkened corners, lightened corners, with, or without frames. As with other effects, these can be applied in one click and adjusted afterwards.

Effects Vignettes Original Effects Vignettes BigSofty Effects Vignettes BigSoftyBlur Effects Vignettes CentreSpot Effects Vignettes CentreSpotNormal
Original Image Big Softy Big Softy Blur Centre Spot Centre Spot Normal
Effects Vignettes EdgesToBlack Effects Vignettes EdgesToWhite Effects Vignettes GrungeVignette Effects Vignettes GrungeVignetteLight Effects Vignettes Soft Edges
Edges To Black Edges To White Grunge Vignette Grunge Vignette Light Soft Edges
Effects Vignettes SubtleVignette        
Subtle Vignette        


These effects, which replicate to look of old photography techniques, should be popular with those who like the look produced by Instagram, and other mobile phone apps.

Effects Vintage Original Effects Vintage AntiqueFlatBrown Effects Vintage AntiqueFlatGrey Effects Vintage AntiqueFlatIndigo Effects Vintage Avril
Original Image Flat Brown Flat Grey Flat Indigo Avril
Effects Vintage Brandon Effects Vintage Brandonwithframe Effects Vintage CyanRed Effects Vintage Daguerreotype Effects Vintage David
Brandon Brandon With Frame Cyan Red Daguerrotype David
Effects Vintage DavidWithFrame Effects Vintage DirtyBird Effects Vintage DirtyBirdWithFrame Effects Vintage GoodOlBlue Effects Vintage GoodOlBlueWithFrame
David With Frame Dirty Bird Dirty Bird With Frame Good Ol' Blue Good Ol' Blue With Frame
Effects Vintage HonkyTonk Effects Vintage HonkyTonkwithFrame Effects Vintage Inky Effects Vintage InkywithFrame Effects Vintage InstaLomo
Honky Tonk Honky Tonk With Frame Inky Inky With Frame Insta Lomo
Effects Vintage InstaLomowithFrame Effects Vintage Katy Effects Vintage Lavender Effects Vintage Lavendercream Effects Vintage LavenderwithFrame
Insta Lomo With Frame Katy Lavender Lavender Cream Lavender With Frame
Effects Vintage LoFi Effects Vintage LoFiwithframe Effects Vintage LomoSoft Effects Vintage LomoSoftwithframe Effects Vintage Mayor
LoFi LoFi With Frame Lomo Soft Lomo Soft With Frame Mayor
Effects Vintage Mayorwihtframe Effects Vintage ModernAntique Effects Vintage Nero Effects Vintage NicelyToasted Effects Vintage NicelyToastedwithframe
Mayor With Frame Modern Antique Nero Nicely Toasted Nicely Toasted With Frame
Effects Vintage OrangeBlue Effects Vintage ProX Effects Vintage ProXwihtframe Effects Vintage Robin Effects Vintage Robinwithframe
Orange Blue Pro X Pro X With Frame Robin Robin With Frame
Effects Vintage SOHO Effects Vintage SOHOwihtframe Effects Vintage Straighttoheck Effects Vintage Teastained Effects Vintage TijuanaSunrise
Soho Soho With Frame Straight To Heck Toast Stained Tijuana Sunrise
Effects Vintage TijuanaSunrisewithframe Effects Vintage VintageBlueYellow Effects Vintage VintageCool Effects Vintage VintageRedYellow Effects Vintage VintageWarm
Tijuana Sunrise With Frame Vintage Blue Yellow Vintage Cool Vintage Red Yellow Vintage Warm
Effects Vintage WildWest        
Vintage Wild West        

That wraps up the effects on offer. As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. However some of the effects are duplicated in other areas of the software, which can cause confusion if you're looking to recreate a certain look again.

Focal Point

Also included within Perfect Photo Suite 6 is a tool for creating a selective focus effect. This tool opens in a new window and a 'focus bug' provides control of the effect by changing the angle and length of the legs and body of the bug.


Although the effect will never be a replacement for shooting your subject with a wide aperture lens, if used with care, the effect can be useful for blurring distracting bcakground details, focusing your attention on the main subject.

Focalpoint Drip   Focalpoint Spotfocus
Although the effect will never replace wide aperture lenses, it can be used to effectively blur details in the foreground and background.   The effect of a toy lens of Lensbaby is also quite easy to reproduce using Focalpoint.

Overall, this tool is quite easy to get to grips with, and the effect produced can be quite convincing.

Photo Frame

Although many of the framing effects found in this module are duplicated elsewhere in the software, this module provides more control over the size and position of the frame, as well as providing many more options to choose from.

Frames styles are banded into groups depending on what effect they're recreating. Even so, quite a lot of examples from one group can look very similar to another from another group, so there is more repetition here.

The framing module opens in a new window to apply the effect and is pretty easy to use.

Below is an example taken from each group of effects.

Photoframe Adornmentsofficesupplies Photoframe Adornmentsphotocorners Photoframe Adornmentsscrolls Photoframe AdornmentsWhimsey Photoframe Artsupplies Airbrush
Adornments – Office Supplies Adornments – Photo Corners Adornments - Scrolls Adornments - Whimsey Art Supplies - Airbrush
Photoframe Artsupplies Brush Photoframe Artsupplies Canvas Photoframe Artsupplies Crumple Photoframe Artsupplies Indiaink Photoframe Artsupplies Marker
Art Supplies - Brush Art Supplies - Canvas Art Supplies - Crumple Art Supplies – Indian Ink Art Supplies - Marker
Photoframe Artsupplies Sponge Photoframe Artsupplies Tornpaper Photoframe Artsupplies Tornpapertexturerip Photoframe Artsupplies Watercolour Photoframe Artsupplies Woodblock
Art Supplies - Sponge Art Supplies - Torn Paper Art Supplies – Ripped Paper Art Supplies - Watercolour Art Supplies – Wood Block
Photoframe Cleaninneredge Brush Photoframe Cleaninneredge Camera Photoframe Artsupplies Charcoal Photoframe Digital Atomiccloud Photoframe Digital Bark
Clean Inner Edge - Brush Clean Inner Edge - Camera Charcoal Digital - Atomic Cloud Digital - Bark
Photoframe Digital Confusion Photoframe Digital Dots Photoframe Digital Imaging Photoframe Digital Magma Photoframe Digital Paranormal
Digital - Confusion Digital - Dots Digital - Imaging Digital - Magma Digital - Paranormal
Photoframe Digital Pixelgrid Photoframe Digital Zoom Photoframe Framshop Antiqueembossedblue Photoframe Framshop Greymatte Photoframe Framshop IronOxide
Digital - Pixel Grid Digital - Zoom Frameshop – Antique Embossed Blue Frameshop – Grey Matte Frameshop – Iron Oxide
Photoframe Framshop Tigerwood Photoframe Framshop Woodstain Photoframe Grunge AcidBurncontrolled Photoframe Grunge Cave Photoframe Grunge Lines
Frameshop - Tigerwood Frameshop - Woodstain Frameshop – Acid Burn Grunge - Cave Grunge - Lines
Photoframe Grunge OnerScratch Photoframe Grunge Rough Photoframe Grunge Splatter Photoframe Grunge Torched Photoframe Grunge WeatheredWood
Grunge - Scratch Grunge - Rough Grunge - Splatter Grunge - Torched Grunge - Weatherwood
Photoframe Gurus DaveCross Photoframe Gurus JackDavies Photoframe Gurus Kevin Kubota Photoframe Gurus Malvre Photoframe Gurus NAPP
Gurus – Dave Cross Gurus – Jack Davies Gurus – Kevin Kubota Gurus - Malvre Gurus - NAPP
Photoframe Gurus VickiTaufer Photoframe Gurus VincentVersace Photoframe Holiday Frames Photoframe Layouts Baby Photoframe Layouts Bohemian
Gurus – Vicki Taufer Gurus – Vincent Versace Holiday Frames Layouts - Baby Layouts - Bohemian
Photoframe Layouts Holiday Photoframe Layouts Senior Photoframe Layouts Wedding Photoframe Layouts Whimsy Photoframe ManMade Brickhouse
Layouts - Holiday Layouts - Senior Layouts - Wedding Layouts - Whimsey Man Made - Brickhouse
Photoframe ManMade Meltdown Photoframe ManMade Wall Photoframe OfficeSupplies Stamp Photoframe Organic Amoeba Photoframe Organic Crackle
Man Made - Meltdown Man Made - Wall Office Supplies - Stamp Organic - Amoeba Organic - Crackle
Photoframe Organic Honeycomb Photoframe Organic Sandman Photoframe Organic Whisk Photoframe Organic Willow Photoframe Photographic Antique
Organic - Honeycomb Organic - Sandman Organic - Whisk Organic - Willow Photographic - Antique
Photoframe Photographic Camera Photoframe Photographic ContactSheet Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Bronze Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Clean Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Decay
Photographic - Camera Photographic - Contact Photographic Emulsion - Bronze Photographic Emulsion – Film Clean Photographic Emulsion - Film Cool
Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Decay Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film InstantfilmTyp55 Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film InstantfilmType665 Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film InstantfilmType779 Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film InstantfilmTypeSX70
Photographic Emulsion - Film Decay Photographic Emulsion - Instantfilm Type 55 Photographic Emulsion - Instantfilm Type 665 Photographic Emulsion - Instantfilm Type 779 Photographic Emulsion - Instantfilm Type SX70
Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film InstantfilmTypeUNknown Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Largeformat Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Mediumformat Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Simple Blend Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Slides
Photographic Emulsion - Instantfilm Type Unknown Photographic Emulsion - Film Large Format Photographic Emulsion - Film Medium Format Photographic Emulsion - Film Simple Blend Photographic Emulsion - Film Slides
Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Viefinder Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film Vignette Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Film WarmDecay Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Gold Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Green
Photographic Emulsion - Film Viewfinder Photographic Emulsion - Film Vignette Photographic Emulsion - Film Warm Decay Photographic Emulsion - Film Gold Photographic Emulsion - Film Green
Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Neutral Photoframe Photographic Emulsion NeutralSubtle Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Purple Photoframe Photographic Emulsion Warm Photoframe Typographic AlphbetSoup
Photographic Emulsion - Film Neutral Photographic Emulsion - Film Neutral Subtle Photographic Emulsion - Film Purple Photographic Emulsion - Film Warm Typographic – Alphabet Soup

There are many more effects in each group, which results in lots and lots of repetition. Still many of the effects range from quite classy and effective, right through to tacky and gawdy, so there should be something for everyone here.


Those of us who've been around digital photography for some time will remember the old Genuine Fractals program, that promised to allow images to be printed at pretty much any size, without loss of sharpness or detail. The latest version of this is incorporated into Perfect Photo Suite 6.

It is quite easy to use. You specify the size and output medium and let the software do the rest. For example, if you wanted to produce an A2 print, simply select A2 as the size from the drop down menu and the correct printing output from the resolution. Saving the image will resize it to the correct dimensions, ready for sending for print. The software is equally at home reducing the size of images too, say for uploading to ePHOTOzine.

The resize module also opens in a new window, with drop down menus on the right for specifying output size and resolution.
Resize Presets   Resize Outputpresets

(Left) First of all, select your size from the menu.
(Above) Then the output resolution. Once this is done the image will be saved at the correct dimensions and resolution.

Value for money

A lot of features have certainly been packed into this release of Perfect Photo Suite, combining onOne software's most popular products. It retails for around £190 for the full version or £95 for an upgrade from a previous version, which seems quite reasonable for what you get as it can be used as a standalone package, or as an enhancement for Photoshop, or similar editing programs. The value of this product certainly looks good when you consider that buying all the constituent parts of this package would cost around £385. This is also true if you could only see yourself using two or more of the packages contained within this software.


Those looking for either a simple to use standalone editor, or a package to enhance what their current software offers should definitely find perfect Photo Suite delivers for a good value price.

The sheer range of effects and options presented can be mind-boggling, especially as there is a fair amount of duplication within the software. Given time to familiarise yourself with your favourite settings, this package becomes very easy to use, producing excellent results in a couple of clicks.

The onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 is easy to use and has plenty of effects and features to choose from.


Plenty of effects and features to choose from
Easy to get to grips with
Can be used standalone, or integrated into other software's
Most effects applied in a couple of clicks


May run sluggishly on older/slower computers, even if they meet the minimum requirements
Lots of repetition within the package


The Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 is available from the OnOne Software website for $299.95.

System requirements

  Mac OS X Microsoft Windows
Latest Version 6.1 6.1
Operating System OS X 10.6 or 10.7 Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon or better processor(s) Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon or better processor(s)
Memory 4 GB RAM (8 GB or higher recommended) 4 GB RAM (8 GB or higher recommended)
Free Disk Space 4Gb 4Gb
Display OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB dedicated video RAM, 1280x800 resolution OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB dedicated video RAM, 1280x800 resolution
Optional Application Integration Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6
Photoshop Elements 9 or 10
Photoshop Lightroom 2, 3, or 4
Apple Aperture 2.1 or 3
Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6
Photoshop Elements 9 or 10
Photoshop Lightroom 2, 3, or 4
Other Internet connection for activation, auto update checking, content downloads and tutorials. Internet connection for activation, auto update checking, content downloads and tutorials.

Adobe Flash Player 10

Microsoft .NET Framework 2 or higher
Supported Languages English English
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Jerry1963 9 5 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2012 11:18AM
I actually have an older copy of this software and used sparingly some of the controls are very good... but looking at some of the examples on the Landscape affects... I mean really!! Is anyone seriously going to use a pretend blizzard or rain??

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thatmanbrian 6 342 3 Spain
4 Jul 2012 3:12PM
Bizarrely, OnOne software (I have Photo Tools) can't cope with my default Aero enabled colour space and insists on downgrading it every time it is run. It does this cleanly and quickly but is annoying. Also, some effects won't work on 16 bit/channel images. Further, Photo Tools was until very recently incompatible with CS6 64 bit so for a long time, I'd been unable to use it.

I don't know if any of this applies to the whole suite as the review seems just a rehash of PR info not a user review.
johnp 13 141 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2012 9:20AM
Very disappointing as a "review". You could get the same info from the onOne website.

Where is the critical discussion. To pick just two areas-
* How does Perfect Resize compare with other methods? My own experience with it is mixed and for some photos I've had better results with Photoshop Image Size.
* How easy is it to use Perfect Mask? How does it compare with CS6 alone? How does it compare with other products? I think it's an amazing product, having cut out a bride with flowing veil and pasted her into another image - you could see the new background through the veil and it was totally believable.
7 Jul 2012 5:16PM
I bought this software and have used it a few times for some SFX fun. It is a great piece of kit to play with. The Perfect Mask and Resize is 'fall off a log' simple. You can really get some interesting copies of your original.

I mainly use PSCS6 Extended and Lightroom 4.1 for most work. If I want a real 'stand out' effect or I am feeling lazy, the suite of 'one or two clicks to near perfection' is nice to have in the tool box. LOL.

As with anything in the UK, it's expensive beyond it's real value. But, if you can swallow that and like the options of playing for ages getting some marvellous dichotomy's to your originals...buy it!

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