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Photography Is The Most Expensive Hobby

A study by PriceRunner reveals that photography is the most expensive hobby

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A new study by, the independent shopping comparison website, reveals that photography is the most expensive hobby to maintain, if you want to become a pro. A list of the most pricey and cheapest hobbies compiled by the site reveals that snap happy photographers might faced with a bill of over £4,500 a year* on buying the most sophisticated equipment, if they are keen to get to the top of their game.

However, if you want to get cosy with woolly jumpers this winter, knitting proved the cheapest hobby costing less than £180 a year or 48p a day. Rollerblading and stamp collecting also came within the top ten cheapest costing less than a £1 per day.

The research reveals that those who want to tackle extreme sports such as scuba diving, rock climbing and skiing can be faced with some of the highest costs of over £10 a day or a total of nearly £4,000 a year. For those looking for a more pocket friendly hobby, traditional sports such as cricket, ballet, rugby and tennis proved some of the cheapest costing less than £2 a day.

Following your love of the arts also proved one of the more expensive hobbies with budding piano, cello and clarinet musicians all making the top ten most expensive hobbies with the latest equipment ranging from £3,500 to £2,500 a year.

Andrew Walker, UK country manager at PriceRunner said: “It’s not surprising that photography is one of the most expensive hobbies with state of the art cameras and lenses costing hundreds of pounds. However with a bit of searching around for the best deals you can make sure you get the best prices on equipment or find cheaper alternatives for your favourite hobby without breaking the bank.”

Top ten most expensive hobbies
Hobby Average cost per year Average cost per day
Photography £4,596.16 £12.59
Scuba diving £3,925.54 £10.75
Rock climbing £3,714.10 £10.18
Skiing £3,660.90 £10.03
Piano £3,529.61 £9.67
Cello £3,006.92 £8.24
Djing/mixing £2,914.68 £7.99
Martial arts £2,911.30 £7.98
Clarinet £2,460.80 £6.74
Horseriding £2,433.70 £6.67

Top ten cheapest hobbies
Hobby Average cost per year Average cost per day
Knitting £176.45 £0.48
Rollerblading £218.88 £0.60
Stamp collecting £270.38 £0.74
Surfing £447.60 £1.23
Cricket £471.29 £1.29
Ballet £601.57 £1.65
Rugby £628.67 £1.72
Tennis £715.61 £1.96
Tap £727.69 £1.99
Gaming £793.21 £2.17

*Costs were calculated by taking the average yearly cost for each hobby, divided by 365 days to find the daily cost.

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mufftrix 9 11 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2012 4:50PM
Just hope wife doesn't read this ha-ha! Grin
jazzygf 18 537 Scotland
14 Sep 2012 4:55PM
And we needed a study to tell us this. what next the world is round? Talk about the bleeding obvious
cameraman 18 227 1 England
14 Sep 2012 5:07PM
What a load of tosh. Expenditure on a hobby can be as cheap or expensive as you make it. Stamp collecting cheap? Not if you collect rare stamps that cost thousands each.
Niknut Plus
11 3.0k 82 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2012 5:25PM
"Photography is the most expensive hobby".....nothing new there then !!!!.Grin
JJGEE 16 7.9k 18 England
14 Sep 2012 5:54PM
I am not surprised that Skiing is near the top of the list.

I gave up skiing in 1994 as it was costing around 1,000 for a week's holiday..... and that was without buying film / processing costs etc. ! !
Ade_Osman 18 4.5k 36 England
14 Sep 2012 10:53PM
No Carp/Specimen Fishing in there, which trust me when I was fit and healthy was far far more expensive than photography....

monstersnowman 16 1.7k 1 England
15 Sep 2012 12:34AM
A pretty questionable study (guess they need to earn money somehow), as the hobby is only as expensive as you wish and does mention "if you want to become a pro" ... Which is not what hobbies are about really. I would guess training in your hobby to become a professional 3 day eventer or professional motor racer of some kind would prove pretty pricey in comparison.
Newdevonian 9 466 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2012 10:32AM

Quote: "if you want to become a pro" ... Which is not what hobbies are about really.

I agree strongly with the above statement. A large number of us have made a few bob by charging for our services at one time or another. That does not make us a "pro" or even a "semi pro" by any stretch of the imagination. A "pro" in my mind, is a good photographer who supports himself and possibly his family, longterm, with no other means of support. Also, a large amount of the amateur work I have seen on this site, far outranks most press photography seen in the newspapers and a lot of the magazines, (without wishing to be topical).
So all those aspiring to be "Pros", be careful what you wish for. You just might stop being a photographer and just become another shutter hack.
widtink 9 406 2 Scotland
15 Sep 2012 11:40AM
Aye never lose the fun aspect of any hobby ! I used to play golf and serious golfers of all abilities had one thing in common they didn't enjoy their round of golf!! No matter how bad i played there was always something to take be it one good shot, the weather or having a laughWink
kodachrome 9 736
15 Sep 2012 1:32PM
I didn't see Clay Shooting mentioned [was that a PC decission], I had to give up my beloved trap shooting as it was beginning to cost over 100 a day although you could regulate the frequancy you shoot, it always was a case, of I'll do just one more 25 bird round, after your 3rd extra 25 bird rounds still looking for that medal you go home broke.

So the two highest participant sports in the country, shooting and fishing don't get mentioned.
May be it was because they are classed as sports rather than hobbies.
StuartAt 16 1.1k 8 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2012 8:02PM
Also don't see any form of motor racing - would think that was well up there.
Seb87 9 United Kingdom
16 Sep 2012 10:24AM
I must be insane as I love my underwater photography!!!

Yes my hobby costs me a fair amount of money and time but not as much as the survey mentions.

As many of you commented, hobbies are as cheap/expensive you wish to make them. If you are training to become a Pro then it is not a hobby!

Scottelly 9 35 United States
17 Sep 2012 2:08AM
I would say that golf costs MUCH more. Some golf memberships cost over 100,000 per year. I don't think this study could possibly have included many of the "hobbies" that really cost a lot of money, such as deep sea fishing, ballooning, skydiving, etc. I am including these "sports" because they are talking about the cost of Surfing, Tennis, etc.
17 Sep 2012 10:31AM
No wonder I have always felt financially being literally sucked into the black hole of the camera lens and bodies and I am literally broke
Newdevonian 9 466 United Kingdom
17 Sep 2012 10:38AM

Quote:money and light being literally sucked into the black hole of the camera bodies

and in the case of mirrorless bodies, you get no return.

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