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Pink cameras are for girls

Pink cameras are for girls - Despite the growth in the number of female photographers women are still out numbered in this field by men and here at ePHOTOzine we wondered why. Laura Rowley investigates.

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female photographerOne reason for females not taking-up photography is they are not taken as seriously as they should be. Booboocat who is a member of ePHOTOzine said: "When I take photos of steam trains, I get some odd looks from all the guys there. I think they seem surprised at the idea of a woman being interested in what is classed as a male activity."

Many manufacturers are now trying to entice more women into the male dominated market by producing pink cameras.  They hope it will encourage women who are non-professional to buy into new technology and become more involved.

Kelly Williams, a photography enthusiast said: "I have a digital camera which is pink and I think it defiantly encourages women to use their cameras more because it looks good and you can take anywhere."

Before the introduction of pink cameras the market place was overcrowded with cameras which didn't have many appealing qualities for non-professional photographers. But now manufacturers have realised this and are now making cameras pink and fashionable, however, some believe that this has taken the focus away from the technological side and now people go into the shop or browse the internet for something that looks nice rather than looking at how it works.

pink cameradcash29 who is a member of ePHOTOzine said: "Lets face it, if the companies wanted to improve photography dramatically we'd have had less pixels and more dynamic range and other more useful features by now."

Clubs, societies and photography websites are another place where female photographers are now more than welcome to join. Here at ePHOTOzine we have seen a 9% rise in female members over the last seven years and Peter Mason from the Sheffield Photographic Society believes that female members of their group have improved things greatly.

He said: "We are proud of how many female members we have. However, some photographic societies are almost exclusively male and I personally think having female members improves the atmosphere at meetings enormously."

A new magazine called Photography for fun is also being produced later this year which is aimed at non professional photographers, predominantly females who are aged between 25-44 and are also mothers.

Andy Rice, publisher of Photography for fun said: "Photography for fun predominantly promotes photography. The market place is cluttered and it only serves hobbyists, this magazine will help create and inspire people to become more creative. At the moment the market is suffering from a concerning trend because people generally take photos and leave them on a computer, I want them to see people doing something with those images."

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I will be interested to see what the new magazine is like. From a female perspective I get a little tired of the magazines nearly always using male photographers to demonstrate techniques, to go out on photoshoots etc.

I'm not sure i'd feel at home at a camera club though. I think that the growth in online photography has made it easier for women to participate.

Also I don't think a pink camera is the way to go!!!


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MickS 13 23 14 England
Watcha All,
I for one am sick of wingeing women, if they want to take photos, do it, my wife is an excellent photographer, she doesn't winge around a load of excuses, she just gets on with it; and as for this:

'When I take photos of steam trains, I get some odd looks from all the guys there. I think they seem surprised at the idea of a woman being interested in what is classed as a male activity.'

the odd looks are all your mind; are you there to take pics of the trains or to try and work out why men are looking at you, if they are. You're obviously concentrating on the men, not on the photography, sorry you're the one doing the looking, and what makes an 'odd look' anyway?

and the missus loves steam trains; and we have women (some of them not young women) in our photographic society who half climb trees and telegraphpoles to get the best view of whatever.

So, stop wingeing and get on with it.
I am a member of a photography club, though I was apprehensive at first. Everyone made me feel very welcome indeed, I have learned a lot already even after only a few weeks. I am also on a few online sites which have helped me develop my understanding too.

And as for pink cameras, UGH I am just getting my soap box out here. Oh please which corporate brain stormer decided that if you colour something pink women will go crazy for it? I am actually offended by this mentality, I am female and shock horror I do not like pink. The main reason I don't like it is because the media tells me I should like it and I should want a fluffy playboy bunny on everything in pink!. I do not own any pink clothing or anything pink at all. The main reason for either black or silver cameras many moons ago was in studio work and if your camera was not matte black then light may reflect off it - therefore making silver/chrome cameras a bit cheaper. Making it pink does not improve the quality, the quality is the person behind the lens knowing how to capture the scene. Although the camera shown is a compact camera and if that helps encourage people to pick up a camera and maybe rekindle their old interest or even start a new hobby then ok if you have to do that as a basic entry level gimmick. A small (black) compact rekindled my interest in photography about 18 months ago as I was disheartened with the expens of film so I know the value of making things affordable, but pink??? Please please please no pink tripods or flash guns etc OMG no bling please don't bring out charms to hang from the neck strap that have no use whatsoever - leave them on mobiles.

If you want to take photos then take photos of whatever grabs your interest. I stay away from street photography because it makes me feel uncomforatable but that is it - anything else goes.

So I agree with Andrea re pink and Mick to just get out there and get on with it. I have found most people actually come up and talk to me about what I am doing, why and often trade little snippets of helpful advice.

Sorry the pink thing really gets to me in all walks of life Smile soap box back under the table now.

Happy snapping y'all
MickS 13 23 14 England
watcha Debi,
good for you, as the old rock song says, 'just do it' and then you get results and, more importantly, respect, from everyone.
I really do not understand why there should be this sexiest attitude within photography. Why should this be just a male domain, when photography is an art form, an individuals form of imagination and expression.

Therefore it is not surprising that not that many woman take up photography, especially not if they are offered silly little pink cameras.

It is not just camera clubs and photography meetings where woman are discouraged from photography, but in particular the camera shops and yes also at the Focus exhibition.

Why do some men believe it is their domain and on which stone tablet is it written so.

I can relate to the funny looks in an assumed male dominated area, but I just don't care. What is important to me is the joy and the creativity photography allows to express a part of me.

I find it weird why woman are not that welcome in photography clubs. Even at event meetings, I have come across men giving woman the "little woman" treatment, which of course one could turn to ones advantage. LOL

I avoid photographic clubs, as many activities are having studio sessions with little girlie clad in bra and knickers, with poses dated back to the early page 3 editions. The finished product is exactly that the usual stale badly readers wives photographic styles. Sadly these outmoded styles are still evident not just in photo clubs, but in on-line sites including EPZ.

There are some great photmags out there, but the traditional ones we usually find at the local newsagent, still show the same old styles, with some tired girlie shot to attract the odd male who can not reach the top shelf. LOL

The human form, regardless male or female, is beautiful and can be celebrated with artful photographs.

- stepping down from soap box-

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