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Question and Answer Session with CASIO

We asked Michael Tate, Casio Exilim's UK product manager several questions about Casio cameras.

| Casio Casio Exilim ZR100 in Digital Cameras
We recently asked Mike Tate, from CASIO UK, a series of questions about Casio's digital cameras:

Question and Answer Session with CASIO: Casio Exilim TRYX TR100

1. The Casio TR100 / TRYX is an interesting camera, and certainly unique, can you tell us what the design philosophy of this camera is?

The Tryx follows an idea of "A design in elements" - A lens, a screen, and a frame. That is the entire list of elements that make up the next-generation minimalist TRYX digital compact camera. Replacing the body of the camera with a new element called a "frame" creates a configuration that allows TRYX to stand on its own, to be hung from a wall, and even to shoot images while in your pocket. The frame also lets you manipulate the camera with one hand, the same way you operate a video camera. The innovative new design frees the user from the limitations imposed on the traditional camera configuration that has been basically unchanged since the days of the film camera. It gives you access to shooting angles you never imagined possible and gives you a totally new view of both scenery and human subjects. TRYX creates a totally new, truly free digital imaging style that transcends the traditional boundaries between still images and movies.

Question and Answer Session with CASIO:

2. Casio made the popular Z750 and Z850, and P700, P800? “Pro” models, with quite advanced features at the time with manual controls, etc, what would you say are the modern day equivalents of these?

I would have to say the Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 is the current equivalent to the 'Pro' models. It features easy access to manual controls as well as being able to do the hard work for the user, even capturing difficult HDR photographs. These days, however we are able to incorporate a dual core processor into the Exilim Engine HS and this only serves to offer increased functionality and create options to the photographer.

Question and Answer Session with CASIO: Casio Exilim ZR10

3. Likewise the EX-F1 Pro - the EX-F1 also shot photos and videos in advance of pressing the button? Is there a modern day equivalent to this?

Absolutely, both the EX-ZR10 and the EX-ZR100 feature the Continuous Shooting 'pre-record' setting which begins to capture as you half press the shutter release. When you capture the shot, the camera will save images from before this moment and after this moment ensuring you always capture that elusive shot we so often miss through our own reaction time.

Question and Answer Session with CASIO: Casio Exilim S100

4. The Casio Exilim S100 featured a new “ceramic lens” enabling an ultra compact camera - and stainless steel body - do the new models feature metal bodies, or what new technologies are used to enable ultra compact bodies?

All Exilim compact cameras use metal bodies in their construction. We developed a small engine that modularises the CPU, ASIC, SDRAM, and flash memory chips at the silicon chip level. Thin configurations are made possible by back 'surface buildup mounting' which makes the most of the LCD unit affixed to special re-inforced glass. We still strive to engineer smaller and slimmer products for the future.

Question and Answer Session with CASIO: Casio Exilim H30

5. The Casio Exilim H30 features 1000 shot battery life... how is this possible? When other cameras normally only have around 300 shot battery life? Why don't others do this?

Overall we made improvements to 70 items within the camera which add up to amazingly long battery life. Three key areas are 'Optimum clock control frequency' which ensures the optimal use of electrical power, 'Lens Drive Motor Adjustment' which allows fine control over the speed of the lens motor; this results in dramatically less power being consumed during lens use without sacrificing zoom speed stability. Finally, the H10, H15 and H30 all used a battery with larger capacity. Other items which were re-engineered by Casio include a low power LSI (Large–Scale integration), Dynamic CCD drive frequency control, new high efficiency flash, and Dynamic bias circuit control.

Question and Answer Session with CASIO: Casio Exilim ZR100 HDR Examples
Normal, HDR, and HDR-Art Shots Taken with the Casio Exilim ZR100

6. The High Speed cameras have certainly got some impressive features, high fps, high speed video, auto-HDR, etc, are we seeing the full benefits of high speed sensors, or are there further features in the pipeline that would also take advantage of the high speed sensors?

Of course, we cannot comment on any features which we have yet to announce however it is reasonable to expect an increase in operation speeds and improved functionality on features such as HDR (shown above) and continuous shooting. Our desire is to create new performance beyond traditional boundaries.

7. How does the "High Speed Zoom" / "Super Resolution" Zoom work as featured in the ZR10, ZR100, and TRYX?

"High-Speed Super Resolution Zoom, enables clear multiple-magnification zoom without the need for an optical zoom. High-Speed Continuous Shutter technology instantly captures a burst of images, and then combination technology precisely analyzes and positions each frame to piece together a clear, detailed, final image."

8. Casio are regularly at the forefront with new camera technologies, are there any areas Casio are particularly watching? eg Mirrorless? Or joining Micro Four Thirds?

I am sorry to say we are unable to comment on this subject at this time.

Thanks to Michael Tate, from Casio UK for answering these questions for us.

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