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Refractique Lensball FlexArm Review

The Lensball FlexArm from Refractique is a Lensball accessory that's designed to make Lensball photography easier and we've been putting it to the test to find out if its a tool Lensball photographers need.

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Lensball FlexArm


Quick Verdict

The Refractique Lensball FlexArm is something you don't think you need until you use it then you wonder why you didn't purchase one sooner. Yes, you can capture great photos of the Refractique Lensball without it but the FlexArm makes it just that bit more straightforward. Gone are the worries of dropping the Lensball or shake spoiling your shots from having to hold the Lensball with one hand, too. It's a great accessory that anyone with a Refractique Lensball will find useful. 


+ Pros

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Well built
  • Lovely presentation box

- Cons

  • Quite stiff when trying to bend
  • Stand sold separately 


The Refractique Lensball FlexArm is a photography attachment that can be used to combine the support of a tripod with a Refractique Lensball so you don't have to hold the Lensball out in front of you while trying to capture a photo of it with your camera. It's available now for £39.45 (usually £49.95) and with so many rave reviews already out about it, we thought we'd put the tool to the test to see if it's something we need in our camera bag. 


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Refractique Lensball FlexArm Features

Lensball FlexArm

The Refractique Lensball FlexArm is a compact and lightweight attachment that's designed to be secured to a tripod at one end and the Refractique Lensball, with its stand, at the other so you can capture creative Lensball photos without having to juggle your camera in one hand and the Refractique Lensball in the other. 

It's constructed from premium grade parts and is designed to flex and bend so you can position the Refractique Lensball exactly where it needs to be. Plus, as a clamp is used to secure the Refractique Lensball FlexArm to a tripod, any support is compatible. 

You also get a lovely presentation box which includes an instruction booklet and photo cards to give you inspiration for your next Refractique Lensball photography shoot. 

Key Features

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Premium grade parts
  • Presented in a gift box
  • Compatible with all tripods/supports
  • Ideal for smartphone photography as well as use with cameras
  • Easy to use


Refractique Lensball FlexArm Handling & Performance

Lensball FlexArm


When the Refractique Lensball FlexArm arrives, the first thing that will impress you is the presentation box as it's just a really lovely thing. Inside you find the Refractique Lensball FlexArm, Brushed Gold Clamp, instruction book (not that you need it) and photo cards that you can look at for a spot of inspiration. The Refractique Lensball FlexArm is secured in place with elastic but it's easily removed and ready for use. 

Lensball FlexArm

One removed from its box, the Refractique Lensball FlexArm feels well made and reassuringly weighty. What we mean by this is that it feels like it's built for the job it's designed for, not that it's heavy, which is a good thing as it reassures you that it will support the weight of the Refractique Lensball which is quite heavy (650g for the larger version). 

The Refractique Lensball FlexArm is constructed from steel and features precision spiral cutting throughout the body of the arm. To go with the gloss black arm you get a brushed gold clamp that's used to secure the Refractique Lensball FlexArm to any tripod or support. At both ends of the Refractique Lensball FlexArm are standard screwthreads which are used to secure the clamp and Refractique Lensball Stand to. The Refractique Lensball Stand is sold separately so you will need to purchase one of these to use the Refractique Lensball FlexArm and Refractique Lensball together. 

The Refractique Lensball Stand features a vulcanised rubber suction mount which sticks to the Lensball securely so when you screw the Refractique Lensball Stand to the Refractique Lensball FlexArm, everything holds in place nicely. Just ensure your support and the arm isn't on a tilt as this will make the Lensball less secure. 

It's definitely an extra accessory we'd recommend purchasing as we used it a lot (even as its own support) and at £14.95, it doesn't break the bank. 


Lensball FlexArm


Securing the Refractique Lensball FlexArm to a tripod is really easy as the clamp has an adjustment screw on it to loosen/tighten it and there are little flexible feet that ensure a secure hold. You can adjust the Refractique Lensball FlexArm when it's in place but if you can, adjust it as much as possible before you attach it as it's quite stiff to move. 


Lensball FlexArm


We know it has to be strong to support the weight of the Refractique Lensball as if it falls off, you'd have a very broken glass ball, but some people might struggle a little to bend the arm where they need it to be positioned. It's also worth mentioning, again, that you need to make sure the stand isn't titled as even though it sticks to the Refractique Lensball, any slight angle and it could slide off. 


Lensball FlexArm

Once the Refractique Lensball FlexArm is in place and the Refractique Lensball is secured to it, all you need to do is frame your shot and hit the shutter button - simple. 

We've used the Refractique Lensball without the Refractique Lensball FlexArm and even though you can take good photos without it, it's just a lot easier to use the Refractique Lensball FlexArm. You also have less stress, too, as trying to balance a camera/smartphone in one hand and a Refractique Lensball in the other always runs the risk that you'll drop one or the other. Plus, you might end up with blurry photos as you try and take photos with just one hand supporting your camera. It also means you can play around with settings much easier, too, perfecting your shot before hitting the shutter button. 

Photos captured with the Refractique Lensball on the Refractique Lensball FlexArm are great and when you're visiting picturesque locations, the photos will be even better! If you want photos where the Refractique Lensball fills more of the frame, use a lens with a longer reach as it's difficult to bend the Refractique Lensball FlexArm closer to your lens/camera. 


Lensball FlexArm


Lensball FlexArm


Overall, the Refractique Lensball Flexarm is an accessory we didn't realise we needed until we actually went and used it! It's a tool we think Lensball photographers will definitely benefit from investing in. 


Value For Money

The Refractique Lensball Flexarm is priced at £39.95 (usually £49.95) which puts it on-part with other similar products available. Manfrotto offers a 520mm flexible arm for £29 but the adapters aren't the same and there's also none-branded versions available for less money but we can't vouch for how good they are. With what you get with the Refractique Lensball Flexarm, we think it's really good value for money. 


Refractique Lensball FlexArm Verdict

Lensball FlexArm

The Refractique Lensball FlexArm is a really great accessory you don't realise how useful it is and how much easier it makes Lensball photography until you use it. Yes, you can capture photos without it, we have in the past, but the Refractique Lensball Flexarm just makes the whole process less stressful and easier. Plus, it's built really well, comes in a lovely box and gives you peace of mind that it'll support the Refractique Lensball's weight while you perfect the framing and camera settings you're going to use. 

The Refractique Lensball Flexarm is a great accessory that anyone with a Refractique Lensball will find useful - happy to 'Highly Recommend' it. 

Refractique Lensball FlexArm Pros

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Well built
  • Lovely presentation box


Refractique Lensball FlexArm Cons

  • Quite stiff when trying to bend
  • Stand sold separately

Overall Verdict

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HarrietH Plus
12 303 Portugal
27 Nov 2020 8:07AM
Where can this The Refractique Lensball FlexArm be bought from and how much does it cost?
saltireblue Plus
12 13.1k 83 Norway
28 Nov 2020 10:50AM

Quote:Where can this The Refractique Lensball FlexArm be bought from and how much does it cost?

There are links to their site in the article above, but in case you have problems finding them, just click on this link:
HarrietH Plus
12 303 Portugal
28 Nov 2020 11:26AM
Thank you I hadn''t seen the link.
6 Jan 2021 3:15PM
I found the arm far too difficult to bend into the shape I required. Whilst I would admit that I am not the strongest person in the world - I don't have any difficulty in opening jars for instance, or any task which requires some strength - but the arm, I found, needed to be perfectly straight in order for the lens ball not to roll off. I did find however that the stand fitted the screw on the gorilla pod I have which, whilst not as useful as an arm attached to my tripod, did enable me to use the lens ball without actually having to hold it. If your a guy I suspect there would be no problem, if your a gal with a husband/partner - no problem but a gal on her own may have some difficulties.

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