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Rescale Photos Without Rescaling The Subject!

iResizer allows you to resize images without deforming or cropping the content. Try it now!

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iResizer by Teorex is a simple yet effective way to change the spacing between objects, remove unwanted people from your shots and create square images without cropping, along with so much more.

Teorex iResizer is much more than an image resizing tool. Does the process of resizing your images leave them deformed and cropped? Well, iResizer enables smart ways of resizing your precious images without deforming or cropping them in any way. It can even rescale photos without rescaling the subject, and change the spacing between objects for better composition, in just a few simple clicks.

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iResizer can even change the aspect ratio of an image without creating distortion. For example, it can change the image from a 4:3 to a 16:9 ratio, simply by folding the image so that it retains its quality and looks natural, just like the original image. Simply select the main focal point of the image, and the software takes care of the rest!

Changing the spacing between the main objects in the image is also a breeze. If the main objects of your image are too far away from each other and separated by a boring space, iResizer can help. Just select the two objects that you'd like to be closer together, set the desired resolution and let the software do all of the hard work. It will fold the unnecessary space away, leaving you with a great result.

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If you want to upload your images to popular image sharing sites, like Instagram, they will often require a square image upload. This can mean cropping your 4:3 ratio photos to make them fit, leaving many of them with less than desirable composition. This is not a problem with iResizer, as it cleverly creates a square photo without cropping or distortion! Just select the area you'd like to preserve, and run the dedicated 'Instagram resizing' option. Easy.

iResizer can also remove unwanted objects or people from images, just like you'd fold a paper photo. Whether it's a stranger wandering around in the background or an unwanted object in the landscape, let iResizer take care of the problem. It will concertina the photo, so undesired objects are overlapped by other parts of the image. The software uses smart algorithms so the final resized photo looks completely natural.

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It's really easy to get started with iResizer, the software is really simple to use and you don't need any technical know-how at all. Take a look at the tutorials section, where there's loads of advice and information on how to use Teorex iResizer in many different scenarios.

If you're struggling with resizing your images, or want a fast and easy solution to remove unwanted space, people and objects from your images, give iResizer a try today!

iResizer is available to order now for just $19.99 on Windows or Mac. You can also try before you buy with a free trial edition of the software.

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