Samsung Galaxy S10 + Vs OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Tests

Does the Samsung S10 + or OnePlus 7 Pro flagship smartphone take better photos? Let's find out.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 + Vs OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the top of the range smartphone from OnePlus, announced earlier this year, while the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is Samsung's latest flagship smartphone to be added to the popular brand's list of top devices. 

Fewer people are familiar with OnePlus but their popularity is increasing with more people seeing the advantages of purchasing an Android device with a less expensive price tag that can still capture excellent images, as well as make phone calls. 


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On paper, the OnePlus 7 Pro has more megapixels than the Samsung Galaxy S10 + but, in reality, does this mean it captures better images? This is the main question we'll be answering along with providing a comparison of features such as screen size, battery type, build quality and more. 


Key Features Compared

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Green (8)


Samsung Galaxy S10 +

  • 6.4inch screen, 3040x1440 resolution, AMOLED, HDR10+, Gorilla Glass 
  • AutoHDR, with raw shooting in Pro mode
  • 4K UHD video recording, up to 60fps
  • 4K UHD available with front camera
  • 960fps slow-motion video recording
  • ISO50 to ISO800 can be manually selected
  • HDR, and new ultra-wide Panoramic shooting
  • Waterproof (IP68 rating)
  • In-screen fingerprint reader
  • 8GB RAM / 128GB Storage, MicroSD slot
  • 4100mAh battery (S10+), with wireless charging
  • Available in a number of colours (depending on location)
  • Buy Now From Amazon UK or Amazon USA

One Plus 7 Pro 

  • 6.67inch QuadHD+ (3120x2440) AMOLED screen, HDR10/10+
  • Raw photo support, full manual controls
  • 4K 60/30fps video recording
  • Google Lens included
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Liquid cooling system
  • 12GB RAM in top version, UFS 3.0 memory
  • 4000mAh battery
  • In-screen fingerprint reader
  • Stereo speakers built-in (Dolby Atmos support)
  • Available in Mirror Grey, Almond, Nebula Blue
  • Buy Now From Amazon UK or Amazon USA


The Cameras

OnePlus 7 Pro (4)

Samsung Galaxy S10 +

  • 10mp f/1.9 with Dual Pixel AF Selfie camera 
  • 16mp Ultra-Wide, 123 degrees
  • 12mp Main, with f/1.5 or f/2.4 aperture, with OIS
  • 12mp 2x Telephoto (S10, and S10+), with OIS
  • Additional 8mp RGB depth camera for the front on the S10+ 

One Plus 7 Pro 

  • 16mp f/2.0 pop-up selfie camera
  • 48mp f/1.6 wide-angle standard camera, with OIS
  • 16mp f/2.2 super wide-angle camera with PDAF
  • 8mp f/2.4 telephoto camera, with OIS


The main theme for both of these smartphones is 'lots of cameras' with 4 main shooters appearing on both devices and the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has an additional 8MP RGB depth sensor for the front-facing camera, too. 

On the One Plus 7 Pro, the selfie camera has 16MP which is 6 more than the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. It also 'pops-up' which is cool but it doesn't have built-in AF and it's also missing the depth sensor the S10+ offers. 

Turn the One Plus 7 Pro smartphone over and you find a triple set-up consisting of a 48MP f/1.6 wide-angle camera with optical image stabilisation, a 16mp f/2.2 super wide-angle camera with Phase Detection Auto Focus and an 8MP f/2.4 telephoto camera, also with Optical Image Stabilisation. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ doesn't have a 48MP sensor but it does have a triple rear camera featuring a 16MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP main camera with f/1.5 or f/2.4 aperture with Optical Image Stabilisation and a 12MP 2x telephoto lens also with Optical Image Stabilisation. 

Impressive stats on paper but in the real world, how do both smartphones perform? Have a look at the images below so you can compare the results side-by-side. We also give our own opinion on which smartphone has captured the best image. 


Building Sky |
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
IMG 20190531 161719 | 1/2131 sec | f/1.6 | 4.8 mm | ISO 100
OnePlus 7 Pro 


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ image is better exposed with even lighting and as a result, more detail. The OnePlus 7 Pro hasn't done a bad job it's just underexposed and when you sit it alongside the other image, it's really noticeable. Detail in the brickwork isn't bad, though, but it does look a bit paint-like when zoomed in. 

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10+


WallBalls |
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Wall Balls | 1/33 sec | f/1.6 | 4.8 mm | ISO 500
OnePlus 7 Pro 


This time, the OnePlus 7 Pro has handled the low light levels better than the Galaxy S10+ with a better representation of the colours and shake has slightly crept into the Galaxy S10+ image. 

Winner: OnePlus 7 Pro 


Selfie Wall |
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Selfie | 1/220 sec | f/2.0 | 3.5 mm | ISO 100
OnePlus 7 Pro


Even if you quickly glance at the selfies, the one captured with the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is better than the image captured with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The main reason for this is the Dual Pixel Auto Focus built into the Samsung Galaxy S10 + selfie camera whereas the OnePlus 7 Pro's selfie camera doesn't have this. Skin tone is more accurate in the image captured with the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, too, with the OnePlus 7 Pro washing out the skin slightly. 

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Weight |
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Weight | 1/100 sec | f/1.6 | 4.8 mm | ISO 125
OnePlus 7 Pro


Both smartphones have done a good job but the colours pop that bit more in the OnePlus 7 Pro photo and exposure levels are better. 

Winner: OnePlus 7 Pro


Bell |
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
IMG 20190531 161900 | 1/50 sec | f/1.6 | 4.8 mm | ISO 800
OnePlus 7 Pro


Again, both smartphones have done a good job but there's more detail in the brickwork in the image captured with the OnePlus 7 Pro but overall, exposure levels are good in both images but the bell does look slightly better in the image captured with the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10 +


Wide-Angle Gateway | 1/1432 sec | f/2.4 | 4.3 mm | ISO 50
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Wide Gateway | 1/2398 sec | f/1.6 | 4.8 mm | ISO 125
OnePlus 7 Pro


You'd be happy with either of these shots but the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has more detail in the shadow areas of the image and slightly more detail. The dynamic range is also better in the Samsung Galaxy S10 + shot, too. 

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10 +


Ultra-Wide-Angle Gateway | 1/870 sec | f/2.2 | 1.8 mm | ISO 50
Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Ultra-wide-angle (New) | 1/1104 sec | f/2.2 | 2.2 mm | ISO 100
OnePlus 7 Pro


You get more in the shot with the ultra-wide lens on the Samsung than you do with the OnePlus 7 Pro and colours are better, too. There's also more detail in the shot captured with the Samsung. 

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10 +


Telephoto Gateway2 | 1/718 sec | f/2.4 | 6.0 mm | ISO 50
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Telephoto (New) | 1/273 sec | f/2.4 | 7.0 mm | ISO 100
OnePlus 7 Pro


The telephoto lens on the OnePlus does pull distant objects closer than the Samsung but, again, the colours and dynamic range in the shot captured with the Samsung are better. There's also a little bit of noise in the OnePlus 7 Pro shot when you look closely, too. 

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10 +


Night Mode Park Hill | 1/8 sec | f/1.5 | 4.3 mm | ISO 400
Samsung Galaxy S10 +
Night | 1/10 sec | f/1.6 | 4.8 mm | ISO 0
OnePlus 7 Pro


The night modes on modern smartphones are really rather excellent and you can capture pretty impressive shots, handheld, without too much trouble. The OnePlus 7 Pro puts up a good fight and looks fine if you don't look too closely but the night shot captured with the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is much sharper and has more detail. 

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S10 +


Camera App 

OnePlus 7 Pro (10)

Most camera apps built into smartphones are very similar, offering a range of generic shooting modes and controls that aren't too different. 

The camera app on both the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and OnePlus 7 Pro are very easy to use and have modes such as Night, pro, Panorama and Slo-Mo. Although, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + does offer more in the way of shooting modes than the OnePlus 7 Pro. 

Both smartphones also have manual modes that give you a good level of control over settings, including white balance and ISO. The ISO range on the Samsung Galaxy S10 + ranges from ISO50 to ISO800, with higher speeds (ISO1250) available in auto modes and the OnePlus 7 Pro ranges from ISO100 to ISO3200 in the manual mode. White balance options are, also, built into both smartphones but there aren't white balance presets on the OnePlus 7 Pro, instead, you can manually set the K (Kelvin) colour temperature.

RAW images can be captured with both smartphones which is good to see but a feature that's unique to Samsung smartphones, and one that gives it a slight edge over the OnePlus 7 Pro, is the ability to manually select whether you want to use an f/1.5 or f/2.4 aperture on the main camera. 

4K video can be captured with both smartphones and you can see the videos we've captured over on the ePHOTOzine YouTube channel


Build Quality - Screen, Size, Weight & How The Smartphone Feels In The Hand

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Green (12)

Both smartphones are on the large side with excellent screens, minimal bezels and modern designs. Both screens are bright, sharp and, overall, look great. 

If screen-to-body ratio is important to you then the OnePlus will be more of an interest as there's no notch or camera cut out in the screen, giving a more seamless viewing experience. Instead, the selfie camera pops out of the top of the device. 

Both smartphones are comfortable to hold but some may find the OnePlus a little too big and not easy to navigate unless you use two hands. However, we'd always recommend using both hands to sturdy smartphones when taking photos. 

For extra reassurance, the OnePlus 7 Pro is supplied with a clear case but something more sturdy is recommended in the long term. 


Samsung Galaxy S10 +

  • Weight: 175g
  • Size: 157.6mm x 74.1mm x 7.8mm
  • Screen Size: 6.4-inch

One Plus 7 Pro 

  • Weight: 206g
  • Size: 162.6mm x 75.9mm x 8.8mm
  • Screen Size: 6.7-inch


Battery, Processor & Memory 

The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is rated at 4100mAh, while the OnePlus 7 Pro is slightly smaller at 4000mAh. Both will give you a full day's use - no problem and the Samsung supports wireless charging, too. You don't get wireless charging with the OnePlus 7 Pro but fast charging is available when you use the supplied adapter. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + is available with 8GB RAM/128GB storage and there's also an 8GB/512GB or 12GB/1TB option should you need more space (Only available in the ceramic models or the Performance Edition ceramic models). The OnePlus 7 Pro is available with 6GB RAM/128GB storage, 8GB RAM/256GB storage or 12GB RAM/256GB storage. 

As for the processor, you find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in both smartphones. 


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Green (15)


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is available for £899, while the OnePlus 7 Pro is available now for £649 (6+128GB), £699 (8+256GB), or £799 (12+256GB). 


Scores & Thoughts From ePHOTOzine 


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 

"The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus delivers a great triple camera setup, with a better than expected selfie camera as well." - Highly Recommended. 


OnePlus 7 Pro 

"The pop-up camera is cool and allows the OnePlus 7 Pro to stand out from the crowd and, overall, image quality is good." - Recommended 


More Comparisons 

To compare the specs of each smartphone, side-by-side, in more detail, have a look at the below comparison table. You can also view our top lists which rank the smartphones we have reviewed so you can make a more informed choice before making a purchase. 


Comparison Table

Samsung Galaxy S10+OnePlus 7 Pro
Front Camera
Pixels10Mp (Megapixels)16Mp (Megapixels)
Max Aperturef/1.9f/2
Smartphone Cameras
Smartphone Cameras
  • Ultra Wide-Angle
  • Wide-Angle (Standard)
  • Telephoto
  • Ultra Wide-Angle
  • Wide-Angle (Standard)
  • Telephoto
Additional Cameras16mp f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle, 12mp wide-angle (f/1.5-2.4), 12mp f/2.4 2x telephoto48mp f/1.6 standard wide-angle with OIS, 16mp f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle (17mm), 8mp f/2.4 3x telephoto with OIS
Max Aperturef/1.5 - f/2.4f/1.6
35mm equivalent26mm27mm
Optical ZoomNo Data0x
Image Sensor
Pixels12Mp (Megapixels)48Mp (Megapixels)
Pixels (W)4032No Data
Pixels (H)3024No Data
Sensor TypeBack-lit CMOS (B.S.I.)CMOS
Sensor Size1/2.55inch1/2inch
Sensor Size (width)No DataNo Data
Sensor Size (height)No DataNo Data
Aspect Ratio
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 1:1
  • 4:3
  • 1:1
  • 21:9
LCD Monitor
LCD Monitor6.4in6.7in
Screen resolution3040 x 1440 (Quad HD+)QuadHD+
Touch ScreenYesYes
Focusing modes
  • Autofocus
  • Manual
  • Face Detection
  • AF Tracking
  • Multi
  • Centre
  • Touch AF
    Exposure Control
    Shutter speeds shortestNo Data1/8000sec
    Shutter speeds longestNo Data30sec
    ISO sensitivity50 - 800100 - 3200
    Movie modeYesYes
    Video Resolution
    • 1920x1080 FullHD
    • 1280x720 HD 720p
    • 4K
    • 1920x1080 FullHD
    • 4K
    Video FPS4K UHD 60fps (depending on camera used)4K 60/30fps, FullHD 60/30fps
    Stereo SoundYesNo Data
    Other Features
    Image StabilisationYesYes
    Internal Memory8000MB8000MB
    Power Source
    Battery Type4100mAh4000mAh
    Box Contents
    Box ContentsNo DataNo Data
    View Full DetailsView Full Details

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    18 Aug 2019 12:29PM
    From the specs you have provided I assume this comparison was done with the snapdragon version of the S10+? This is not easy to get hold of and not officially released in the UK possibly leading to warranty issues if you import one. Having seen comparisons between the exynos and snapdragon editions, it seems there is quite a difference between the photos from the two S10+ models so a comparison across all three, S20+s AND the onplus would be more helpful. As it is some of the comparisons on this page I thought favoured the onplus anyway. Some Samsung photos appear a bit over exposed have a tendency to look more washed out and lose detail, contrast and depth of black although the selfie is a winner (not such a concern to me!).

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