Playing The Long Game: Outdoor Photography With Telezooms

Take better pictures - 10 quick photo tips for beginners

These ten tips will get any beginners on track to making impressive photos.

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Take better pictures - 10 quick photo tips for beginners: tree growing out of the head Photography tip 1
Before pressing the shutter, check that there is nothing behind your subject that will appear as though it's growing out of their head - telegraph poles and trees are favourites. Step to one side for a better shot.

Photography tip 2
Don't use flash on subjects that are further away than the instruction book quotes, especially when shooting in situations where there are no nearby walls to reflect some of the flash back to the subject. The photos will come out too dark. A classic example is at concerts - all those flash shots taken at a Hear'Say concert won't come out unless you're at the edge of the stage.

Take better pictures - 10 quick photo tips for beginners: avoid wonky horizons - hold the camera steady Photography tip 3
Check that you are holding your camera level - there's nothing worse than a landscape with a wonky horizon.



Take better pictures - 10 quick photo tips for beginners: take pictures in vertical formatPhotography tip 4
Turn the camera on its side when shooting pictures of individuals. This portrait format makes more use of the space so you don't waste lots of film on the background. 

Take better pictures - 10 quick photo tips for beginners: turn the flash off Photography tip 5
Turn the flash off when taking sunset pictures to avoid a result that's too dark.



Photography tip 6
Most cameras focus on the center area in the photo. If your subject is either side of this focus point, the camera will focus on whatever is in the distance. Most cameras have a focus lock. To use this point the camera at the of center subject so he or she is in the centre of the frame. Then press the shutter button halfway down and keep the pressure on while you reframe the shot. Then press the shutter fully to take a sharper picture.

Take better pictures - 10 quick photo tips for beginners: setting infinity mode Photography tip 7
If the camera has an infinity mode use it when shooting through windows, otherwise the focusing system will think the glass is the subject and the view will be blurred. This is really useful when taking pictures through a coach window or from behind the glass of a panoramic viewpoint from a tall building.

Photography tip 8
Always carry your camera with you - you never know when a photo opportunity will occur!

Photography tip 9
Don't take your camera on a beach unless it's well-protected inside a case. The slightest contact with sand can cause the camera to jam up.

Photography tip 10
When taking photos of people in dark interiors such as pubs or clubs ask them to look towards a bright light for a few moments before you take a flash picture. This reduces the risk of red-eye.

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DRicherby Avatar
DRicherby 14 269 726 United Kingdom
Photo tip 11: the camera works better when it's switched on (see tips 3 and 4) Wink

Joking aside, tip 6 is rather out of date, now. Most pocket digital cameras have more complicated autofocus systems and most of them will focus on the closest object that's not too far from the centre. The effect can still be the same, though a blurry photo caused by the autofocus system locking onto the wrong thing.

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