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Top 10 Cameras Used In The ePHOTOzine Gallery - Updated!

Find out which cameras are the most popular among our members who upload to the ePHOTOzine Gallery.

|  Nikon D7200 in ePHOTOzine
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ePHOTOzine's gallery is bursting with work from talented photographers. In fact, in the last 12 months, our members have uploaded over 150,000 photos to the gallery. As so many photos are uploaded to the gallery daily, we thought it would be interesting to take an annual look at which cameras are being used the most to capture the images you're sharing with us all.  

You can find more information on each camera by clicking on the camera names featured in the list, plus we've included 'buy' buttons as due to the age of some of the cameras, you will more than likely be able to pick-up a bargain should you be interested. It doesn't cost you anything extra when you press our Amazon buttons but by using our Amazon Affiliate links when ordering anything online, you are supporting the site - thank you.

Similar to last year, Nikon and Canon DSLRs dominate the top ten... take a look: 


1. Canon EOS 7D Mark II 

Canon EOS 7D MarkII (11)

Commenting on the Canon EOS 7D Mark II in our review (2015), we said: "For those with an investment in Canon lenses, or for those that have a specific range of Canon lenses they would like to use, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II offers extremely fast focusing and continuous shooting. The camera has a professional quality weather sealed body and should last a significant number of years, particularly if the previous 7D is anything to go by, as the 7D is still in use by a number of people today."

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2. Nikon D7100 

Nikon D7100 DSLR In hand

Commenting on the Nikon D7100 in our review (2013), we said: "The Nikon D7100 is an impressive update to the D7000, providing a higher resolution 24-megapixel APS-C sensor, but not only that, it also provides the ability to take the sharpest possible images thanks to the lack of optical low pass filter (OLPF)."

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3. Nikon D800 

Nikon D800 hands on - handling four

Commenting on the Nikon D800 in our review (2012), we said: "The Nikon D800 performs extremely well, build quality is very good, and the camera gives excellent handling with a solid metal body and weather sealing the camera should be suitable for almost any landscape or outdoors project."

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4. Canon EOS 7D



Commenting on the Canon EOS 7D in our review (2009), we said: "This is a feature-rich DSLR that has a reassuringly robust body so should easily withstand even severe knocks and bumps."

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5. Nikon D7200 

Nikon D7200 (9)

Commenting on the Nikon D7200 in our review (2015), we said: "The Nikon D7200 is capable of producing images with excellent detail and quality, in a rapid weather sealed body with built-in Wi-Fi." 

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6. Nikon D500 

Nikon D500 (1)

Commenting on the Nikon D500 in our review (2016), we said: "The Nikon D500 offers brilliant ISO performance along with the latest connectivity and some truly useful features. The camera also offers excellent auto white balance performance, which improves image quality thanks to delivering excellent colour and saturation. The focus system is shared with the much more expensive Nikon D5, and the automated AF fine-tune system can help speed up the calibration of your camera and lenses. All of this combines to deliver excellent image quality."

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7. Nikon D810

Nikon D810 (15)

Commenting on the Nikon D810 in our review (2014), we said: "Build quality is very good, and the camera gives excellent handling with a solid metal body and weather sealing the camera should be suitable for almost any landscape or outdoors project. The camera delivers impressive image quality, handles noise well and video quality is also good."

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8. Nikon D7000 


Nikon D7000 Dslr Front Direct

Commenting on the Nikon D7000 in our review (2010), we said: "The D7000 features weather sealing, a fast continuous shooting rate and magnesium build. It also does extremely well by offering a good balance automatic assistance and manual control without sacrificing features and customisability. Performance-wise, the D7000 is no slouch either."

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9. Canon EOS 5D Mark III 


Commenting on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III in our review (2012), we said: "The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is an excellent camera, capable of taking stunning photos in a wide variety of situations and has a wealth of lenses available to go with it. The 5D Mark III would make an excellent choice for anyone with an investment in Canon lenses and equipment, as well as those upgrading from the Mark II."

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10. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the fourth version of the highly popular 5D series and brings with it a number of improvements that make it a highly competitive full-frame Digital SLR. For the working professional, the updates, including IPTC meta-data, Wi-Fi (with FTP support), and GPS, will be extremely welcome, and the 5D Mark IV is likely to find itself equally popular, and extremely desirable for many. 

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More Popular Cameras On ePHOTOzine 

Yes, the top ten list is completely dominated by Canon and Nikon, but hundreds of other cameras from a wide variety of brands are also used by our members, including the Fujifilm X-T2, Pentax K-5, and the Fujifilm X-Pro 2

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Photographs taken using the Nikon D7200

Tufted Duck, MaleMallard in the shadowsZela M. Quin. (4)Zela M. Quin. (3)Zela Margossian Quintet. (2)Zela M. Quin. (1)Zela Margossian (3)Zela Margossian (2)Jazz Pianist Zela MargossianKissin Jays"Armageddon" Burton in Lonsdale styleHaystacksSpectacle OwlBrown Hares 4Having a drink

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JJGEE 14 7.5k 18 England
29 May 2017 8:11AM
Interesting that Olympus is not mentioned as I thought they were becoming quite a popular brand recently.
franken Plus
16 4.9k 4 United Kingdom
29 May 2017 10:56AM
Surely it would only be accurate if each person uploaded the same amount of images in the twelve months? Some upload every day and others less so.
josa 6 25 Czech Republic
30 May 2017 7:43AM
Lots of rich people...
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.5k 58 United Kingdom
30 May 2017 9:39AM
I find it really interesting that Sony despite some amazing headlines is still not breaking into the dedicated photo up loaders group. Sony why are you not winning trusted system hearts?
JJGEE 14 7.5k 18 England
30 May 2017 12:09PM

Quote:Sony why are you not winning trusted system hearts?

Brand Loyalty perhaps ?

Possibly for " amateurs " / " hobbyists" etc. people perhaps tend not to switch brands.

For me I tend to also stay with a particular camera shop for 95% of purchase even though they may not be the cheapest.
JackAllTog Plus
10 5.5k 58 United Kingdom
30 May 2017 1:12PM
Yep for me that's true, you need to take small steps with a system/ILC as you can't try a whole provider switch in one go. But for the new shooters why are they not choosing Sony in equal percentage to Canon/Nikon etc. I think that Sony looks good even if their lenses look a little plain. Perhaps Sony should stoke up their marketing engine like Olympus does.
31 May 2017 5:12PM
Well for me Sony have broken the mold, and Hasselblad have followed with a mirrorless camera, more will join the queue.
Sony have developed a series of cameras and they produce great high quality images their lenses have great glass and early problems have been corrected, just like the big two did some years ago.

Quality is getting better all the time a wider selection of lenses and accessories are coming out all the time.
Canon and Nikon no longer hold the monopoly and the day is coming when mirrorless will become the new go to for a digital camera.
Don't ever forget we heard people say not that long a go that digital would never push film aside, well look what happened.

4 Oct 2017 6:16PM

.... the day is coming when mirrorless will become the new go to for a digital camera.

I for one hope not

Niknut Plus
9 2.2k 76 United Kingdom
26 May 2018 10:29AM
Mmmmmmm ?.......interesting result.......I'm surprised by the number of
high-end cameras, all expensive, all heavy !

Put a decent piece of glass on the front, & you're looking at toting around
about 2000 worth, & nearly 2kg of kit to lug around all day ?...ooooer !!

I couldn't justify the expense or I'm quite happy with my camera
gear ! gives me all the pleasure & image quality that I desire, & still leaves
some change in my pocket for the occasional bag of chips when I feel the
urge for more pleasures !!!!!. WinkGrin

KingBee Plus
13 532 2 Scotland
26 May 2018 11:57AM
I also find this a very interesting result, with not a single mirrorless or CSC anywhere to be seen. That really is most strange.

I've been a mirrorless (Lumix) user for 10 years or so, and have witnessed amazing changes in technology, quality, and performance, with my latest Lumixes being the GX7 and G80 - but I still use my GF2 and LX3 for those occasions when I want something truly 'pocketable'. I get great results from them all.

I also have a couple of FF Canons (6Ds) with a couple of L lenses to boot, but these are not used for travel purposes except in the UK. Ergo, they are not used very often, but I do like the image quality I get from them. There's just something ...... different about the RAW files they kick out. They're not eating anything so I'm perfectly happy to keep them for the foreseeable.

I know a few dyed-in-the-wool DSLR users who have recently switched to Fuji and they seem to be content, but, as much as I love my mirrorless kit, I don't believe all the hype I read about mirrorless cameras/CSCs taking over the world. (At least, not yet.) This survey would appear to underpin that belief.
mannypr 7 9 Puerto Rico
27 May 2018 1:27AM
If you are a working everyday person who has invested thousands in lenses would you switch from one brand to another and in the process lose money ? Especially if your happy with your camera , its not a question of brand loyalty but economics Canon have been playing the fields when sony wasn't even thinking making cameras and Olympus and others came out with a new camera when Nikon and Canon had 5 or 6 new cameras prr year .
Wasn't surprised at all by the lack of Pentax in this list. As CSC becomes more popular will Fuji Sony etc start making an appearance Smile

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