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4V DESIGN - Handmade Leather Camera Bags & Straps - ITALY

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4V Design is the new camera accessory brand focusing on high-end premium Leather Camera Straps & Bags, both for ladies and men.

All products are handmade in Italy with the best full grain original Vegetable Tanned Tuscany Leather and Ethically sourced top quality materials.

4V Design specialty is to combine old-style artisanal quality and craftsmanship to Italian stylish design, high-tech materials and advanced professional solutions. This set 4V Design apart from any other Leather Camera Straps & Bags brand.

4V Design is distributed in more than 16 Countries Worldwide and offers the widest range of leather camera straps , such as sling rapid strap, neck shoulder straps, dual harness straps, wrist straps for all kind of cameras.

4V Luxury Leather Camera Bags are beautifully handmade in Florence, Italy. Thanks to the removable padded insert can be used everyday. They offer advanced professional features and are built to last.
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