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Aaduki Multimedia Insurance
Providers of high quality insurance products to the photographic and wider media industry. We "build" a policy around you and your needs and we do not sell "one size fits all off the shelf policies". We also serach our panel of Insurers to find the best deal and we do not use just one Insurer like the majority of other insurance providers servicing the photographic industry. Payment by direct debit is available.

Why photographic / Video Making insurance?

Many photographers or film makers earn a living, or a contribution to their households, by undertaking professional work on behalf of clients. This could be something as simple as the odd wedding right through to commercial clients and photographers / film makers could be working from a couple of days a year right up to full-time.

It is very important when your income is dependent on your equipment you do the best you can to look after it – not just by using it carefully, but also by insuring it should the worst happen.

After all, if all your equipment is stolen the night before a shoot that you are being paid to do will the client be very sympathetic especially if it is their wedding day and they now have no professional photographs or video?

Aaduki has a range of covers that suit Photographers and Videographers / Video & Film Makers from amateur enthusiasts up to full-time professionals and differing types of cover that may or may not be of use.

Finally, if you are undertaking ANY kind of professional work – make sure you have Public Liability cover. In our opinion the only photographers or film makers that do not need it are those who can afford to lose their home!

Public Liability

This is perhaps the most important insurance of all. The only reason a professional photographer, journalist or film maker would not need this cover is if they could afford to lose their home – so if you don’t fall into this small minority then you should always have it when you leave to work!

PL cover covers your liability to members of the public. This could be a simple accident such as someone falling over a tripod to being “bumped” with a long lens right through to more serious issues that could leave people scarred or disabled for life.

Courts take a dim view of some accidents now, and with the growth of the “where there is blame there is a claim” culture, it is very important that you arrange suitable cover.

Packages are available offering £1 million, £2 million and £5 million PL cover. If you are working in hotels, restaurants, for a Local Authority or in a shopping centre then the chances are you will be asked for the £5 million option. As with anything, the more cover you require the more expensive it becomes, but £2 million seems to be a popular starting point and you can always extend to £5 million for short term cover!

If you undertake work in airports, in the air, underwater or on the ground by the side of rails or track side at motor events then you will need the high limit and expect to pay slightly more as Insurers regard these activities as a greater risk.

If you are EVER in any doubt regarding cover then call us on 0845 838 6933 so we can advise you.

Wedding Insurance for the photographer and Film Maker

It is very important when taking pictures at a wedding that you are protected as a photographer – not just for your own peace of mind with your equipment, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity but what if something goes wrong on the other side? What if the Bride or Groom don’t turn up? Fall ill or are hospitalised? Did you get your fee paid in full before you set out that morning? Did you turn down other bookings to be available?

Wedding Insurance will often help to protect photographers and Video makers indirectly should their service be contracted. Most Wedding Insurance providers will cover the Bride and Groom for: Cancellation, Rearrangement, Failure of Suppliers, Wedding Rings and Cars, Personal Accident and Wedding Gifts and Personal Liability.

Equipment cover

You can cover all your photographic / video making equipment, lighting, computer and film processing too! Cover is offered in the UK and Eire as standard and up to 60 days worldwide cover is provided with more available on request.

Cover in unattended vehicles is standard and this limit can be increased with a few safety devices.

You can also cover equipment that you borrow, hire or are in charge of even if only for a short period of time, as well as customer’s property and props.

We are also able to provide cover for equipment you need to “hire in” as a result of a claim and can help towards the cost of this as well.

It is sometimes expected that cover for photographic equipment is provided on a household policy – This is not always the case. If you don’t have it in writing from your Insurer, assume it is not if you have equipment valued at £3,000 or above.

If in doubt, then give us a call on 0845 838 6933 and we will try and advise you.

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