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Telephone : 01539 821791

Annabel Williams Contemporary Photographic Training are the leading pioneers and ground breakers in education and inspire the future of the photographic industry.

Annabel Williams and Catherine Connor have built a worldwide reputation for business development education and photographic training. These united skills are having a constant impact on the shape and scene of the photographic industry and more importantly where the industry is heading. Their endless energy of ideas travels through all the courses they host whether within the state of the art education centre based in the National Park, Cumbria or out on an educational roadshow across the country.

“Awesome seminar, as always. It's like a drug - I need a "fix" to remind me of everything that's important and why I love photography so much. I've learned loads and met great people, it doesn't get better than a day with Annabel and the CPT team in Staveley”

What can you learn and Discover

The Range : Whether you are a newcomer to the industry, semi professional or a professional photographer, the range is specific as Annabel Williams training seminars have been designed to reach a wide range of photographers and cover a wider range of content.

There are five levels within the training menu from Getting Started with Your Camera designed for complete beginners, through to Making Women Look Fantastic which are more specialised seminars for the professionals who want to push their photographic barriers forward.

Inspiration and Motivation

About you: This is what matters the most and is the culture of all we present educationally and visually. Catherine Connor has designed all the programs with one mission in mind, inspiration and motivation. Annabel Williams’ photographic inspiration is the benchmark for all that occurs photographically within the education programs whether a seminar hosted by herself or one of our photographic leaders within the photographic training team. Catherine Connor’s motivational approach to business development, marketing and improving sales has launched some of the best businesses within the industry within the last decade.

“Just wanted to thank you, Annabel and Catherine, for the last couple of days, they were without doubt the most uplifting and informative two days of my photography career so far.”

“As always I loved it! Inspirational, lots of positive energy, always want to leave a workshop with 10 points i've learned. Done it again!”

“Excellent value - so much better than making expensive mistakes!”

The knowledge: All that we do is based on 20 years hands on experience in the Industry and the experiences we are sharing daily with the photographers we coach through our Bespoke Program.

What is the Bespoke Program? - It is a 12 month training program based on 13 days training and 12 months hand holding. Those that become apart of the Bespoke Program benefit considerably from the mentors Catherine Connor and Jane Breakell.

Catherine and Jane become part of the Bespoke members business life for 12 months with a mission to make a positive impact on the success of the photographer. From the moves they make within the business, to the marketing plans they design alongside the photographers, price structures formed and image portfolio created. All that is required to run a successful business is within the Bespoke Program.

Discovery : This is a wide range of seminars that cover every aspect of photography. So many travel through Annabel Williams training seminars because of the reputation they have for holding your attention from 9.30 till 5.00pm.

The energetic approach is motivational and the knowledge they deposit openly and honestly has transformed the position of so many.

If you want to get a grip of your photography pick up the phone and speak to Melanie on 01539 821791, who is not only a great training advisor but her passion for photography will inspire your passion for it too.

I don't think you have any idea just how brilliant the course was for me. I loved all of it and it has made me feel differently about myself!

Thank you Mel for convincing me to sign up in the first place and the encouragement throughout, Catherine and Jane for the two days, I can't remember last time I got a buzz like that out of a training course, really superb & inspirational. Annabel and Jo - it was a joy watching you work and you were both so generous with your techniques and tips, a privilege. Ali - for all your kind words and for making me cry at the end! ... And also to the wonderful man who kept all those refreshments going to keep up my caffeine levels!”
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