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Arctic Exposure

Skemmuvegur 12

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Telephone : +3546174550

Arctic Exposure is a leading Photography Workshop & Photo Tour Travel Agency in Iceland & the Arctic Regions.

The core purpose of the company is providing quality Workshops & Tours for Photographers of all skill levels and has extensive knowledge of organising and running Workshops in and around the Arctic. Our Workshops & Tours range from all-inclusive to guided day tours.

We pride ourselves on providing highly qualified Photography Guides to help you improve your photography.

Arctic Exposure offers Photography Workshops in Iceland, Greenland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Svalbard & Canada.

As the company is based in Iceland and owned by Icelandic Photographer Skarpi Thrainsson we have a wide selection of workshops in Iceland throughout the season.

Iceland in Winter
Iceland in Summer
Iceland in the Autumn

Greenland has us hooked and we do photo tours in East & West Greenland. We visit this amazing island both in the middle of winter, a photo tour for the hardcore photographer and in the autumn. Our main focus in both are ice bergs and the northern lights.

In Spring we focus on the Faroe Islands with two workshops back to back in end of May each year.

Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway had become a regular for us with photo tours in winter February each year. These dates are a fantastic time for the Northern Lights, and the winter light is amazing.

Our newest addition in Snowy Owl Photo Tour in Ontario Canada. We join forces with a local expert in these majestic birds and spend three full days photographing them.
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