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Asmita Kapadia Photography

47 Peareswood Gardens

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Telephone : +44 (0)7525 155 377

Born in London to East Indian parents. I continue to live in one of the best cities in the world. I developed a flare for photography from an early age and am a member of the photography institute. With several years of photographic experience, I have concentrated on gaining a thorough knowledge of this art, including developing and printing black and white film. This marriage between creativity and technical prowess has allowed me to build an extensive portfolio, with a key focus on architecture, business & financial, food & drink and travel.

Photography for me is about detail and emotion. I believe in simplicity, underpinned by a focus on the subtle nuances in depth and lightning to build mood and feeling.

Behind the camera's lens even the mundane can take on a personality and vibrancy. We all fill our homes with objects, we pass hundreds of pictures on the way to work and even more faces which are lost in crowds, but rarely do we stop to appreciate them. The palpable texture of a lime's flesh, a ripple across the sand, even something as ugly as a corrugated tin roof can move you when it's captured in the certain way.

Photography singles out the everyday and the extraordinary and it is capturing the essence of something in isolation that breathes new life into it.

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