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25 Elphinstone Road

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Telephone : 01752644098

I am based in Plymouth, Devon on the South West coast. I have many areas of outstanding natural beauty around me so I am fortunate enough to never be short of inspiration for my photography. Nearby, are miles of stunning coastlines, as well as beautiful and wild rugged Dartmoor landscapes. You have to go a long way to beat Devon Photography.

I started out with a point and shoot camera about 5 years ago and after 12 months moved on a Panasonic FZ50 bridge camera. I began to learn how a camera operates and after another 12 months bought my first digital SLR. I am now a proud owner of a Canon 5D Full Frame D-SLR.

As you look through my images, please be aware that each photograph has been lovingly crafted. I like to work in black and white and macro photography and you will find, hopefully, in my galleries, pictures that have a different perspective than normal.
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