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Clipping Path India

Foxhall Lodge
Foxhall Road


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Telephone : 01157520642

Clipping Path India is a brand of Outsource Experts Limited, a privately held image processing company founded by entrepreneur Atiqur Rahman Molla in 2008. The company is made by image editing people for the photography and e-commerce businesses.

We deliver great images. Quickly. At competitive rates.
Perfect remove background from photos, add a drop shadow or reflection and clear up product images to prepare them for Amazon and other online store listings.

Quote:We believe customer retention is built on quality!

To maintain the high standard for which we are known in the industry we not only employ only the best people we can find but also use continuing education to ensure that all our graphical designers are on top of newest technology and methods.

Quote:Steady growth in output, time zones, and geography.

We employ more than 300 people in 3 locations. Clipping Path India was started in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh but as demand increased it became apparent that we needed to grow both in size and geography. Today our HQ is in the UK and our production is split between two locations in Bangladesh.
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