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At there is huge experience in dealing with the inkjet market in the UK and worldwide. We all know how much money we have to spend buying cartridges and the hassle factor of running out of ink at the most awkward moment. With that in mind we are dedicated to making life much easier and less expensive for your printing.

The Continuous Ink unit simply fits your existing printer replacing the usual expensive cartridges with a simple but very effective bulk ink delivery system for your printer. SMART Chips on our Continuous Ink unit tell your printer it's never going to run out of ink, all you have to do is keep the reservoirs topped up every now and again with our PRO-inks.

+ Incredible savings compared to the cost of cartridges!
+ Pre-filled with the equivalent of over 10 sets of ink cartridges!
+ No more cartridges to buy ever again!
+ Never run out of ink at that inconvenient moment!
+ Ideal for home, office, schools and colleges
+ 90 days warranty on system
+ Stunning quality ink supplied in 100ml refill bottle
+ Most Epson printer models available
+ Also available for selected Canon and HP printers
+ Sponge free cartridges with SMART chips

We have also recently introduced our PRO-ULTRA 3K pigment inks for selected Epson models.

You'll never have to buy another cartridge again! Simply keep the large reservoirs of ink in the Continuous Ink unit topped up and save a small fortune printing that all important photograph, presentation, and 1000s of letters at home or office.

Compatible with many Canon, Epson and HP printers. See our "What Printers?" section at for a full listing.

Enter the discount code EPHOTOZINE at checkout and save 10% off our list pricing!
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