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Damian McGillicuddy Photography Training

Unit 5
Sankey Bridges Industrial Estate
Liverpool Road

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Telephone : 01244 380881

"If I had one wish it would be this: Photographers should take back 'Cool'... 'Cool' does not belong to chefs and hairdressers, it belongs to photographers!"

Since leaving art school in 1986 Damian McGillicuddy has dedicated his entire professional life to photography, with no "years out" or "career changes". During his career he has amassed hundreds of National & International Awards , including 6 International Fellowships and he is the ONLY photographer to have been presented with 5 UK Master of Photography of the Year Awards.

More often than not in the photographic press Damian McGillicuddy is referred to as the “Magician” or the “Lighting Wizard”, due to his ability to perfectly light his subject at the 1st attempt. (This comes in very handy when you are photographing celebrities & personalities, and given just 10 minutes to do so!!)

As one of the Societies team of judges and the driving force behind their accelerated learning programme Mentor Me on Steroids, Damian has developed a range of no nonsense training modules and programmes to suit ALL levels of photographer, from absolute novice to accomplished professional.

What people say about our training

Quote:I don't usually attend photography training as I've always thought I was doing OK. Well I'm not too proud to say "I was wrong!". The Art of Posing workshop was not only packed with information but great fun as well. I'll certainly be attending more of your training workshops and I can thoroughly recommend them to any photographer who wants to learn how to do it "the right way"

Quote:Having been on several Mentor Me on Steroids and a "Polish Your Portfolio", oh and "Beer with the Big Dog". I thought I should post an exciting update. As excited and inspired as I am from your teachings today, for me the icing on the cake was when I met with a local photographer. He has been a photographer since the mid 80's, so has a few good years experience behind him. Imagine my surprise when he said how wonderful my lighting is and can he pick my brain!! You could have knocked me down with a feather! However I can't take the credit, as this falls squarely at the feet of Damian McGillicuddy and his honest, inspirational way of teaching. Thank you for your passion to make better photographers and your integrity to give a whole lesson, leaving nothing out.

Quote:Just returned home form Damian McGillicuddys Masterclass in Manchester, and what a masterclass. It was immensely educational, entertaining and interesting. We were challenged to not only step out of the box, but leap out with both feet and without a backward glance!!! It was the most exciting thing photographically that I have experienced in years. I am excited to think what I might be able to do with this "secret new knowledge" that is worth every penny of the Masterclass fee. If you want to be challenged and move up a gear, (or two), don't hesitate next time the opportunity arises. Book a place and you too could be the owner of this exciting "new knowledge!"

Quote:Having spent the day with MCGILLICUDDY, he makes the whole complicated subject of lighting fairly simple providing you thinking about what you are looking to achieve first and work backwards. Great life stories - it felt like, An audience with... rather than a masterclass.

Quote:Just to say a huge thank you for yesterdays Mentor Me on Steroids, I again came away excited with a mindful of information I can go and create with. MMoS has completely changed my photography, my thinking and my ability and I can't thank Damian enough for that. I would also like to encourage anyone reading this testimonial, and thinking about training, to get in touch with Damian... will not regret it.

Quote:Cheers Damian, the day was great and as I said at the time, I'm very impressed as there was no fancy equipment used, just pure talent. You have really wet my appetite for education. I've sent you guys an email, so fingers crossed I'll be bugging you real soon.

Quote:Just wanted to use this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous training I have received over the last 12 months under MMOS. The difference it has made to my photography and my approach has been priceless! The best training I have received, period. Looking forward to continuing the process with you.

Quote:Pleasure and privilege to be one of the delegates at Oddfellows yesterday. I've done various days with Damian on Mentor Me on Steroids so I went along to 'The Art of the Nude' day. I personally would highly recommend going to one of these days. Very inspiring and fantastic experience full of essential information which Damian so easily explains and guides you throughout the day. It all becomes apparent that there is no mystery or magic formula and its simply knowing your intentions and getting it right in camera. I don't look back now. Special thanks from me.

Quote:"Learn to Earn" Bridal Boudoir and Portraiture - Thanks for today Damian, so much whirling around in my head, so many inspirational ideas to try... Very happy too Smile

Quote:Hi Damian & the McGillicuddy team. Just thought I'd drop you a big Thank you for the recent "Learn to Earn" Bridal Boudoir day at Oddfellows. Great location, great models & fantastic training as usual. I've already put into practice some of the stuff I learned on the day and it's already "paid" dividends by increasing the money I earn from Bridal photography. I'll certainly be back for more McGillicuddy tuition!

For more information on our fantastic training programmes just click here.

In addition to this, and as a worldwide advocate of Strobism, (Minimal Kit - Maximum Effect), Damian is well known for teaming any & all portable lighting with his own, personally designed Damian McGillicuddy Lighting Modifiers. These are a range of collapsible, highly portable light modifiers & light shaping tools designed by the man himself.

What people say about our Lighting Modifiers

Collapsible Beauty Dish

Quote:As a student with McGillicuddy's Mentor Me on Steroids Programme I was fortunate to be able to put this beauty dishthrough its paces before purchasing. I was not disappointed.

Quote:The first noticeable factor is the portability. In addition to this the beauty dish takes apart in seconds, folds flat, it's lightweight, and sits happily in the suitcase or camera bag. The dish comes complete with detachable front diffuser and a white/silver deflector panel sitting snugly and firmly in the centre of the dish.

Quote:Speedlites and Quadra’s are equally happy bunnies living with the beauty dish. Image results are first class. Just ask the designer how many Gold award images he can associate with his beauty dish... I dare you!

Quote:My Beauty Dish gets a lot of attention from other photographers, they are all curious as I convert the tiny flat bag into a full beauty dish within 60 seconds. They really like the ability to fix anything from a speedlight to studio flash to it. Then there is the fact that it can be made into a softbox in seconds.

Quote:However where they really do get interested is simply the quality of light it throws out. We recently compared my dish with a standard dish, and the light from the Damian Mcgillicuddy Beauty Dish was unmistakeable. Somehow it was just more even and flattering, a photographer friend even described it as magical. I dont pretend to understand why its better, I think part of the reason this dish seems so effective may be that it was designed by a photographer.

Quote:Great to see Damians beauty dish finally being sold on mass. At its cost it’s the best thing in photography I have ever bought.

Quote:The Beauty Dish is a "Beauty to use". It is precisely what I require to be creative. Ideal for location purposes and the design is super!

Portaflex Speedlite Modifier Kit

Quote:Perfection! Sits in the bag unnoticed all day long, no weight, little volume. When asked to perform these little beauties really rise to the occasion. Since buying I've never shot a wedding without them.

Quote:Versatile, and as cheap as chips! Top marks from me.
To see the full range of Damian McGillicuddy designed Lighting Modifiers simply click here.
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