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Photographers need picture frames and Diyframing.

Increasing costs of bespoke picture frames or the urge to start your own home business are just two reasons why you may have visited this site. Diyframing is the UK's largest independent site dedicated to helping setup and train people to frame their own work. Framing has been our business for over 20 years starting from humble beginnings. Now all this knowledge is available to those who want to learn to picture frame for themselves. This website is packed full of information, news and articles that will help you get started.

"Start your own Frame co."


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At your pace
Picture framing courses are a great way to get started at any level - learn the basic's and get a feel for what framing tools and materials you really need. Develop your skills further with our 3d, conservation, fabric and custom framing courses or go all the way and enrol on our 7 day business development course where you will build a blue print for your business or venture.

To suit your pocket
You may not always need the biggest and most expensive machinery; our pledge is to offer you the best tools to do the job at whatever level. Mitre saws, mitre guillotine trimmers, underpinners, mount cutters, staple guns, glasscutters, and clamps. All quality tools from Logan, Charnwood, Longridge, Hansen, Morso, Hot press an many others.

All under one roof
So we have taught you how to do it, supplied the tools, now we can also offer you a complete range of framing materials and supplies. Framing hardware like d-rings, v-nails, screws, flexipoints, z-clips, cord, wire, screws, and hanging systems. Materials to do the job including mouldings, mount board, backing board, plastic glass, glue, tapes, foam core, frame finishing fillers waxes, touch up pens and crayons.

Visit us
We run workshops and attend exhibitions all over the country so we can keep in contact wherever you are. Our warehouse and training centre are open throughout the week between 9am - 4pm but phone first to guarantee we have staff available to help you.
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