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Douglas Software

Douglas Software
Unit 1
Easton Lane Business Park
Easton Lane
SO23 7RQ

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Telephone : 01962851111

The business was started by Douglas Green in 2001. As somebody with many years experience of photography and with a forward looking attitude, he felt that photography would advance by leaps and bounds at a time that use of the Internet was spreading rapidly.
He decided to keep away from image processing as he felt that the big players would be doing that.
The first product was the Photographer's Data Guide for still and cinematography for DOS, followed by the Sun & Moon Calculator. This was originally called the World Almanac, but it was felt that the word Almanac would not mean much to photographers even though that is probably the more accurate description!
After the Photographer's Data Guide for DOS had been developed work started on versions for Windows, Palm and Pocket PC which were introduced in 2007.
In a fast changing market nobody could predict the rise and fall of companies such as Palm.
Programmers require development tools the makers of which suffer in such times and have to close thus making software development difficult or impossible.
A version of the Douglas Photo Calculator for the Mac was introduced in 2008.
Development of the iOS and Android versions of the Douglas Photo Calculator was completed at the end of 2013.
The development of the Douglas Grey Card came about as a result of a suggestion by Icon Publications and much research went in to developing a quality product.

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