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Flaghead Photographic Limited

PO Box 6143
BH12 9AS

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Telephone : 01202 733 123

UK & Ireland Distributor for:

QUANTUM, EXPODISC, GREEN CLEAN, digiCOVER, Ringflash Adapter & Walkstool.

QUANTUM are based in New York and are manufacturers of external battery packs, radio trigger devices and the unique QFlash and Qpaq-X system products.

For over 20 years Quantum have been the world leader in the development and manufacture of external battery packs, which greatly shorten recycling times for flashguns and provide greater capacity for flashguns and digital cameras. Today seven different batteries are available, catering for different demands and applications: Quantum QB1+, QB1Compact, QB2, Turbo, Turbo SC, Turbo Compact & Turbo 2x2.

The famous Quantum Radio Slave has freed thousands of photographers from the problems and restrictions associated with cables in the studio and on location, as it allows reliable, wire-free triggering of flash units and cameras. This technology has taken another leap forward when the digital FreeXWire system was launched. FreeXWire units are smaller than the Radio Slave units and have a greater range and more frequencies to choose from. The FreeXWire has a special two-step triggering system for cameras that go into stand-by mode.

The Quantum Qflash system is unique! It is the only portable, battery operated flash unit that combines the very latest in technology found in sophisticated on-camera flashes (Nikon, Canon, Metz etc) with the creative possibilities of shaping the light only offered by studio flash equipment! The Qflash gives you full TTL (even wireless TTL), auto-thyristor, manual or stroboscopic options while a fully interchangeable reflector system allows realisation of your full creative lighting potential. The latest addition is the QNEXUS, which allows the Qflash to be integrated into the Nikon & Canon wireless flash control systems!

EXPODISC are the pioneers in diffusion filters that allow digital photographers to fine-tune colour balance before capture! Get accurate colour in difficult lighting with the patented ExpoDisc , the fast and easy digital white balance filter. Simply read and set white balance with the ExpoDisc in place before shooting and you'll reduce or eliminate the need for post-capture colour adjustments. Get the white balance solution that is quickly becoming the preferred method of achieving accurate colour balance for professional photographers today.

The ExpoDisc White Balance Filter & ExpoDisc Warm Balance Filter are available in 7 sizes.

Also available is the Expo Depth of Field Guide: The simplest and fastest way of determining the best aperture setting for selective focus in any situation with 35mm and 120 cameras.

The GREEN CLEAN Sensor Cleaning System is unique! It uses vacuum suction to remove dust & particles from any type or size camera sensor. The system is safe and easy to use and very economical as well. Green Clean's "Wet & Dry" sweeper system is designed to remove dried-on residual easily.
Green Clean air-dusting products and computer cleaning products will shortly be introduced.

The Swedish WALKSTOOL is the only portable 3 legged stool with extending legs! Comfortable seating for photographers, bird-watchers and anyone who needs portable seating.

DIGICOVER offer a range of camera-specific protection foils to protect LCD screens from scratches, abrasions and general wear & tear. The foils are made from high quality 3M material and cut to fit specific compact cameras and DSLR models. Also available are a choice of protection foils for other hand-held devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and various consumer electronics. DIGIVOVER helps to protect your equipment and safeguards your investment!

The innovative Ringflash Adapter was developed and is made in The Czech Republic. The adapter is made in two versions: one for Canon 580EX and one for the Nikon SB800, but it can be adapted, or fitted to, many other flash units. An economy alternative to units offered by studio flash manufacturers! See our website's Gallery section for images.

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