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Lee Filters - The Company

We have developed filters and equipment for the stills photographic market by applying the same principles that have brought us years of success in the demanding film, television and theatre industries. We are renowned for the high quality and technical excellence of our product range.

The principles we apply are clearly defined - all products are manufactured to the most stringent standards of quality, the approach to product development is both practical and innovative, and all aspects of design, including packaging, are undertaken with the needs of the photographer in mind.
The Lee Filter holder system is so versatile that it can be fitted onto any camera. This means that whether the photographer is using a 35mm, medium, large format or even extremely wide-angle lens, they will always enjoy the performance and benefits the system provides.

An adapter ring, which screws onto the front of the lens, is the key to the versatility of this system. Once the appropriately sized adapter is fitted, the rest of the system clips neatly and easily into place.

Lee filters are a 100mm based system, enabling the use of wider angle lenses. Graduated filters are 100mm x 150mm, allowing for a larger range of adjustment.

Total flexibility has been designed into the Lee Filter holder system. Please see our website for further information.
Product Types:
Convertors and other adaptors

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