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Medea International Ltd

Dunsinane Estate

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Telephone : 0870 350 0330

Medea International is a major computer consumables distributor in the UK and in Europe. Founded in 1998, the last 7 years have seen us expand our portfolio to over 600 products, all in the digital media market or closely affiliated to it.

In 2006, we continue to experience strong and stable growth, with excellent company reports and 5 star ratings with all credit agencies. We are still looking to the opportunities of the future, not the achievements of the past. We are proud to be a leading European digital media resource. We are a British company, based in Dundee, Scotland. In 2003, Medea acquired Rocky Mountain Traders, the makers of the PressIt labelling system, at the time one of fastest growing company in the UK (Fasttrack 100).

Key Facts

Founded: 1998
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Main Products: Optical Media (Blank CD/DVD), Printer consumables, PressIt Media labelling systems
Famous Brands: Infiniti Professional, Inkrite, PressIt, Hewlett Packard exclusive Partner for Optical Media
Warehouse/Service facility: 110,000 sq ft
Internal systems: SAP Business systems - Integrated with Netpoint B2B ordering, with custom live pricing integration to HQ
Inspiration: Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Pride, Spirit and Determination
Mission Statement: To be the best at anything we do, and for our clients to be the ones to say so


2002: Fastest Growing Company in the UK (Scottish Business Insider)
2004: Fastest Growing Company in Scotland (HM Treasury & Financial Times)
2004: 3rd Fastest Growth in the UK (HM Treasury & Financial Times)
2004: Special Awards (New Economics Foundation)
2005: Medea selected as Exclusive Business Partner for the launch of Hewlett Packard Optical Media products for UK, Ireland, and various other countries (Hewlett Packard)

What we produce

Premium professional grade recordable media, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and MiniDisc.
Media accessories such as storage cases, disc and drive cleaning kits.
High quality printer ink cartridges, laser toners & printer cleaning cartridges.
High grade inkjet printing papers.
Worldwide patented PressIt digital media labelling applicators and consumables.
ExPressIt digital media label design software for use with PressIt copyright label layouts.
A wide range of innovative digital media labelling consumables.

Our Brands

PressIt CD and DVD labelling technologies
Inkrite compatible ink cartridges
Infiniti professional CD and DVD media

What else can we offer?

Provide clients with their own branded product
Provide Independent laboratory tests with regard to product quality and provide independent audits with regard to the manufacturing facilities involved
Offer customers virtual warehousing facilities, stock holding, delivery to multiple destinations with consolidated billing addresses through dedicated SAP systems
Fully automated predictive stock ordering and statistical advisory services

Medea International provide own-branded products already to many well known brands, such as IBM, Apple, Memorex, Dysan, Dixons Group (PC Line brand), Staples Catalogue throughout Europe, WH Smith and more.

Medea International also has partnerships with some of the biggest names in distribution & retail, including Computer Connections, Northamber,,, Maplin Components, Selfridges (Micro Anvika), PC World Business, Savastore, Toys r Us, John Lewis and Kingfield Heath amongst others.
Latest Posts
  • Medea gets Just Refill inkjet manufacturer

    Medea gets Just Refill inkjet manufacturer

    The manufacturers of the Inkrite PhotoPlus ink and toner systems has acquired the trade and assets of JR Max, producers of the Just Refill inkjet refill products.

    • 27 Apr 2007
  • Print more, save more

    Print more, save more

    A new range of Epson-compatible, alternative inks has been launched by Medea International.

  • To Infiniti and beyond

    To Infiniti and beyond

    A new rewriteable, 8cm DVD disc has been launched by Medea International, enabling on the move video editing.

    • 29 Nov 2006
  • ScratchLess CD-Rs launched in the UK

    ScratchLess CD-Rs launched in the UK

    ScratchLess disc is a totally new patented innovation that virtually eliminates the problem of surface damage to discs. For professional photos, important video and critical data applications.

  • Infiniti Lightscribe CD-R discs

    Infiniti Lightscribe CD-R discs

    With Infiniti Lightscribe discs you can burn and 'scribe' your CD-R using the same device. A special coating is used on the upper surface of the discs that allows a Lightscribe enabled disc burner to ‘burn’ a design onto it.

    • 21 Jun 2006
  • Inkrite Photo paper

    Inkrite Photo paper

    This new addition to the Inkrite range uses the same high quality gloss inkjet printing paper as the rest of the Inkrite A4 paper range but comes in a smaller 6"x4" size.

    • 31 Mar 2006
  • Medea International introduces new Pressit SprayFix

    Medea International introduces new Pressit SprayFix

    SprayFix is a new protective spray designed to be used on inkjet prints and inkjet printed CDs & DVDs.

    • 22 Feb 2006
  • Medea International introduces new Pressit Print Clean inkjet cleaning cartridges

    Medea International introduces new Pressit Print Clean inkjet cleaning cartridges

    If your inkjet prints show banding or your printer's nozzle check print has segments missing, it could be time to use Pressit cleaning cartridges.

  • Inkrite PhotoPLUS cartridges introduced

    Inkrite PhotoPLUS cartridges introduced

    An innovative and patented inkjet cartridge technology from Medea International promises torevolutionise the supplies industry. The new Inkrite PhotoPLUS technology brings many benefits which include up to a 30% increase in printed pages when compared to other 3rd party consumables and additionally at around 40% lower cost when compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products.