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Phase One

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Phase One

Our Background
Phase One was founded in 1993 by a Danish inventor, who was, at that time, manufacturer of drum scanners for the pre-press industry. To him it was obvious that the ultimate method of digitizing an image would be to capture it directly by means of a camera and thereby completely eliminate the use of film.
Phase Ones head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We also have a subsidiary, located in Long Island, NY, USA, to support our dealer network in USA and Canada as well as two regional offices which are situated in Cologne, Germany, and in Shanghai, China respectively.
Our Business
We are world leaders in "Direct Digital Imaging" that is to say capturing an image digitally via a digital camera back and transferring it directly to a computer for editing, printing, and storage. We are committed to research and development and hold a significant number of patents for digital imaging, processing, and color rendition. Phase One technology is both unique and proprietary.

For some years now, Phase One has not only been about hardware. We have extended our business into the software area and have put more focus on the development of image capture software programs for digital camera back photography as well as for DSLR cameras.

Our Customers
Our key customers are professional photographers. They range from studios with 50 Phase One camera systems to one-person businesses - be it world famous fashion photographers or even ambitious amateur photographers, who cashed in stock options to buy a state of the art Phase One single shot camera back.

Our equipment is not limited to commercial photographic studios. We also installed various direct digital imaging systems in hospitals and museums. Furthermore, Phase One equipment has even been used for scientific expeditions - from the tropical climate of Northern Territories in Australia to the arctic climate of Antarctica.

Our Future
Our position as a market leader requires that we constantly monitor current as well as future technologies. We work closely with manufacturers of CCD sensors, cameras, computers, and monitors to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of direct digital imaging technology. We also work closely with customers, who wish to use or are using the exceptional Phase One technology on special projects.

Capture One RAW Workflow Software
Capture One Raw Workflow Software sets the standard as the most integrated RAW conversion software available. It is not just a RAW converter. Capture One represents an entire workflow centered around the use of RAW Digital SLR image files in a professional or advanced environment. With the highest conversion quality available today, and a workflow that has been universally praised, Capture One Raw Workflow Software clearly sets the standard for RAW conversion.

Capture One is designed for the professional digital photographer. The main reason why Capture One is the perfect choice for high volume photography is that it is designed to handle many images at a time plus it is renowned for its excellent image quality.

Phase One Digtal Backs
With no less than 5 different P-backs, Phase One has now completed the ultimate product range. Each product has its special features to target a certain type of photographer: the commercial studio-only shooter, the all-round commercial shooter, the portrait/social shooter, the high-end fashion shooter Phase One now offers a digital back for every professional photographer.

The revolutionary fully portable P backs are Phase One's new generation of digital backs for the professional photographer. For the first time you are able to benefit from the latest digital technology without being connected to a computer or external hard drive.

Phase One's P - backs fit most commonly used medium format and large format cameras. P-backs integrate perfectly into your current workflow allowing you to keep your existing camera equipment. P-backs use Compact Flash or Microdrive as storage. However, you can also connect P-backs to a computer through FireWire.

Shooting with Phase One's P-series comes extremely close to working with film. Only now you also have the immediate feedback from the 2.2" LCD on the back of the camera, numerous creative opportunities and incredible image quality. The Phase One P-series is designed to match the requirements of professional users: A compact, light camera you can carry with you when working on location.

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