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Warehouse 24 Planetary Road
W Midlands
WV13 3XA

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Telephone : 01743 790699

PhotoSkill was established in 1983 as a Studio and Darkroom, Tuition and Workshop facility. Through the years, presentations and lectures have been given to Photographic clubs and Associations, evening classes and private individuals. Extensive experience and hardware development has progressed through Events Photography and the new Digital Age!

NEW STOCK NOW IN! (see below) including the brilliant Visico VC-300 300W/s studio flash unit and mobile studio wheeled cases!

Contact us on 01743 790699 or skill at photoskill . biz for direct prices and deals on kits to your requirements.
We can combine different types of lighting stands, background supports, lighting and flash units, lighting modifiers,wireless triggers, tripod legs and heads, and much more!

Please feel welcome to browse the PhotoSkill eBay shop product listings where you will find quality photographic kit of interest to the professional and keen amateur photographer at competitive prices.

New product lines and offers will be announced here from time to time and we are very happy to quote for packages or bulk purchases from groups or clubs.

Please feel free to contact us directly or through eBay, as you prefer.
(There are advantages with Skype in that messages may be left at any time 24/7 and they will be picked up the quickest and, of course, free Skype calls to discuss questions quickly and in detail.)

We look forward to providing the great PhotoSkill service, backed up by photographers Richard & Jean who are available to discuss your requirements and budget. We believe our
customer feedback
tells it's own story.

We are happy to receive any technical or other questions by Skype (Skypename photoskill), email or telephone and we will do our best to help.
Please add PhotoSkill to your list of favourites so that you can find us easily!

Richard Chaff ~ and the team at PhotoSkill

PS... our maximum packing and delivery charge is 9.95 for any number of items for mainland UK (excluding Highlands, Islands & N. Ireland) - worth reflecting on!

A delivery into the warehouse brings new stock of all our most popular lines, including lighting stands and Backpacks, and some brand new lines including the brilliant Visico studio flash units and kit bags.

An unsolicited email from Ken in Scotland:
Hi Richard
A brief e-mail to thank you for your prompt service and product advise.
The shipment arrived on Thursday and Im very pleased with the items supplied.
Unfortunately due to dealing directly with you, I cannot leave positive feedback on e-bay.

Please feel free to use this e-mail as an endorsement of your excellent service.
Kind regards,

Thomas Seidler, one of our many happy customers...
...also may be seen here under 'lights'.
"[everything bar the lights are from Photoskill - very efficient delivery and high quality of goods, and no he hasn't paid me]:

* 2 x 85W 5500k bulbs @ 36 delivered off eBay... [brighter than PhotoSel's, but one downer about these relative to PhotoSel's - they come in very fragile polystyrene, whereas PhotoSel's came in rock solid two piece polystyrene cases which I'll need for transporting the bulbs...]
* 2 x 2m, 2.5kg @ 23 the pair
* 1 x 3m, 6kg stand @ 25 for 45 keylight on a standing person?
* 2 x PS 4017 umbrella ES27 lamp holders @ 16 [comes with UK plugs, unlike some Chinese imports - for which I had to buy shaver adaptors from B&Q, still cheap though - let me just say about these bulb holders, cos scopescan offers a good deal too 85W bulb + bulb holder delivered at 30.30 - the ones i got from China don't fit as well as Photoskills which *snugly* fit the light fittings on his stands, it is minor in truth, but a detail in favour of getting from mainly one source.]
* 2 x PS 4039 Octagonal 100cm softbox @ 32.50 the pair - these are just the bomb - they provide 3.3 times the surface area of the little 40x60cm softboxes provided4 I will put a little vid up of them in time, but suffice it to say, I bought a cheap lux meter from ebay [look for lux meter] and compared these with my 60x40 softboxes and they do very nicely thank you. Also seeing one light up my whole room in a way the other didn't... Nice soft light source. Want Octagonal soft box, but can't afford the space to keep it up (in car or at hom), or the time to set it up and take it down every time? This brolly has to be the way forward. Silver reflective inside.
* PS 4009 Kit bag, 1.2metres long, holds the 3 metre stand, a 2m one, two brollies, and two light fittings comfortably - bulbs seperately. 16

Photoskill charges a flat 10 for delivery, however many items, so total cost [excluding the 3 metre stand which is a luxury]: 133.50 (inc p&p). A cracking and superior set up to the one I first bought - the set up from Photosel...

I also bought other stuff off this guy:

* PS4058 tripod bag, also intelligently padded/lined, comfortably fits my Velbon DV7000, would fit a bigger one. 14
* PS 4005 - a counterbalanced boom for overhead miking/microphones or getting my 45 key light on speaker - put light over near crowd etc.

On reflection wish I'd got PS 4008 off him, instead of cheaper chinese import - but it cost 50 or so - significantly better spec, goes higher, more variable width, has serious tubing [34.5mm max diameter] - the one I got from China bent in middle with a simple reversible blue/green screen...!! "

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