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Plain Jane Modelling Agency

P. O. Box 2730

RM7 1AB.

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Telephone : 01708-479898

Don't oversell - just be bright, friendly, willing and courteous.
A portfolio created by Plain Jane is essential before being invited to an audition or casting.

When should I say "NO!"
There are different types of modelling/talent. When you are starting out it is wise not to turn down any job unless it is against your principles. You are the only person who should decide what levels and styles you do. Everyone must have the ability within them to say "NO!" if or when they do not want to do something they are asked to do.

Be strong even if it means losing the job.

Do I have what it takes?
You must be outgoing and of good nature, patient and apply common sense as well as having a strong character which will withstand the demands of this type of work. Resilience, good health and fitness plus the mental ability to cope with rejections is ESSENTIAL at all ages. In this business you need to be thick skinned and have a strong personality.

The industry is open to everyone, all body types, sizes, and of all ages. The world is filled with beautiful women and good-looking men, but not everyone can be a model/talent. It takes a special person to do this. The most important ingredients are confidence and to believe in yourself.

How difficult is it?
By all means have fun, but your chosen career is also a serious business which means very hard work. It can be very boring and time-consuming standing around at castings and auditions amongst hundreds of other people all wanting the same assignment. Many are rejected and this can be very disappointing. It can also be an expensive outlay if you have to travel to get to the audition.

If you do get a job, you often have to stand in awkward poses wearing uncomfortable outfits in impossible settings and environments - whilst putting on a "happy" face.
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