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    FAQs about the various awards on ePHOTOzine
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    A special section of the gallery where members post pictures to receive helpful critique comments.
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    How we do things on the site, general features explained and other content related answers.
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    Daily techniques on all aspects of photography and image editing
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Most Helpful FAQs

You will find here the entries that people have found the most helpful, so if you are new here it should be a good way to start. Click on a question to see the answer.

(1) The critique should provide the poster of the photo, or anyone reading the critique, with significant ideas on how to improve their photography. Minor suggestions do not necessarily make it appropriate to us the Mark as Constructive Critique link.
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How can I get my exif data to appear automatically?

There are a couple of ways to make sure you save all the metadata with your image.

When saving from your computer, make sure you use 'Save as'. When saving from Photoshop, go to file > Save for web and devices. On the right under the image information you will see a dropdown for Metadata. Click on the dropdown and you can choose to keep all data or just copyright and contact information.

You are not required to resize your photos to upload them to the ePHOTOzine gallery. In fact, we strongly recommend that you upload the full size version of your photo as our system will automatically resize your photo for you as long as your photo meets the following criteria:
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Why when I upload a photo to the Critique Gallery is there the option for others to mark as constructive Critique?

Uploads to the Critique Gallery always are allowed to have comments marked as constructive critique.

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Under every photo there is a green "Vote" button apart from photos with the critique option. The reason for this is that the users who upload these photos are looking for comments stating what is good about the photo and what they can improve upon.
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I'm a new member/new to photography, should I comment?

Yes, everyone is welcome and encouraged to comment, no matter what level of skill or experience. Your opinion is as valuable as the next.