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Frequently Asked Questions - Awards

How do I get an EC?

An EC is short for Editor's Choice.

The idea of giving an EC award came about when some visitors wanted to see a gallery of the best pictures, rather than wading through the entire collection. So here's what the team thinks are the best photos submitted to ePHOTOzine. (Think of this as being just like the page or two you find in a magazine that displays the best pictures submitted that month or week)

There are several things that the team uses as criteria when selecting a photo for an EC.
Technical quality The editor looks at sharpness, colour composition and exposure and awards the EC to pictures that excel here.

Creativity You may have a photo that breaks the rules but has superb creative style

Originality You may have a technical good photo, but one that we've seen time and time again. Pictures that are original but not necessarily perfect may gain priority over the award.

Personal likes There is no getting away from it there's going to be some photos that hit the spot and may not be original.

Wow factor Gobdsmackingly good pics for whatever reason.

If the team looks at a photo and it doesn't quite make the EC they will award it an HC (Highly commended).

Some people have accused the team of having favourites or awarding ECs to newcomers to encourage them to stick with the site. This couldn't be further from the truth. We look at the photos without seeing the name and has no bias or hidden agenda!

It's important that you do not use this information as a set of predefined "rules" on what to do to get an EC as we want to encourage new ideas and shooting pictures just to gain an EC could stifle creativity.
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What are User Awards?

A user award is an award given by ePHOTOzine members to a photo. These awards signify that this award is outstanding in some way.

Free members are allowed to give 1 photo every 7 days. While Plus members are allowed to give 4 user awards per day.
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How do I create / give a user award?

Creating a User Award

To create an Award, go to your Portfolio in Albums view and click 'Awards Manager', along the top there's three tabs, the last one is named 'Awards Designer', selecting this will allow you to create your Award design, or upload a image of your own.

Giving a User Award

Free members are able to give 1 user award every 7 days. Plus members are able to give just 4 user awards every day, so be selective. To give an award, you can pick from a shortlist of photos, the photos you have voted on, or simply give the award to a photo.

To shortlist a photo, click on the "Add to Shortlist" option on the photo page. When you are ready to give your award go to your Awards Manager Album where you'll see your shortlist. These pages make it easy for you to view all the photos you have shortlisted/voted.

Once you have picked the photo you wish to give your award for, go to the photo's page and press "Award Photo With My User Award". You may be asked to confirm your selection.

Once you have done this, your shortlist will be cleared and the list of photos you have voted on will be cleared as well. This list will then rebuild from the date and time you gave your award until you give your award again.

Please Note:

Free members can only give awards to photos uploaded after the date and time they gave their previous award.

Plus Members can give awards to any photo in the gallery.
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How do I get a HC (Highly Commended) award?

HC (Highly Commended) Awards are given out to photos by the editorial team. Photos that receive HCs didn't quite make an EC level, but are still, in the eyes of the editors, worthy of recognition.
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What is Photo of the Week and how is it chosen?

The Photo of the Week is chosen on Monday from the Editor's Choice awarded photos chosen that week.

It is picked by the ePHOTOzine team who discuss, in some detail, the merits of each image that has been awarded an EC that week.
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