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Frequently Asked Questions - Daily Competitions

What is the Daily Competition?

The Daily Competition is an opportunity to show us your best images on a given theme, on a daily basis.

Every day, a new Daily competition becomes available in the Competitions forum. Submit as many photos as you like that match the theme.

At the end of each week (or sometimes 8 days depending on the length of the month) one image from each day's forum is chosen and from this shortlist an overall winner is picked to win a prize.
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Where can I find techniques and articles to inspire me?

Every day, a new technique or feature is posted that could help you with the Daily Competition topic, or simply serve to give you some inspiration for photography in general!

Head over to our 'How to' tab at the top of the site where you'll find links to both our Features and Techniques sections.
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Who can upload images to the Daily Competition?

Any member who wants to join in can do so.

We encourage you all to get involved!
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How many images can be uploaded to the Daily Competition?

We haven't put a limit on the number of images that can be uploaded. Some upload one, others showcase a few shots they've taken. It's totally up to you.

We should add - uploading loads of images doesn't necessarily increase your chance of winning!
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How do I add images to the Daily Competition forum?

Take a look at this guide for instructions on how to do this: How To Upload Photos To ePz's Forums
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Do Daily Competition images have to be taken on the day?

Even though we encourage people to get out and about with their cameras we understand that life doesn't always allow you to post images on the day, so we are quite happy for you to add them to specific forums at a later date.

If you have a photo from yesterday, last week, last month or even last year that fits the theme for today, we want to see it! Go ahead and upload it.
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Do Daily Competition photos have to be new images?

We are happy for you to dig out old examples from your collection that will fit the themes.
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What are the Daily Competition themes?

The theme changes daily to coincide with a daily technique / feature that's posted on site. We try to encompass all genres of photography within the daily themes, and also think out of the box a little too to get your creativity flowing.
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Who can win Daily Competition prizes?

Generally it is members with a UK and Ireland address only, due to restrictions from the sponsors. However, we do sometimes have prizes to give away that can be awarded to worldwide residents.

We'd still encourage members from overseas to enter, even if it is just to showcase your photos and get inspired.
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Where can I find out what prizes are up for grabs in the Daily Competition?

The prize for the daily competition is detailed at the top of each forum topic, and in the weekly PR announcing the quarter-monthly winner.
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Are there any deadlines to Daily Competition entries?

We pick a winner weekly (or after 8 days, depending on the length of the month) so if you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize, you need your images to be in the forum before each week ends.
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Who judges the Daily Competition?

The in-house editorial team judge the competition and pick the winners.
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Where are the Daily Competition winners announced?

We create a news announcement and then contact the overall winner via PM.

All winners for the month will be listed in a forum topic at the top of the competitions forum , too.
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